The latest meeting of the Leicestershire branch of the British National Party was held in the south of the county and the meeting was opened by Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens.

Those present included a new member who was welcomed to the Party.

Minutes of the last meeting were read by the Secretary Mike Robinson and agreed.

Geoff then gave us some of the percentage details and costs of the recent European Elections. Costs in the East Midlands were £20,180, and all deposits across the country were lost. Our East Midlands percentage of the vote was 1.64%, but lacked the 2.5% minimum needed to save the deposit of £5,000. Geoff informed us that although the figures were very low, the `strong` areas still maintained their support. `Not good`, he told us, 'but when people realise that UKIP is not a nationalist party our support will grow so we must carry on, keep going`. 

Steve Denham spoke in a similar vein, re- `keeping going` and announced that we`d be fighting a vacant seat (Charnwood Borough Council) in Thurmaston at the end of July. `We need to confront these issues` said Steve. Members present immediately offered to help, unsurprisingly. Help from all members definitely needed and welcomed.
Details of the "Nationalist Village Green Family Weekend" in mid-Wales was announced. This was well spoken-of by those who had attended previously. Cost for the day is £15 or £25 for the weekend per person. Children under 16 free.

Meeting ended with members taking tea and coffee together.