Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Minutes of the BNP Meeting held on Saturday 9th Feb. 2013

(The change of venue due to Leicester politicised Police threatening the original with loss of his Licence was organised efficiently and smoothly. Stray reds were observed disconsolately wandering the chilly streets in search of us. - Ed.)

The meeting was opened by East Midlands Regional Organiser (R.O.) Geoff Dickens at 14:40.  90+ people attended.

Minutes of the last meeting were read by Secretary, Mike Robinson and agreed.

Revd. West, due to speak at the Meeting, could not come, due to illness. Wishes were expressed for his speedy recovery.

R.O. raised the matter of elections in 2013, particularly in relation to Thurnby Lodge. There`ll be none in the city (of Leicester), but all County Council seats will be `up for grabs`. These can be contested, even as paper candidates. Police are now trying to intimidate us - Thurnby Lodge being a good, recent case. We shall NOT be intimidated, or scared off, by Leics. Police, Geoff assured us.

Re- County Council Elections, R.O. referred us to Alwyn Deacon, R.O. of  the West Midlands, who is in charge of elections in the Midlands area. All would-be candidates should speak to Alwyn. Geoff said. Our BNP vote has dropped but, equally, so has support for other parties. One thinks of Rotherham, at the end of November 2012, where our BNP vote exceeded the combined total of both Tories AND Lib Dems, and we came 3rd. This didn`t get a mention in the media - or not much of one anyway. National politicians fear us, Geoff assured us.

After the interval party chairman, Nick Griffin MEP, began by thanking Members and Friends for turning up, especially those from Thurnby Lodge (quite a few). Police in the UK were not now into catching criminals, they`re attacking ordinary people, he told us. Police no longer an independent force, they`re now political, and `in bed` with the Tories and Labour. `White` people (English people that is) are getting outnumbered in places, and multiculturalism should, in theory, be helping the resulting white minorities. We pay the bills, but get little in the way of benefits! We in BNP, tell the truth, no one else dares. Nick said it was time for people in Leicester, and similar cities, to stand up for ourselves. (This was strongly applauded)

Re Council Elections in 2013 its important that we stand in as many places as possible; try to stand in more areas than` last time. Give the lie to the Media, and prove that we`re not going away. He stressed that there`d been a big campaign, these last 2-3 years, attempting to destroy BNP. The authorities are scared stiff of our blowing the whistle when economic difficulties get worse (as he thinks they will) and when the growth in the Moslem community, gaining political strength, gets angry and into possible serious rioting. BNP must be seen as the normal people we are by the population at large. Deeds, not words, are what`s required. This is the way to win lasting support from the man-in-the-street. He used the recently-formed Greek "Golden Dawn" party as his example. They helped poorer Greek people-not foreigners- just Greeks, who were suffering, starving or in need. We need to think strongly along these lines, Nick said. A sort of `Help the Aged` type of thing. Be positive, not negative and attract positive thinking people to BNP wherever possible. Speaking of corruption, now common at the very top, Nick told us of how this government. had actually given away large numbers of schools and adjacent property,once paid for by volunteer public subscription, to private companies, such that they, and their Tory supporters made millions of £s."Socialism for the rich" Nick called it. We in BNP, if in power, would put all these people behind bars, he assured us. No British soldier, man or woman, should risk being killed or maimed in  wars, troubles, etc that are nothing to do with Britain or British interests. (Much applause for this) Make BNP  your dream, he urged us, do something for your country! The Chairman was applauded by a Standing Ovation as he ended his Address.

Alwyn Deacon then spoke briefly, explaining the details of becoming a County Councillor.  Question and answer session followed, as did the Collection and Draw of the Raffle.
Collection made £204.76;
Raffle: £73.00
Teas, Coffees: £38.20.

Geoff Dickens ended the meeting at 16:35 by thanking all present for their support, as well as The Chairman for his visit and Address.