Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Minutes of the Leicestershire meeting, Saturday 13th December, 2014

The meeting opened at 2,30pm.
Secretary, Mike Robinson, and  Bob Walton did not attend, both being poorly. Our good wishes go to them.

Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens was the first speaker. He told us that UKIP is being talked up while we are talked down, with the intention of channelling younger activists away from us. But they are disorganised and do not campaign intelligently at elections. But they are encouraging voters to swerve towards our side.

All Leicestershire Groups will be working together in election campaigns.

Geoff showed us the new leaflets. There will be teams working throughout the chosen Parliamentary seat. Christmas cards are being sent out by Cathy and Maurice in her Council seat.

He told us that the Party Conference was the best he has attended for 7/8 years. East Mids.' motion, to ban facial coverings in public, with exceptions for Health and Safety, was passed. The UAF did not appear, hence no trouble.

We welcomed our Guest Speaker, Simon Darby.

 He began by saying that, when Party Treasurer, he never had to worry about Leicestershire's finances.

As an ethno-Nationalist, Simon is baffled as to how white people can be brought to hate themselves [assent from the floor]? How can Liberals in London abase themselves over a black man, a petty criminal, in the USA, yet totally ignore crime against their own white British?

Simon reminded us how much grief members of the BNP have suffered, simply for telling the truth [the latest being Revd. West]. How would our valiant heroes of WW2 have regarded this?

We are called "Little Englanders" if we object to the EU, yet they are co-opting our message now, but this does mean that we are 'allowed' to discuss immigration. And this sees people drifting back to us. The country is dividing on racial grounds and the press are encouraging hostility towards muslims. Simon made it plain that we do not condone torture, "It is not the Western way".

He ended by enjoining us to keep the organisation going, keep it structured. "Do not feel despondent, and that to all Nationalists, in or out of the Party."

A collection was taken and a raffle held.

The next meeting will be held in the Charnwood area.

Wishing all members and supporters a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year, from Leicestershire BNP.

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