Friday, 26 September 2014

LCC: Proceedings against disgraced ex-Tory/UKIP candidate

Legal proceedings have been launched against former Leicestershire County Council leader David Parsons to recover £1,500 he still owes the authority.


Officials at County Hall say Mr Parsons has stopped paying monthly installments to clear the costs of 26 trips he made using the council’s chauffeur-driven car during his nine-year stint as leader. The trips were deemed “not sufficiently connected” to his role as leader after an investigation by officers.
Officials found two more trips were deemed to be inappropriate for the use of the council chauffeur, because of the short distances involved.  He has now stood down from being UKIP's candidate for N.W.L. CC elections.

Mr. Parsons said: “I don’t think North West Leicestershire was the seat for me.
“There will be other opportunities
He did not say where he might stand.

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