Monday, 14 October 2013

Minutes of BNP Meeting on October 12th 2013

The meeting, in the Charnwood area, was opened by the East Midlands Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens.

Geoff began by welcoming members to the meeting, but apologised for the fact that the appointed speaker was, at the last minute, unable to attend.

He was shown a letter received from the Harborough Conservative MP, Sir Edward Garnier, answering a comment from a BNP member that UK-based Moslems appeared to obey only those English laws that suited them; the MP,  largely disagreed, as expected. The meeting generally agreed that said MP didn`t normally meet with such immigrants, non-Christian persons during the average working day.

The Minutes of the last meeting were then read by the Secretary and agreed.

Members were asked that anyone interested in standing for the City elections, which are due in 2015, should put their names forward.

Geoff then spoke, replying to a query, of how the EDL and UKIP now appear to have reached the limit of their support (Government controlled, of course) and appear now to be fading/fragmenting. Seasoned Nationalists will have seen this happen previously in the late 70's/early 80's with the National Front, etc. He thought that EDL and UKIP could now split up, allowing BNP to collect/reclaim some of these disgruntled supporters, some of whom had previously been BNP members. Major parties- those 3 that is- tried to `divide and rule`, but all 3 lack the goodwill of the British public. We, in the BNP, need to `press on`.

The Collection (after late addition) raised £181.56.
The Raffle raised £27.00.

Meeting closed and members exited into heavy rain. Next meeting December.

- Mike Robinson Hon. Secretary -