Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Leicester Activists Join Rotherham Protest + Update 13th September

Leicester activists joined local Rotherham activists with their day of action to demand that criminal prosecutions be bought those responsible for allowing the continuation of child grooming even though they knew  what was happening. 
Our message was well received by both parents and non parents alike. People expressed their disgust at the council and police inaction to bring the perpetrators to justice and to protect our children. 
Please read more on this topic on www.bnp.org.uk.

13th September:-

Leicester activist again joined forces with local and other non local BNP activists in Rotherham. 
There was another fantastic response with thousands of leaflets being given out in and around the Parkgate shopping centre. 


Keats said...

Many thanks to all who represented Leicester at this protest in Rotherham. Well done.

Lee Muzzy said...
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