Friday, 12 April 2013

Minutes of the BNP Meeting in South Leicestershire

The latest meeting of the British National Party in Leicestershire took place on the 6 April and was opened at 14:40 by Leicestershire Branch Organiser and East Midlands Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens.

Geoff gave an overview of the last meeting where our main speaker had been the Party Chairman, Nick Griffin. He then gave an update of the progress of the party and a report on the most recent activities in the county and across the East Midlands.

Today's Main Speaker, Revd. Robert West, then spoke for about 40 minutes; his main theme was `Collapse`.

Revd. West spoke of the collapse of so many things common to British people, since, say the 1950`s. He ended by urging members to forget earlier problems (which had now been `sorted`) and to get behind Nick. Stability was what was required.

The Interval followed, including also the Raffle Draw and the Collection. As the Meeting came near to its conclusion, Steve Denham, Charnwood Organiser, spoke briefly, reinforcing Revd. West`s appeal that Members should stick together. He also asked that every Member should bring a friend to the next meeting in June.

Meeting closed 16:00.
Collection raised £155.41
Raffle raised £41.00
Refreshments £12.09 

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