Monday, 29 April 2013

Mob-handed: Politicised Police At It Again In Thurnby Lodge

A riot van, 7 police officers in stab proof vests, that was the scene on St George’s day in a quiet residential street in Thurnby Lodge.

One could have been mistaken that there was about to be the arrest of a violent criminal gang or maybe a raid on a drugs den.

The reality was something far more sinister.

They were there to arrest a mother in front of her two youngest children.

She was arrested and led to the waiting van whilst her children sobbed in fear for their mother.

The mother too was in a terrible state.

The police cared not that the mother and the younger of the children both had heart conditions, ailments that the police were already well aware of.

It was lucky that a family friend was on hand to care for the children until their father could be contacted.

The arresting officer was none other than the thug referred to in a previous update.

What was the heinous crime that this woman had allegedly committed? Murder? terrorism? maybe a bank robbery?

It was none of these things, again it is something far more sinister.

She has been accused by the imam Lockhart of sticking her middle finger up to him. An accusation that she strenuously denies. An accusation that was also allegedly witnessed by members of the Lockhart family.

So let’s get this straight. On the say so of these people anyone can be dragged from their children, thrown into a cell for over 7 hours and now potentially end up with a criminal record.

Even if this “crime” had been committed then it would not warrant such heavy handed policing.

Please bear in mind that the police that were on duty at the time of the alleged incident did not witness any wrongdoing by this lady.

The puppet master has again shown the power that he holds over our politicised police. They bend to his will and do his bidding.

Let’s not forget that these people are the interlopers and the protestors are only there to defend what should be a community building from being seized by outsiders.

There should be no crime in protecting community buildings from being taken over by people not of that community.

There should be no crime when exercising freedom of expression or freedom of assembly. 
There should be no crime in any of these but in Thurnby Lodge this seems not to be the case.

We offer the protestors our best wishes and wish them the strength to carry on doing what is right.

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