Saturday, 27 April 2013

County Council elections

Across the country there are 92 British National Party candidates contesting the County Council elections, which will take place on Thursday 2nd May 2013, plus another seven in unitary authorities, and one standing in a borough council by-election that falls on the same day.

This year the party took a conscious and collective decision to concentrate on better areas where it had a pool of activists and a good candidate. By concentrating its forces and resources the party hope for good results.

Here in Leicestershire the BNP have decided to concentrate the majority of their efforts on the borough where they already have a district councillor elected, Charnwood.

The following candidates are standing:

Ken Tilson - Birstall Division
Jim Taylor - Bradgate Division
Maurice Oatley - Sileby & The Wolds Division
Cathy Duffy - Syston Fosse Division
Stephen Denham - Syston Ridgeway Division
Robin Derrick - Thurmaston Division

and in the Blaby distict area

Peter Cheeseman - Glenfields

Councillor Cathy Duffy was interviewed by Tim Parker from Radio Leicester for the 'Jim Davis Election Round Table' show which was aired on the 25 April and can be heard below.

We wish all Nationalist candidates the best of luck on 2nd May.

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