Thursday, 3 April 2014


The following comes from one of our Leicestershire readers:

"Before you judge me please visit WWW.BNP.ORG.UK, read the Manifesto, watch the videos and read the news that the Marxist Media do not want you to know.
If you’re still not convinced that I am not a racist then please keep reading.
It is definitely NOT racist to protect your country from the politicians that would sell our sovereignty for 30 pieces of silver.
It is definitely NOT racist to protect and preserve your Heritage and your History from distortion by the self loathing leftists.
It is definitely NOT racist to protect your Homeland from invasion by those who would wish to change it beyond recognition. Ask yourself this;
Why would anyone want to make England their home and strive to reach it, knowing that its laws are based on Christian values, only to attempt to undermine those values once they have gained in sufficient numbers.
It is NOT racist to want to take our law making and legislative powers back from unelected foreign bureaucrats who charge us billions of pounds a year for their meddling.
It is NOT racist to ask for Self Determination of a people in their own homeland. The leftists campaign for this basic right for Third World countries and then decry and scream “Racist” if WE ask to be accorded the very same right. Such is the mindset of these people.
It is NOT racist to campaign against the cruel ritual slaughter of animals under the guise of religion.
NOR is it racist to protect our countryside against the treasonous politicians that will have it concreted over to accommodate our rapidly growing population. Most of which is made up of immigrants from foreign lands.
It IS racist however, to invade another’s country and seek to displace its indigenous population. Please do not mention “The Empire”. I was not there and if I was alive during that period I most certainly would not have agreed with the colonisation of another’s homeland.
It IS racist to refer to the English as “A mongrel race”.
It IS racist to indicate that only WHITE PEOPLE were the perpetrators of slavery whilst trying to conceal the full facts. Anyone remember being taught about the Barbary Pirates during history lessons? No, I thought not!
It IS racist to make our children feel ashamed of being white because of the actions of a number of Capitalists. Please remember Britain led the way in the abolition of this vile trade in human beings.
I do not believe that being in possession of a British passport automatically makes you British. Being British is to share Britain’s vibrant history, heritage and culture. Being British is about being tolerant but not to the detriment of the indigenous peoples. Being British is about being a proud nation that is proud to fly its flag and if that offends, then maybe this is not the country for you.
If after reading this you still consider me a racist then that is your choice but I consider myself a realist and will keep fighting for my beliefs."

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