Sunday, 10 January 2016

BNP struck off electoral register?

Statement from BNP Chairman, Adam Walker:

A clerical error of misplaced £25 registration fee has catapulted the BNP into the headlines.

Far from being a matter for concern, the media interest in this easily corrected, technical oversight proves how relevant and newsworthy the BNP is.

As members and supporters will be aware from the huge media frenzy surrounding the BNP today, the Electoral Commission has technically and temporarily de-registered the party.

To put this into context, every political party must pay a £25 registration fee to the Electoral Commission of England annually to remain on the electoral register.

Owing to an unforeseen error, this routine registration fee has, at this point, not been processed for 2016.

This minor technical issue is being put right as we speak.

We can assure all members, supporters and voters that the BNP will be re-registered within a matter of days ready for our big push for the May elections.

In a communication this afternoon, the Electoral Commission has set out in writing the fact that the BNP is protected by law, and the simple re-registration currently underway cannot be sabotaged by hostiles.

Re-registration is in progress – it’s a simple process which only the BNP national officials who are currently in communication with the Electoral Commission are allowed to make:

“Under Section 33 (4) of PPERA, the British National Party’s identity markers, name, descriptions and emblems are protected until the 31st December 2017.

“This means that the Electoral Commission will not consider applications from other parties to register the same or similar name, description, and emblems during that period except applications by the British National Party in its current format.”

All members, supporters and voters can rest assured that it is business as usual for the BNP.

Now we’re looking forward to the Greater London Assembly, Welsh Assembly, and Local Elections throughout the country this coming May.

Kind regards,

Adam Walker
BNP Chairman

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