Monday, 10 June 2013

Minutes of the BNP Meeting held on Saturday 8 June 2013

The latest joint meeting of the Leicestershire and Charnwood branches was opened at 14:40 by Charnwood Organiser Steve Denham, who immediately asked Members to rise for a 1 Minutes` Silence in memory of the recently-murdered British soldier, Lee Rigby.

This done he thanked us and asked for the Minutes of the last Meeting to be read. Minutes were read by Secretary Mike Robinson.

The Charnwood Organiser followed explaining the problems over the changed location of the meeting. However, `alls well that ends well`, as Shakespeare said.

Steve then spoke briefly about recent county council results in which he admitted we`d had `a bit of a bashing`. Best return was 11.4% , but the `hard core` of votes is still with us, he reminded us.

Next speaker was Geoff Dickens, Reg. Organiser, who agreed with Steve concerning the` hard core` of BNP voters. Ths percentage is roughly the same as in 2009 he told us. We have funds to hand and plenty of printed matter to put out in any contested area. It`s important that we show the media, in particular, that we have NOT gone away, nor likely to do so.

Members were also strongly advised that, in areas where the police were being `heavy-handed`, NOT TO TAKE A CAUTION ! This is done merely to attempt to intimidate and leaves a Police record afterwards (means you`re admitting doing/saying something wrong, or illegal).

Any members who would like to be considered as candidates for future elections locally should contact Geoff or Steve.

A short break followed and then the Main Speaker, Dr. Phil Edwards, spoke in some detail for 35 minutes on the problems of Europe, and especially since the end of WW2. He was certain that most of what`s wrong, different from our world prior to about 1950, was due entirely to the people at the top. Regardless of what they might call themselves politically, these people- basically the very rich and influential- have shaped the world to suit themselves, and of course their pockets!

Seemingly the so-called Frankfurt School has had a lot to do with all this. The E.U. is only part of the picture. Therefore any political party opposing these ideas is seen as a serious threat, and can be called Nazi or Fascist. As will have been observed, the media, both newspapers and TV, are all `on side` and can be relied upon to `cast as many stones` at the unreported, and possibly legally defenceless people opposing them; the (political) Right. Happily folks are slowly beginning to see the wood for the trees, and our Government, currently a combination of Lefties and people once called Tories, is staggering a bit, mentally. Nationalist parties are getting stronger in Europe and who knows, we might just see some changes before long. Doc. Edward's speech was well-received by a thoughtful audience.

Collection Raised £146.26 and the Raffle £32.00.
Meeting closed at 1620. Mike Robinson

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