Wednesday, 27 August 2014


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An independent inquiry has revealed the shocking extent of the abuse of more than 1,400 children in Rotherham alone, mostly by men of ‘Pakistani heritage’.
The inquiry forced on the authorities by a three-year Protect Children campaign run by the BNP has revealed... exactly what the BNP was warning people about all these years!

Research by BNP super-activist for Rotherham, Marlene Guest, provided the independent team with a wealth of material proving mass-scale abuse of children in the area.
The BNP has been warning of the threat to children by organised groups from the Muslim community across the country who have been preying on, raping and systematically abusing children from other communities.
Despite the BNP being proved time and time again to be right, the authorities have consistently done all they can to silence and persecute BNP spokesmen and women.
In 2003, the authorities, with help from the BBC, even tried to jail ex-BNP Chairman Nick Griffin for 7 years for warning people about it.
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Lee Muzzy said...
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David H said...

I've seen this in Leicester, I once saw a young white girl on a playground with an older "Asian" man, the police just did not want to know!