Sunday, 16 June 2013

Good Golly, what a commotion!

Over 20 police officers, umpteen police vehicles, one containing video evidence recording equipment and one which looked suspiciously like a dog unit vehicle stormed a local hostelry on Thurnby Lodge earlier this month.

They were deployed on blues and twos because of a report of “racism”.

We all know that racism is wrong and should not be tolerated so what could have happened?

Could it be that someone was beaten or abused due to the colour of their skin or country of origin?

Was it that someone’s religion or beliefs were insulted?

No! The reason for this raid was presence of a child’s toy.

A toy that is more established and deep rooted within British heritage and history than the much loved Teddy Bear.

A toy that has now been demonised by the politically correct leftists.

A toy that has had its image distorted from a symbol of love to a symbol that is now somehow supposed to represent “hate”.

This new and warped interpretation of a harmless toy is just another attack on our heritage and should not be tolerated.

The name of this intolerable and utterly unpleasant symbol of racism?

You’ve guessed it THE GOLLYWOG.

This toy was once owned and loved by children from every corner of this beautiful land.

Once an innocent reminder of days gone by and of childhood past, this now “repugnant” toy can now get you threatened with arrest by the politicised police.

The toy belonged to a young child who was enjoying a meal with her family and friends at The White House on Scraptoft Lane in Leicester.

It was lying on the table when “the manager” said that a complaint had been made against the toy and that the toy was “racist”.

The police were called and the party were “asked” to leave.

In the car park a man of duel heritage was asked by the child’s mother if he found the toy offensive.
His reply was “Is that the reason for all of these police? People need to grow up and get a grip on reality. No I do not find the Golly offensive”. He walked away shaking his head.

Other patrons, when told of the events could not believe the “response” that the toy had created by its presence. One couple even got back into their car and drove away, promising to boycott the establishment in future.


Bridgit Campbell said...

There is a shop near me that has a window full of Gollywogs. I bought two, they sit one either side of the TV, if someone finds a psysical connection with a Gollywog that is their problem, by the same token some Anglo people might be offended by Cabbage Patch dolls but I dont, they are childrens toys for Gods sake.

Bridgit Campbell said...

I hope the 'British' police were ashamed of themselves. They willingly do the bidding of the Orwell State Police. Thirty pieces of Silver come to mind.