Monday, 3 February 2014

Minutes of the BNP (Charnwood area) meeting on Saturday 1st Feb. 2014.

The Meeting was opened by Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens.
The minutes of the last Meeting in December 2013 were read and agreed.

 Steve Denham, Charnwood Organiser, spoke first regarding the cancellation of BNP`s political involvement in the forthcoming/current by election in Birstall. We discovered that the area was unsuitable for us to contest at present and therefore saved ourselves unnecessary expense.
Sample leaflets are now ready to be printed, showing pictures of our lead East Midlands candidate, Cathy Duffy and Revd. Rob West. £2000 is still required, said Geoff Dickens, to cover costs, thinking in terms of 2 Million leaflets. This amount will be required by 30 April. Several volunteers are also required to help sort out the delivery and addressing of the leaflets en masse. Various fund-raising events are being held soon;- including Northants, Derby and Lincs. There's also a by-election being held in Wythenshawe (Manchester) currently and anyone ready to give a hand would be welcome there.

 Cathy Duffy then spoke of 1000 years of British independence, but now, as a E.U. Member -1 out of 28- we find more and more power and control being taken by the E.U. Much propaganda coming from the E.U. and the British `Left` saying Britain can`t make it alone, flying in the face of Britain`s long, and successful, history. This control also produces job losses, erosion of English Law and a gradual take-over of power of state over individuals. A Referendum would allow the people to decide whether to stay, or leave, the E.U. Time is now running out, said Cathy, and she believes the E.U. will eventually 'blow itself out`.

After the interval Revd. Rob West, our No. 2 Candidate, referred to the 2009 Euro Elections where we did reasonably well. He thought attitudes had changed since then and that new parties had started up. UKIP now doing well in the polls, thanks to mainstream media publicity. When people vote for them at least they are getting out of the habit of voting for the Lib Lab Con party. and the rest of us need to focus on the issues. 3 Main issues, Rob thought: 1. Membership of the E.U., and we should definitely leave, although there was no immediate hurry. He thought we should also utilise UKIP's present popularity, shifting the public's view towards the right . 2. Immigration. This is a much more desperate problem, rapidly out-breeding the native British. They see themselves, and us, as foreigners living together in the U.K. The English appear to have largely disappeared, he said. The `writings on the wall`, he told us. `Closing the door` seems to be the best policy, but it`s necessary to preserve Britishness without distressing the population. We must`nt give up, said Rob. 3. Islam- `an extermination religion`. You MUST be a Muslim or die. Rob felt that our Members need to understand national politics and religion. A stairway to power is what we need, and Members need to understand how to achieve support from the public, especially at local level.

Geoff ended the meeting by reminding us that we are a compassionate, Christian people (which to others, especially Muslims, means `soft`).

Collection raised £193.20. Teas & Coffees £14.85 and The Raffle £39.00. 
The next meeting should be April 2014.
-Mike Robinson

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