Monday, 9 December 2013

Minutes of the Leicestershire BNP Meeting held on Saturday 7th December 2013.

The Meeting was opened by Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens.

Geoff then spoke in some detail to members concerning the forthcoming Euro Elections due in May-June 2014 (now only 6 months away!). Speaking of estimated costs, Geoff was surprised by the offer of an immediate donation of £60.00 to help out by long standing member Bob. He thanked Bob, as we all did, and went on to speak of the leafleting and meeting the public that had gone on - very successfully. A team of people joined our National Organiser Adam Walker giving out some 1500 items of Party literature in Blaby and Wigston Town centres prior to the meeting.  This was felt to have been very worthwhile.

Geoff said it was expected that the cost to the East Midlands region, i.r.o. a house-to-house , posted leaflet A5 size, would amount to about £17-18,000. Most of this money was already to hand.

Steve Denham of the Charnwood branch then spoke of an election likely to happen early in 2014. This would be a District  Council by-election, due as a result of the recent death of the sitting (Conservative) member. We have already acquired a candidate, Steve said, and felt confident we could do well in this seat, which is in Birstall. He ended by saying `we should stick it out, and we`ll get there eventually`.

The Interval followed for approx. 10 minutes.

Adam Walker, our National Organiser, from the County Durham area, then addressed the Members. He thanked us for asking him to speak, saying he was glad to see some `old faces` and that the `old hounds` appeared to be `staying the course`.

`Nationalism`, generally thought of today as "racism"- in Britain anyway- 'is nonsense' said Adam, 'All propaganda from the media and the schools'. He, himself, had discovered nationalism after a 6-year stint in Japan, thereafter returning to the UK. Japan was full of Japanese, surprise, surprise, the country having tight control over immigration. Here it was the opposite, with all-the-world-and-his-wife in town. He`d stood alone, initially, being unable to support any of the so-called `3 major parties`, but now polled 25-26% at elections locally.

 Addressing the meeting in a very sharp, amusing way, he made the point of the recent use of leaflets presented directly to members of the public as being a very good way of getting support for BNP. In addition,  he felt that getting votes via the Postal Vote system was something to go after, a fact duly noted by the Labour Party some years ago. Re- the present court case over the murder of soldier Lee Rigby, murdered earlier this year, Adam told us he`d been attacked by guys using a cleaver -  a weapon much in evidence (and in training) at a certain mosque in Lewisham, London. 'Keep fighting' he told us, to bring the `Great` back into Great. Britain.  The speech was well received by the Members.

To finish the Meeting,  members were asked to give all support to the forthcoming Birstall election in 2014. Turnout is expected to be low, so just a few votes could be crucial.

The Raffle was then drawn, raising £48.00. After which, the Collection raised £170.00.

- Mike Robinson

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