Monday, 14 April 2014

Minutes of the BNP Meeting (Charnwood area) on Saturday 12th April 2014.

The Meeting was opened by the Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens. The minutes of the last meeting, in February were read by Mike Robinson and agreed.

Geoff spoke of the increased number of people now living in the East Mids area since 2009 - the last time the European elections took place. More people, more leaflets, more money to pay for them.

He then announcement that a Fund Raising Evening was to be held in a Lincolnshire town to raise money for the E.U.Elections. Party Chairman, Nick Griffin will attend. Meetings such as these have already been held in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Derbyshire, we were told. Both of these had raised substantial amounts of money.

It seems we now have double the number of TV broadcasts this time around; all depends on the amount of votes received last time. (It`ll break the BBC`s heart !)

`Tight schedule now`, Geoff warned, with only 3 weeks to go. We still have, in the East Midlands some 2.2 million leaflets to deliver to the GPO. `We need to hold our nerve` said Geoff. 'UKIP are the rising star at the moment, but for how long ? They`re NOT Nationalists!`

`Costs` Geoff told us `were £20-21,000 with most of the money to hand`.

Steve Denham then rose to compliment Bob on his great, and consistent, service to our party. One recalls also that Bob is close to being 83 now and has announced he can no longer get out to leaflet or canvass,etc. Bob has been a super-activist and financial supporter for us over the years His membership of the Nationalist cause goes back a couple of generations. All members will wish Bob a more relaxed time in the days to come - if you can get him to sit still !

Peter Jarvis then rose to speak of how he was always happy to be in Syston, especially if he was with people who care about our country. He then went on to quote Cicero - a colleague of Julius Caesar- with ..."many freedoms, traditional ones, now being taken away"...... due we all know to multiculturalism. Society was being regularly monitored by the liberal elite iro `phones, computers,etc. Media, almost everywhere, being controlled by multi-cult.

No consultation with the E.U. in Brussels re splitting up our country into bits and pieces-selected by them -  the Scottish independence Referendum being a case in point. We ,the British, he said, will soon be totally excluded by this "treason from within"- quoting Cicero again. Nationalists-us- traditionally don`t believe in alliances; to us they`re a sort of committee-way of doing things; sovereignty is lost by this method.

Political problems keep stirring up in ancient trouble-spots; Eastern Europe being a good example. The Americans seem to be enjoying stirring up things in those areas; things, and facts, that are never, ever, reported on BBC1 News!

Geoff reminded us finally that Members will be needed at the various `Counts` on Sunday May 25th.

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