Monday, 5 August 2013

Minutes of the Leicestershire BNP Meeting in S.Leics. 3.8.2013

The Meeting opened at 14:40 by R.O./Chairman Geoff Dickens.
The  Minutes of the previous meeting (in June 2013) were read by the Secretary.

Geoff repeated his previous advice to members re-  not accepting a `Caution` from the Police, which could later be used against them and would show up as some sort of criminal record. Members also heard, and discussed, the case of member Lee, who had been arrested in Thurnby Lodge, Leicester, and later illegally harassed, by Leicestershire Police. The case is still on-going, although Lee has been declared `Not Guilty` by a Leicester Court. It`s cost him quite a lot of money so far, but that`s living in a `Democracy` isn't it ?

Word of a forthcoming by-election in the Melton area was heard; meeting decided not to fight this one.

Peter Jarvis, called upon to speak at short notice, told us that we`re threatened as a race, and ever more so. "British people are being marginalised", he said, "and fading into the background. The future looks somewhat terrifying, due to intimidation by police and Left Wing parties. Britons have nothing to be ashamed of, and everything to be proud of.....all of us should stand together and eventually overcome all opposition to us as a nation". He ended his words with a quote from the Dismissal Speech by Oliver Cromwell to the `Long Parliament` in 1651.These words, though antique, ring down the ages.

The Collection raised £153.00.
The Raffle raised £31.00  plus £3.60 from teas,etc.

The Chairman, whose 65th birthday it was, closed the meeting early at 15:37, then dashed off for `a jar`to celebrate his becoming an OAP (?).

Next meeting October.

- Mike Robinson. Branch Secretary

Friday, 2 August 2013

Leicestershire's Puppet Police: 0. Leicester Citizens; 4

Leicestershire police have yet again shown that they are puppets for the “ruling elite”.

Remember the political arrests of the three demonstrators in Thurnby Lodge back in December 2012?

Three men were arrested, held in custody for up to seven hours before being charged and given conditional bail to appear before the Magistrates court. Charged with breaching a Section 14 public order notice, they finally appeared in court earlier this week.

Seven and a half months after their initial arrest they appeared for a two day trial with their solicitors, witnesses, family and friends. One would think that seven and a half months would be a long time to wait for a court appearance for such a minor matter. The delays were caused because Leicestershire police tried to withhold evidence which would later be helpful to the defence of these good men.

Without going into too much detail, one of the defendants was told at the end of the first day of the trial that he had “no case to answer” and the other two were given “not guilty verdicts” on the second day.

You may also remember the young mother arrested by a riot van full of body armoured police bully boys?

She has had all charges and restrictions dropped, after weeks of stress and turmoil.

These arrests were carried out for political reasons and those wanting to read the background into the lead up to these events should read the stories in the older post section of this web site.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Wonderful Enrichment In Leicester

Leicester, we are told, is a vibrant, diverse city, a very model of happy multiculturalism where all races and creeds gets along famously. You can see the hippy-rainbow hanging over the city, enclosing us with enriched blessings.

However, that pretty vision was smashed, along with plate glass windows showering some customers eating their halal curries, on January 17th 2013. A mob of around 40 enraged Sikhs descended on a Muslim restaurant after hearing that occupants there had held one of their 16 year old girls and was hiring her out for prostitution. The aftermath is described here, in the Leicester Mercury

Leicester police insisted that the rumours were not true, and of course rushed to reassure the "communities".
Three men ended up in hospital, and seven men, all from Derby were arrested. The trial of the seven Sikh 'vigilantes' took place on April 27th; the Court heard that the men were all of good character and they were each sentenced to two years prison, as reported in the Leicester Mercury

That seemed to be the end of the matter; remember, the police had dismissed the rumours that had set the Sikhs off in the first place. So it probably came as a surprise this week to read that three Muslims are being tried at Leicester Crown Court for various offences concerning a juvenile. The jury were told that three more men had pleaded guilty to counts involving the same girl, who is described as vulnerable and emotionally damaged. From the Leicester Mercury:
In her statement, the girl says that she believes other daughters of Sikhs may be in the same predicament.

What a sorry tale, and one that we have become used to in the case of Muslims and white British children. But as with those outrages of many years standing, the authorities tried to brush it away to the populace at large as 'unfounded rumours'.

It possibly won't be the last time that Leicester police will have egg on their faces. I predict. Watch this space...