Friday, 17 October 2014

Now they’re attacking our Reverend

Dear patriot,

The BNP’s very own Reverend West is now in the crosshairs of the rotten political Establishment for daring to criticise Islam during his lecture on the Crusades to A-level students.

Many of you know the Reverend Robert West from BNP meetings and from his campaigns standing as a candidate for the Party.

He regularly holds Sunday services at BNP events, has blessed the marriages of BNP members and supporters on many occasions, and officiated in leading prayers at the funerals of our fallen BNP comrades.

The Reverend West is a rare creature; a man of conviction and steadfast faith. He is a refreshing voice in leading in the upholding, defending and preserving those Christian ideals that underpin our British culture and heritage.

It’s for exactly that reason he’s now under attack from the traitor politicians and politically correct clergymen that comprise the rotten Establishment in Britain.

For speaking his mind, he’s now being hauled before the National teaching and leadership college – the professional body for teachers.

Be assured, our Reverend will be facing these charges with the full strength of the BNP at his side!

Last week, the BNP won our court case against the Labour Party liars who had misused the local police force and the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) to bring trump-up charges against BNP Cllr Dawn Charlton because she almost unseated a Labour Councillor when she won an incredible 42% of the vote.

The BNP is a family, and one which will not tolerate any sort of attack on our people, and these politically motivated persecutions are no exception.

Despite the fact that accusations against Dawn Charlton were complete lies, the BNP only won Dawn’s court case because of the excellent legal team we managed to assemble – and we only managed to assemble that team because of your generosity and support!

The BNP looks after its own, and now the Reverend West needs our help.

The Reverend’s ‘trial’ is scheduled for the middle of next month.

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