Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Muslims Demand Great Grandad Be Exhumed And Moved..

Burbage, in Leicestershire, should, you would  think, be a pleasant village where it's inhabitants can live in amity, and lie in peace within it's cemetary when they die.
Sadly, the easily offended ones have arrived there and are already throwing their religious demands at the Parish Council. Although it is made clear that the cemetary is multi-faith, once again we see those of the muslim faith objecting to share with others. Even in death!

This article in the Daily Mail tells the shocking story:-

In these troubled times, with ISIS atrocities at the forefront of our minds, and radicalised muslims returning to this country after doing God knows what horrible things in Syria and Iraq, the world is calling for muslims of a moderate bent to show their gentle side. They insist that those horrors are nothing to do with Islam. That they acknowledge Jesus as their prophet and respect Christians as 'people of the Book'.

Romany gypsies are Christians, and they take their religion seriously. Mr. Shadrack Smith was one of these; a well-beloved and well respected member of his family and his community over many years in Burbage. Thus, any muslim worth his/her religion would be only too pleased to share that cemetary ground with such a man. That would show tolerance and a wish to integrate with our English folk, a desire to share, and a desire not to upset another family in their grief.
The Parish Council must not exhume this poor man, in my opinion. I am led to believe also, that the family must agree to the exhumation, except where a crime has to be investigated. If this man is removed from his last resting-place to appease the whims of a selfish, intolerant group, then that would be a crime in the eyes of any decent-thinking person.

Let's see some honest, British common sense here, and leave Mr. Smith to rest in peace please.

Update:  Thank goodness, common sense prevails -

I should think so too! Mr. Smith and his grieving family should never have had to face this awful situation in the first place.

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