Sunday, 16 June 2013

Good Golly, what a commotion!

Over 20 police officers, umpteen police vehicles, one containing video evidence recording equipment and one which looked suspiciously like a dog unit vehicle stormed a local hostelry on Thurnby Lodge earlier this month.

They were deployed on blues and twos because of a report of “racism”.

We all know that racism is wrong and should not be tolerated so what could have happened?

Could it be that someone was beaten or abused due to the colour of their skin or country of origin?

Was it that someone’s religion or beliefs were insulted?

No! The reason for this raid was presence of a child’s toy.

A toy that is more established and deep rooted within British heritage and history than the much loved Teddy Bear.

A toy that has now been demonised by the politically correct leftists.

A toy that has had its image distorted from a symbol of love to a symbol that is now somehow supposed to represent “hate”.

This new and warped interpretation of a harmless toy is just another attack on our heritage and should not be tolerated.

The name of this intolerable and utterly unpleasant symbol of racism?

You’ve guessed it THE GOLLYWOG.

This toy was once owned and loved by children from every corner of this beautiful land.

Once an innocent reminder of days gone by and of childhood past, this now “repugnant” toy can now get you threatened with arrest by the politicised police.

The toy belonged to a young child who was enjoying a meal with her family and friends at The White House on Scraptoft Lane in Leicester.

It was lying on the table when “the manager” said that a complaint had been made against the toy and that the toy was “racist”.

The police were called and the party were “asked” to leave.

In the car park a man of duel heritage was asked by the child’s mother if he found the toy offensive.
His reply was “Is that the reason for all of these police? People need to grow up and get a grip on reality. No I do not find the Golly offensive”. He walked away shaking his head.

Other patrons, when told of the events could not believe the “response” that the toy had created by its presence. One couple even got back into their car and drove away, promising to boycott the establishment in future.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The indigenous British are of no account in Leicester then?

An interesting conversation by email, reproduced below, between a member of the public and Sir Peter Soulsby which took place late 2012.

To Sir Peter Soulsby,
Mayor of Leicester.

Dear Sir Peter,

Having just watched your enthusiastic celebration of the 40th anniversary of Idi Amin's gift to the people of Leicester (BBC East Midlands Today September 10th), I wonder, in the spirit of democracy, if you have any concerns or any message for the indigenous people of Leicester, who might be alarmed, worried and distressed at finding their City to now have a minority population of people of their ancestry?

Yours etc.

Dear Sir
I have received your somewhat strange email from Grantham. Fortunately your attitudes are not shared by the vast majority of Leicester people from all communities who value and appreciate the diversity of our great city.

Yours sincerely

Peter Soulsby
City Mayor

Dear Sir Peter,

Thank you for your reply to my email - I am at a loss to see why my email was "somewhat strange" as I merely asked if you have any concerns or any message for the indigenous people of Leicester, who might be alarmed, worried and distressed at finding their City to now have a minority population of people of their ancestry?

It is a very simple question. Or is my demographic incorrect?

As to your assertion that my "attitudes are not shared by the vast majority of Leicester people from all communities who value and appreciate the diversity of our great city", I wonder where you came upon this information - for example, do you carry out opinion polls, or ask people you happen to meet day to day in the streets?

I am fascinated to learn of your source of such information and look forward to your reply,


Dear Sir
I have received your further email. Leicestershire Police Authority commissions a monthly survey which among other things asks residents for their views about community cohesion. I would therefore suggest that you refer your question to them.
Yours sincerely

Peter Soulsby
City Mayor

Dear Sir Peter,
Many thanks for your email (below) - the very thought of the police asking Leicester residents of indigenous British ancestry whether or not they approve of a multicultural/multiracial Leicester and of their status as a minority in that city, would be funny where it not so sinister.
Now that we have laws criminalising comments which potentially could be described as "insulting" and "racially aggravated, causing harassment alarm and distress" would, I'm sure, dissuade most people from giving anything but the "correct" answer!
Yours etc
Dear Sir Peter,
Further to my earlier correspondence, Clarissa Dickson Wright probably reflects more accurately the feelings of indigenous British people who live in Leicester than you do. She is honest, a rare quality in Politically Correct Britain.
Definition of a "liberal" - someone who cannot take their own side in an argument.
Yours etc

Monday, 10 June 2013

Minutes of the BNP Meeting held on Saturday 8 June 2013

The latest joint meeting of the Leicestershire and Charnwood branches was opened at 14:40 by Charnwood Organiser Steve Denham, who immediately asked Members to rise for a 1 Minutes` Silence in memory of the recently-murdered British soldier, Lee Rigby.

This done he thanked us and asked for the Minutes of the last Meeting to be read. Minutes were read by Secretary Mike Robinson.

The Charnwood Organiser followed explaining the problems over the changed location of the meeting. However, `alls well that ends well`, as Shakespeare said.

Steve then spoke briefly about recent county council results in which he admitted we`d had `a bit of a bashing`. Best return was 11.4% , but the `hard core` of votes is still with us, he reminded us.

Next speaker was Geoff Dickens, Reg. Organiser, who agreed with Steve concerning the` hard core` of BNP voters. Ths percentage is roughly the same as in 2009 he told us. We have funds to hand and plenty of printed matter to put out in any contested area. It`s important that we show the media, in particular, that we have NOT gone away, nor likely to do so.

Members were also strongly advised that, in areas where the police were being `heavy-handed`, NOT TO TAKE A CAUTION ! This is done merely to attempt to intimidate and leaves a Police record afterwards (means you`re admitting doing/saying something wrong, or illegal).

Any members who would like to be considered as candidates for future elections locally should contact Geoff or Steve.

A short break followed and then the Main Speaker, Dr. Phil Edwards, spoke in some detail for 35 minutes on the problems of Europe, and especially since the end of WW2. He was certain that most of what`s wrong, different from our world prior to about 1950, was due entirely to the people at the top. Regardless of what they might call themselves politically, these people- basically the very rich and influential- have shaped the world to suit themselves, and of course their pockets!

Seemingly the so-called Frankfurt School has had a lot to do with all this. The E.U. is only part of the picture. Therefore any political party opposing these ideas is seen as a serious threat, and can be called Nazi or Fascist. As will have been observed, the media, both newspapers and TV, are all `on side` and can be relied upon to `cast as many stones` at the unreported, and possibly legally defenceless people opposing them; the (political) Right. Happily folks are slowly beginning to see the wood for the trees, and our Government, currently a combination of Lefties and people once called Tories, is staggering a bit, mentally. Nationalist parties are getting stronger in Europe and who knows, we might just see some changes before long. Doc. Edward's speech was well-received by a thoughtful audience.

Collection Raised £146.26 and the Raffle £32.00.
Meeting closed at 1620. Mike Robinson