Monday, 2 September 2013

BNP East Midlands Fundraiser

The fundraiser for the European Elections in 2014 was held in Leicestershire on Saturday, August 31st.

45 people attended, coming from all Counties in the Region. It was good to greet old friends, and welcome new ones.

Nick Griffin, who was to have been Guest Speaker, sent his apologies. As most know, he went with Clive and Charlie on an urgent mission to Syria, to try to set up peace negotiations. The flight back was fraught with problems and he rang Geoff en route, sending his regrets that he could not make it back in time.

Though disappointed, we all agreed that his diplomatic actions took precedence.
You can read about his mission either on the BNP main page, or  here, in the Daily Express

RO Geoff Dickens opened the Fundraiser, and started by saying that "Nick Griffin is the only MEP to have the balls to go to Syria", and stated that the BNP considers it criminal to go to war with countries we have nothing to do with.

 He then explained that this meeting was an opportunity to chat about the Euros, and to raise more funds for that purpose in our Region. In 2009, the East Mids. got all the money together ourselves and put candidates in all seats. Turn-outs then were between 37-46%, in areas where we were super-active.

He told us of 1.9 million homes which must have a BNP leaflet, and explained that Nick got elected by a lesser percentage than we gained here, and that groups and branches need to keep raising money.

Alwyn Deacon, RO for West Midlands and the Party's National Elections Officer, told us that it his job to organise the leaflets, packing and posting. Also, that they look at all applications and sort out who are the best candidates to stand at the Euros. He made the point that allocations are to the Party, not the candidate; thus, if an elected candidate stands down they have to hand the seat over to the next one on the list.

The East Midlands candidates are as Follows:-

1. Cllr. Cathy Duffy.
2. Revd. Robert West.
3. Bob Brindley.
4. Steve Brammer.
5. To be decided.

Alwyn told us that it will be a nation-wide leaflet, except in the North-West, one to each household. He urged us all to check that people we know actually got their leaflet, and those who didn't - as happened last time.

Cllr. Cathy Duffy expressed her pleasure at being chosen as a candidate. other candidates present also 'took a bow', and there was loud applause from the audience for them all.

There were suggestions from the audience; Maurice said that he would like to see a personalised leaflet, with a picture of everyone involved. costings were queried, but this was thought to be a good idea, and it was hoped that BNP TV will be in the area near to the election.
A young man expressed his concern at propaganda aimed at our children, considering what the EU is throwing at them, and hoped that the BNP would address this issue. Geoff acknowledged that, adding that we have to get elected in order to attack from within, though persecution and harassment of BNP members means that our ability to protect children is limited. 2 members of the audience attested to that. Steve said that we must talk to our children and grandchildren, but it will be their choice what they believe. Another parent felt that education started in the home as she didn't feel that they should be brainwashed.

Geoff then took the collection which amounted to £550.13, plus 11 US dollars.

Many thanks to all who attended and contributed.
If you couldn't make the meeting, but would like to do your bit for the East Midlands, please see other members, or send cheques to: PO Box 9128, Lutterworth , Leics, LE17 9DD  with a note that you are contributing to our Euros fund.


David H said...

Three years ago a meeting with Mr Griffin attending would have attracted more than two hundred people from local areas, what has happened to the BNP in Leicestershire?

Keats said...

Did you bother to read it, Nick wasn't there. He was in Syria, with their speaker, drafting that letter to our MPs. Amazing that none of you types have commented on that!