Thursday, 3 July 2014

Discriminated Against Even In Death!

On July 10th. teachers are going out on strike. Their union, Unite, will be joined by members of Unison and GMB which include Council workers. Much is written, naturally, about the disruption to schools, and also the lack of staff such as street cleaners on that day.

Crematorium and cemetary staff will be on strike too. If you want to arrange a funeral on July 10th., you can't. There will be no staff to carry out the functions.
Unless, that is, you are a muslim. Thats the directive given by Leicester's multicultural luvvies. So there you have it, we Christians are even discriminated against when we are dead, one more sop to the invading army of the prophet Mohamed. Anybody else must wait, as usual. and that's religious discrimination. Whatever happened to "equality"?
If you doubt our word why not phone Leicester Council,

It's little wonder that a large extension to the Muslim Burial Area is planned. And, as an aside, have you wondered at all why 3 crematoria have been proposed in villages in South Leicestershire?

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