Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Minutes of the Leicestershire & Charnwood Meeting, 28th February 2015

The meeting was opened at 2:30pm and the minutes from the last meeting were read, agreed and signed off.

Branch secretary Mike Robinson is poorly and sent his apologies. Activist Bob Walton is still poorly. We send our best wishes to them both, stalwarts of the party, for a speedy recovery.

Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens stated that we are adopting Borough Councillor, Cathy Duffy as our Parliamentary candidate in the General Election 2015 for the constituency of Charnwood.

 Leafletting to take place in:
12 Wards in Charnwood.
4 Wards in Blaby.
1 Ward in Hinckley & Bosworth.
There will be 4 teams of leafletters: one will be Cathy and Maurice themselves; the other 3 will be out on Wednesdays, Sundays and evenings.

Geoff showed us the "Let's vote them out" and the "Rebecca" leaflets. The latter was agreed to be the best one to start with.

The Charnwood electorate is 70,000, and cost of leaflets was discussed on this basis. We will pay 'as a team', the money is there and will be spent wisely. Areas and amounts of leaflets were decided. 

Today, the Pegida rally in Newcastle was held. A report from there about 2pm gave 600 patriots attending, (though that figure will have swelled during the afternoon). The counter demonstration pro-Islamification was incited by a local Islamic councillor and George Galloway.
Adam Walker has made good contacts at the rally and has been asked to speak in London.
We are proud that East Midlands members attended and thank them.

Revd. Robert West is standing in Boston and Skegness. We will all be supporting him. His hearing is in April, in Coventry. A banner has been made for a protest which will be at short notice, and those in the audience expressed their intention to attend.

The next meeting to be announced.