Monday, 10 November 2014

The Politicians' Shame: Remembrance Sunday At The Cenotaph

The appalling hypocrisy of the political leaders who attended the
Remembrance Service at The Cenotaph on Sunday 9 November was inescapable.

Laying their wreaths and bowing their heads in memory of the hundreds of
thousands who so needlessly sacrificed their lives that these politicians
should be free to live, was a repulsive display of blatant and callous

Having solemnly sworn lifetime oaths of allegiance and service to Britain,
Messrs Cameron, Clegg, Miliband, Major and Blair demonstrated utter
disrespect for the fallen by showing up at the Service in the full public
knowledge that they have wilfully planned, schemed, deceived and surrendered
the very sovereignty, independence, self-determination, freedoms and
security that so many true British people had given their lives to preserve
and protect.  Their sacrifice was an absolute waste and totally in vain.

Because of the outright treason of these five men and their predecessors in
office, Britain has been freely and totally surrendered to the European
dictators that of all those wasted lives fought so vehemently against.

These ‘politicians’ should sacrifice themselves on the altar of integrity,
truth and honesty, pleading forgiveness of all those whose country they have
deliberately stolen and destroyed in their own arrogant self-interests.

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