Monday, 9 December 2013

Minutes of the Leicestershire BNP Meeting held on Saturday 7th December 2013.

The Meeting was opened by Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens.

Geoff then spoke in some detail to members concerning the forthcoming Euro Elections due in May-June 2014 (now only 6 months away!). Speaking of estimated costs, Geoff was surprised by the offer of an immediate donation of £60.00 to help out by long standing member Bob. He thanked Bob, as we all did, and went on to speak of the leafleting and meeting the public that had gone on - very successfully. A team of people joined our National Organiser Adam Walker giving out some 1500 items of Party literature in Blaby and Wigston Town centres prior to the meeting.  This was felt to have been very worthwhile.

Geoff said it was expected that the cost to the East Midlands region, i.r.o. a house-to-house , posted leaflet A5 size, would amount to about £17-18,000. Most of this money was already to hand.

Steve Denham of the Charnwood branch then spoke of an election likely to happen early in 2014. This would be a District  Council by-election, due as a result of the recent death of the sitting (Conservative) member. We have already acquired a candidate, Steve said, and felt confident we could do well in this seat, which is in Birstall. He ended by saying `we should stick it out, and we`ll get there eventually`.

The Interval followed for approx. 10 minutes.

Adam Walker, our National Organiser, from the County Durham area, then addressed the Members. He thanked us for asking him to speak, saying he was glad to see some `old faces` and that the `old hounds` appeared to be `staying the course`.

`Nationalism`, generally thought of today as "racism"- in Britain anyway- 'is nonsense' said Adam, 'All propaganda from the media and the schools'. He, himself, had discovered nationalism after a 6-year stint in Japan, thereafter returning to the UK. Japan was full of Japanese, surprise, surprise, the country having tight control over immigration. Here it was the opposite, with all-the-world-and-his-wife in town. He`d stood alone, initially, being unable to support any of the so-called `3 major parties`, but now polled 25-26% at elections locally.

 Addressing the meeting in a very sharp, amusing way, he made the point of the recent use of leaflets presented directly to members of the public as being a very good way of getting support for BNP. In addition,  he felt that getting votes via the Postal Vote system was something to go after, a fact duly noted by the Labour Party some years ago. Re- the present court case over the murder of soldier Lee Rigby, murdered earlier this year, Adam told us he`d been attacked by guys using a cleaver -  a weapon much in evidence (and in training) at a certain mosque in Lewisham, London. 'Keep fighting' he told us, to bring the `Great` back into Great. Britain.  The speech was well received by the Members.

To finish the Meeting,  members were asked to give all support to the forthcoming Birstall election in 2014. Turnout is expected to be low, so just a few votes could be crucial.

The Raffle was then drawn, raising £48.00. After which, the Collection raised £170.00.

- Mike Robinson

Sunday, 8 December 2013


The British National Party is running a petition to demand the scandalous conviction of British Hero, Alexander 'Marine A' Blackman is overturned and he is freed NOW.


Alexander 'Marine A' Blackman has been betrayed by his Country, by his Government, by the Judicial System – and by the very Military he has served loyally for 15 years.

Described by his peers as a “fit, highly motivated, well-decorated, career Royal Marine” with an “exemplary record”.

This 6’3” finely-honed fighting-machine served and saw heavy fighting in the Iraq war, and served in Northern Ireland before being sent on two ‘tours’ in Afghanistan.

Demanding a severe sentence one (un-named, naturally) senior figure in the military claimed that to do otherwise would “risk British military personnel being executed or mistreated by insurgents”.

It might what?

Does he think they might start hanging dead and maimed soldiers' body-parts on trees ‘for fun’ as well?


The petition already has over 1,900 signatures from all over Great Britain and around the world. Leicester Community Voice would like to say how proud we are of each and every one who's signed.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

"Dulce et Decorum Est "

Bent double, like old beggars under sacks,
Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge,
Till on the haunting flares we turned our backs
And towards our distant rest began to trudge.
Men marched asleep. Many had lost their boots
But limped on, blood-shod. All went lame; all blind;
Drunk with fatigue; deaf even to the hoots
Of tired, outstripped Five-Nines that dropped behind.

Gas! GAS! Quick, boys! -- An ecstasy of fumbling,
Fitting the clumsy helmets just in time;
But someone still was yelling out and stumbling
And flound'ring like a man in fire or lime . . .
Dim, through the misty panes and thick green light,
As under I green sea, I saw him drowning.

In all my dreams, before my helpless sight,
He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning.

If in some smothering dreams you too could pace
Behind the wagon that we flung him in,
And watch the white eyes writhing in his face,
His hanging face, like a devil's sick of sin;
If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood
Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs,
Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud
Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, --
My friend, you would not tell with such high zest
To children ardent for some desperate glory,
The old lie: Dulce et decorum est
Pro patria mori.

- Wilfred Owen, (1893 - 1918)

Monday, 14 October 2013

Minutes of BNP Meeting on October 12th 2013

The meeting, in the Charnwood area, was opened by the East Midlands Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens.

Geoff began by welcoming members to the meeting, but apologised for the fact that the appointed speaker was, at the last minute, unable to attend.

He was shown a letter received from the Harborough Conservative MP, Sir Edward Garnier, answering a comment from a BNP member that UK-based Moslems appeared to obey only those English laws that suited them; the MP,  largely disagreed, as expected. The meeting generally agreed that said MP didn`t normally meet with such immigrants, non-Christian persons during the average working day.

The Minutes of the last meeting were then read by the Secretary and agreed.

Members were asked that anyone interested in standing for the City elections, which are due in 2015, should put their names forward.

Geoff then spoke, replying to a query, of how the EDL and UKIP now appear to have reached the limit of their support (Government controlled, of course) and appear now to be fading/fragmenting. Seasoned Nationalists will have seen this happen previously in the late 70's/early 80's with the National Front, etc. He thought that EDL and UKIP could now split up, allowing BNP to collect/reclaim some of these disgruntled supporters, some of whom had previously been BNP members. Major parties- those 3 that is- tried to `divide and rule`, but all 3 lack the goodwill of the British public. We, in the BNP, need to `press on`.

The Collection (after late addition) raised £181.56.
The Raffle raised £27.00.

Meeting closed and members exited into heavy rain. Next meeting December.

- Mike Robinson Hon. Secretary -

Monday, 30 September 2013

Blaby DC To Lose Control Of Planning Decisions?

Three councils face losing control of local planning decisions to government inspectors, after they took too long to process decisions over a two-year period, statistics out today reveal.
Blaby, Halton and Worthing district councils determined less than 30 per cent of major planning decisions within 13 weeks.
Under the National Planning Policy Framework, the government can now place them in special measures, meaning developers could apply for major decisions to be taken by planning inspectors instead.
The Communities and Local Government department is yet to confirm whether they will take this action, and will give councils the chance to explain any exceptional circumstances first.

The Local Government Association has previously branded the approach as ‘fundamentally flawed’ and ‘absolutely wrong’.
A CLG spokesperson said: ‘Slow planning decisions are bad for communities and business and delay much needed investment in the homes, jobs and facilities that people want and need. Developers and communities investing time and energy in a project should understandably have confidence their application will be processed in a timely fashion.
‘By focussing the spotlight on performance we have seen it improve dramatically with only three district councils now at risk of being designated. The deterrent of designation is working.’

The department said local plans would remain the focus for where development should go, even if designated.
It expects to confirm decisions by the end of October.

Monday, 2 September 2013

BNP East Midlands Fundraiser

The fundraiser for the European Elections in 2014 was held in Leicestershire on Saturday, August 31st.

45 people attended, coming from all Counties in the Region. It was good to greet old friends, and welcome new ones.

Nick Griffin, who was to have been Guest Speaker, sent his apologies. As most know, he went with Clive and Charlie on an urgent mission to Syria, to try to set up peace negotiations. The flight back was fraught with problems and he rang Geoff en route, sending his regrets that he could not make it back in time.

Though disappointed, we all agreed that his diplomatic actions took precedence.
You can read about his mission either on the BNP main page, or  here, in the Daily Express

RO Geoff Dickens opened the Fundraiser, and started by saying that "Nick Griffin is the only MEP to have the balls to go to Syria", and stated that the BNP considers it criminal to go to war with countries we have nothing to do with.

 He then explained that this meeting was an opportunity to chat about the Euros, and to raise more funds for that purpose in our Region. In 2009, the East Mids. got all the money together ourselves and put candidates in all seats. Turn-outs then were between 37-46%, in areas where we were super-active.

He told us of 1.9 million homes which must have a BNP leaflet, and explained that Nick got elected by a lesser percentage than we gained here, and that groups and branches need to keep raising money.

Alwyn Deacon, RO for West Midlands and the Party's National Elections Officer, told us that it his job to organise the leaflets, packing and posting. Also, that they look at all applications and sort out who are the best candidates to stand at the Euros. He made the point that allocations are to the Party, not the candidate; thus, if an elected candidate stands down they have to hand the seat over to the next one on the list.

The East Midlands candidates are as Follows:-

1. Cllr. Cathy Duffy.
2. Revd. Robert West.
3. Bob Brindley.
4. Steve Brammer.
5. To be decided.

Alwyn told us that it will be a nation-wide leaflet, except in the North-West, one to each household. He urged us all to check that people we know actually got their leaflet, and those who didn't - as happened last time.

Cllr. Cathy Duffy expressed her pleasure at being chosen as a candidate. other candidates present also 'took a bow', and there was loud applause from the audience for them all.

There were suggestions from the audience; Maurice said that he would like to see a personalised leaflet, with a picture of everyone involved. costings were queried, but this was thought to be a good idea, and it was hoped that BNP TV will be in the area near to the election.
A young man expressed his concern at propaganda aimed at our children, considering what the EU is throwing at them, and hoped that the BNP would address this issue. Geoff acknowledged that, adding that we have to get elected in order to attack from within, though persecution and harassment of BNP members means that our ability to protect children is limited. 2 members of the audience attested to that. Steve said that we must talk to our children and grandchildren, but it will be their choice what they believe. Another parent felt that education started in the home as she didn't feel that they should be brainwashed.

Geoff then took the collection which amounted to £550.13, plus 11 US dollars.

Many thanks to all who attended and contributed.
If you couldn't make the meeting, but would like to do your bit for the East Midlands, please see other members, or send cheques to: PO Box 9128, Lutterworth , Leics, LE17 9DD  with a note that you are contributing to our Euros fund.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Minutes of the Leicestershire BNP Meeting in S.Leics. 3.8.2013

The Meeting opened at 14:40 by R.O./Chairman Geoff Dickens.
The  Minutes of the previous meeting (in June 2013) were read by the Secretary.

Geoff repeated his previous advice to members re-  not accepting a `Caution` from the Police, which could later be used against them and would show up as some sort of criminal record. Members also heard, and discussed, the case of member Lee, who had been arrested in Thurnby Lodge, Leicester, and later illegally harassed, by Leicestershire Police. The case is still on-going, although Lee has been declared `Not Guilty` by a Leicester Court. It`s cost him quite a lot of money so far, but that`s living in a `Democracy` isn't it ?

Word of a forthcoming by-election in the Melton area was heard; meeting decided not to fight this one.

Peter Jarvis, called upon to speak at short notice, told us that we`re threatened as a race, and ever more so. "British people are being marginalised", he said, "and fading into the background. The future looks somewhat terrifying, due to intimidation by police and Left Wing parties. Britons have nothing to be ashamed of, and everything to be proud of.....all of us should stand together and eventually overcome all opposition to us as a nation". He ended his words with a quote from the Dismissal Speech by Oliver Cromwell to the `Long Parliament` in 1651.These words, though antique, ring down the ages.

The Collection raised £153.00.
The Raffle raised £31.00  plus £3.60 from teas,etc.

The Chairman, whose 65th birthday it was, closed the meeting early at 15:37, then dashed off for `a jar`to celebrate his becoming an OAP (?).

Next meeting October.

- Mike Robinson. Branch Secretary

Friday, 2 August 2013

Leicestershire's Puppet Police: 0. Leicester Citizens; 4

Leicestershire police have yet again shown that they are puppets for the “ruling elite”.

Remember the political arrests of the three demonstrators in Thurnby Lodge back in December 2012?

Three men were arrested, held in custody for up to seven hours before being charged and given conditional bail to appear before the Magistrates court. Charged with breaching a Section 14 public order notice, they finally appeared in court earlier this week.

Seven and a half months after their initial arrest they appeared for a two day trial with their solicitors, witnesses, family and friends. One would think that seven and a half months would be a long time to wait for a court appearance for such a minor matter. The delays were caused because Leicestershire police tried to withhold evidence which would later be helpful to the defence of these good men.

Without going into too much detail, one of the defendants was told at the end of the first day of the trial that he had “no case to answer” and the other two were given “not guilty verdicts” on the second day.

You may also remember the young mother arrested by a riot van full of body armoured police bully boys?

She has had all charges and restrictions dropped, after weeks of stress and turmoil.

These arrests were carried out for political reasons and those wanting to read the background into the lead up to these events should read the stories in the older post section of this web site.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Wonderful Enrichment In Leicester

Leicester, we are told, is a vibrant, diverse city, a very model of happy multiculturalism where all races and creeds gets along famously. You can see the hippy-rainbow hanging over the city, enclosing us with enriched blessings.

However, that pretty vision was smashed, along with plate glass windows showering some customers eating their halal curries, on January 17th 2013. A mob of around 40 enraged Sikhs descended on a Muslim restaurant after hearing that occupants there had held one of their 16 year old girls and was hiring her out for prostitution. The aftermath is described here, in the Leicester Mercury

Leicester police insisted that the rumours were not true, and of course rushed to reassure the "communities".
Three men ended up in hospital, and seven men, all from Derby were arrested. The trial of the seven Sikh 'vigilantes' took place on April 27th; the Court heard that the men were all of good character and they were each sentenced to two years prison, as reported in the Leicester Mercury

That seemed to be the end of the matter; remember, the police had dismissed the rumours that had set the Sikhs off in the first place. So it probably came as a surprise this week to read that three Muslims are being tried at Leicester Crown Court for various offences concerning a juvenile. The jury were told that three more men had pleaded guilty to counts involving the same girl, who is described as vulnerable and emotionally damaged. From the Leicester Mercury:
In her statement, the girl says that she believes other daughters of Sikhs may be in the same predicament.

What a sorry tale, and one that we have become used to in the case of Muslims and white British children. But as with those outrages of many years standing, the authorities tried to brush it away to the populace at large as 'unfounded rumours'.

It possibly won't be the last time that Leicester police will have egg on their faces. I predict. Watch this space...

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Good Golly, what a commotion!

Over 20 police officers, umpteen police vehicles, one containing video evidence recording equipment and one which looked suspiciously like a dog unit vehicle stormed a local hostelry on Thurnby Lodge earlier this month.

They were deployed on blues and twos because of a report of “racism”.

We all know that racism is wrong and should not be tolerated so what could have happened?

Could it be that someone was beaten or abused due to the colour of their skin or country of origin?

Was it that someone’s religion or beliefs were insulted?

No! The reason for this raid was presence of a child’s toy.

A toy that is more established and deep rooted within British heritage and history than the much loved Teddy Bear.

A toy that has now been demonised by the politically correct leftists.

A toy that has had its image distorted from a symbol of love to a symbol that is now somehow supposed to represent “hate”.

This new and warped interpretation of a harmless toy is just another attack on our heritage and should not be tolerated.

The name of this intolerable and utterly unpleasant symbol of racism?

You’ve guessed it THE GOLLYWOG.

This toy was once owned and loved by children from every corner of this beautiful land.

Once an innocent reminder of days gone by and of childhood past, this now “repugnant” toy can now get you threatened with arrest by the politicised police.

The toy belonged to a young child who was enjoying a meal with her family and friends at The White House on Scraptoft Lane in Leicester.

It was lying on the table when “the manager” said that a complaint had been made against the toy and that the toy was “racist”.

The police were called and the party were “asked” to leave.

In the car park a man of duel heritage was asked by the child’s mother if he found the toy offensive.
His reply was “Is that the reason for all of these police? People need to grow up and get a grip on reality. No I do not find the Golly offensive”. He walked away shaking his head.

Other patrons, when told of the events could not believe the “response” that the toy had created by its presence. One couple even got back into their car and drove away, promising to boycott the establishment in future.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The indigenous British are of no account in Leicester then?

An interesting conversation by email, reproduced below, between a member of the public and Sir Peter Soulsby which took place late 2012.

To Sir Peter Soulsby,
Mayor of Leicester.

Dear Sir Peter,

Having just watched your enthusiastic celebration of the 40th anniversary of Idi Amin's gift to the people of Leicester (BBC East Midlands Today September 10th), I wonder, in the spirit of democracy, if you have any concerns or any message for the indigenous people of Leicester, who might be alarmed, worried and distressed at finding their City to now have a minority population of people of their ancestry?

Yours etc.

Dear Sir
I have received your somewhat strange email from Grantham. Fortunately your attitudes are not shared by the vast majority of Leicester people from all communities who value and appreciate the diversity of our great city.

Yours sincerely

Peter Soulsby
City Mayor

Dear Sir Peter,

Thank you for your reply to my email - I am at a loss to see why my email was "somewhat strange" as I merely asked if you have any concerns or any message for the indigenous people of Leicester, who might be alarmed, worried and distressed at finding their City to now have a minority population of people of their ancestry?

It is a very simple question. Or is my demographic incorrect?

As to your assertion that my "attitudes are not shared by the vast majority of Leicester people from all communities who value and appreciate the diversity of our great city", I wonder where you came upon this information - for example, do you carry out opinion polls, or ask people you happen to meet day to day in the streets?

I am fascinated to learn of your source of such information and look forward to your reply,


Dear Sir
I have received your further email. Leicestershire Police Authority commissions a monthly survey which among other things asks residents for their views about community cohesion. I would therefore suggest that you refer your question to them.
Yours sincerely

Peter Soulsby
City Mayor

Dear Sir Peter,
Many thanks for your email (below) - the very thought of the police asking Leicester residents of indigenous British ancestry whether or not they approve of a multicultural/multiracial Leicester and of their status as a minority in that city, would be funny where it not so sinister.
Now that we have laws criminalising comments which potentially could be described as "insulting" and "racially aggravated, causing harassment alarm and distress" would, I'm sure, dissuade most people from giving anything but the "correct" answer!
Yours etc
Dear Sir Peter,
Further to my earlier correspondence, Clarissa Dickson Wright probably reflects more accurately the feelings of indigenous British people who live in Leicester than you do. She is honest, a rare quality in Politically Correct Britain.
Definition of a "liberal" - someone who cannot take their own side in an argument.
Yours etc

Monday, 10 June 2013

Minutes of the BNP Meeting held on Saturday 8 June 2013

The latest joint meeting of the Leicestershire and Charnwood branches was opened at 14:40 by Charnwood Organiser Steve Denham, who immediately asked Members to rise for a 1 Minutes` Silence in memory of the recently-murdered British soldier, Lee Rigby.

This done he thanked us and asked for the Minutes of the last Meeting to be read. Minutes were read by Secretary Mike Robinson.

The Charnwood Organiser followed explaining the problems over the changed location of the meeting. However, `alls well that ends well`, as Shakespeare said.

Steve then spoke briefly about recent county council results in which he admitted we`d had `a bit of a bashing`. Best return was 11.4% , but the `hard core` of votes is still with us, he reminded us.

Next speaker was Geoff Dickens, Reg. Organiser, who agreed with Steve concerning the` hard core` of BNP voters. Ths percentage is roughly the same as in 2009 he told us. We have funds to hand and plenty of printed matter to put out in any contested area. It`s important that we show the media, in particular, that we have NOT gone away, nor likely to do so.

Members were also strongly advised that, in areas where the police were being `heavy-handed`, NOT TO TAKE A CAUTION ! This is done merely to attempt to intimidate and leaves a Police record afterwards (means you`re admitting doing/saying something wrong, or illegal).

Any members who would like to be considered as candidates for future elections locally should contact Geoff or Steve.

A short break followed and then the Main Speaker, Dr. Phil Edwards, spoke in some detail for 35 minutes on the problems of Europe, and especially since the end of WW2. He was certain that most of what`s wrong, different from our world prior to about 1950, was due entirely to the people at the top. Regardless of what they might call themselves politically, these people- basically the very rich and influential- have shaped the world to suit themselves, and of course their pockets!

Seemingly the so-called Frankfurt School has had a lot to do with all this. The E.U. is only part of the picture. Therefore any political party opposing these ideas is seen as a serious threat, and can be called Nazi or Fascist. As will have been observed, the media, both newspapers and TV, are all `on side` and can be relied upon to `cast as many stones` at the unreported, and possibly legally defenceless people opposing them; the (political) Right. Happily folks are slowly beginning to see the wood for the trees, and our Government, currently a combination of Lefties and people once called Tories, is staggering a bit, mentally. Nationalist parties are getting stronger in Europe and who knows, we might just see some changes before long. Doc. Edward's speech was well-received by a thoughtful audience.

Collection Raised £146.26 and the Raffle £32.00.
Meeting closed at 1620. Mike Robinson

Monday, 27 May 2013


A patriotic lady has requested that we publicise her Mum's website. We are very pleased to do so, and hope everyone gets involved.
 In her own words:-


My mum has set up a Facebook page called 'Heroes Day' and we are trying to get as many people involved as we can. Basically, it's to try and get everyone in Britain to buy a Help the Heroes t-shirt and then there is a set date and the whole of Britain will wear their t-shirts.

It is to show that Britain is a strong place and will unite and fight against those that cause us harm e.g. the recent attack in Woolwich."

The website address is

Monday, 29 April 2013

Mob-handed: Politicised Police At It Again In Thurnby Lodge

A riot van, 7 police officers in stab proof vests, that was the scene on St George’s day in a quiet residential street in Thurnby Lodge.

One could have been mistaken that there was about to be the arrest of a violent criminal gang or maybe a raid on a drugs den.

The reality was something far more sinister.

They were there to arrest a mother in front of her two youngest children.

She was arrested and led to the waiting van whilst her children sobbed in fear for their mother.

The mother too was in a terrible state.

The police cared not that the mother and the younger of the children both had heart conditions, ailments that the police were already well aware of.

It was lucky that a family friend was on hand to care for the children until their father could be contacted.

The arresting officer was none other than the thug referred to in a previous update.

What was the heinous crime that this woman had allegedly committed? Murder? terrorism? maybe a bank robbery?

It was none of these things, again it is something far more sinister.

She has been accused by the imam Lockhart of sticking her middle finger up to him. An accusation that she strenuously denies. An accusation that was also allegedly witnessed by members of the Lockhart family.

So let’s get this straight. On the say so of these people anyone can be dragged from their children, thrown into a cell for over 7 hours and now potentially end up with a criminal record.

Even if this “crime” had been committed then it would not warrant such heavy handed policing.

Please bear in mind that the police that were on duty at the time of the alleged incident did not witness any wrongdoing by this lady.

The puppet master has again shown the power that he holds over our politicised police. They bend to his will and do his bidding.

Let’s not forget that these people are the interlopers and the protestors are only there to defend what should be a community building from being seized by outsiders.

There should be no crime in protecting community buildings from being taken over by people not of that community.

There should be no crime when exercising freedom of expression or freedom of assembly. 
There should be no crime in any of these but in Thurnby Lodge this seems not to be the case.

We offer the protestors our best wishes and wish them the strength to carry on doing what is right.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

County Council elections

Across the country there are 92 British National Party candidates contesting the County Council elections, which will take place on Thursday 2nd May 2013, plus another seven in unitary authorities, and one standing in a borough council by-election that falls on the same day.

This year the party took a conscious and collective decision to concentrate on better areas where it had a pool of activists and a good candidate. By concentrating its forces and resources the party hope for good results.

Here in Leicestershire the BNP have decided to concentrate the majority of their efforts on the borough where they already have a district councillor elected, Charnwood.

The following candidates are standing:

Ken Tilson - Birstall Division
Jim Taylor - Bradgate Division
Maurice Oatley - Sileby & The Wolds Division
Cathy Duffy - Syston Fosse Division
Stephen Denham - Syston Ridgeway Division
Robin Derrick - Thurmaston Division

and in the Blaby distict area

Peter Cheeseman - Glenfields

Councillor Cathy Duffy was interviewed by Tim Parker from Radio Leicester for the 'Jim Davis Election Round Table' show which was aired on the 25 April and can be heard below.

We wish all Nationalist candidates the best of luck on 2nd May.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Further update on Thurnby Lodge

During a council meeting on Thurnby Lodge last month a member of the public was handcuffed by an overweight thug in a police uniform, thrown to the ground causing a head injury, and was arrested.

He has been given a Court date and will now be tarred with a criminal record.

His "crime"? To call the attending councillors and their cohorts "communists".

As some of you may know tensions on the estate have been running high over recent months due to the conflict between local residents, the council and Muslim interlopers. The police have made their position quite clear and have taken what seems to be a political stance against the people of Thurnby Lodge.

Locals have returned to the Youth and Community Centre on Thurncourt Road on the estate to protest against the council's decision to give a Muslim "charity" As-Salaam, what appears to be sole use of the buildings and its annexes.

Local groups have been forced to relocate to allow for this invasion. I say invasion because the majority of "worshippers" do not even live on the estate and many have to pass umpteen mosques to reach their prize.

Back in December of last year the police swooped on many of the protest group and arrested them, giving them a date to appear in court. One was even arrested at his place of work.One can only assume this was to cause maximum inconvenience and problems with the employer.

Others were offered a caution, which many accepted, only to be recently advised in letter form that some of them will now have to appear before the courts as well. Has this got anything to do with renewed bout of democratic and peaceful protesting? You can bet your life that it has.

The crime that these people have been charged with amounts to no more than standing in the wrong place and at the wrong time. If found guilty they will be shackled with a criminal conviction which will stay with them for a long time.

Police intimidation will not win the day. One protester has said that she would never give up the fight, even if she had to stand alone. Resolve such as this is testament to the strength of feeling regarding this issue.

The police have again been knocking doors and issuing "Harassment Orders" like the one below.

This further goes to prove the police are the puppets of the imam, who undoubtedly pulls their strings.

To add insult to injury one of the "worshippers" pointed to the Raven Youth Centre and boasted "we have won this and that is next", whilst pointing towards the Community Centre building. Hardly an act of anyone who purports to be representing a charitable organisation and wishes to be accepted by the local community is it now?

We wish the proud residents of Thurnby Lodge our best wishes and we are on hand with advice and support, as we have been throughout these difficult times.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Minutes of the BNP Meeting in South Leicestershire

The latest meeting of the British National Party in Leicestershire took place on the 6 April and was opened at 14:40 by Leicestershire Branch Organiser and East Midlands Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens.

Geoff gave an overview of the last meeting where our main speaker had been the Party Chairman, Nick Griffin. He then gave an update of the progress of the party and a report on the most recent activities in the county and across the East Midlands.

Today's Main Speaker, Revd. Robert West, then spoke for about 40 minutes; his main theme was `Collapse`.

Revd. West spoke of the collapse of so many things common to British people, since, say the 1950`s. He ended by urging members to forget earlier problems (which had now been `sorted`) and to get behind Nick. Stability was what was required.

The Interval followed, including also the Raffle Draw and the Collection. As the Meeting came near to its conclusion, Steve Denham, Charnwood Organiser, spoke briefly, reinforcing Revd. West`s appeal that Members should stick together. He also asked that every Member should bring a friend to the next meeting in June.

Meeting closed 16:00.
Collection raised £155.41
Raffle raised £41.00
Refreshments £12.09 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Minutes of the BNP Meeting held on Saturday 9th Feb. 2013

(The change of venue due to Leicester politicised Police threatening the original with loss of his Licence was organised efficiently and smoothly. Stray reds were observed disconsolately wandering the chilly streets in search of us. - Ed.)

The meeting was opened by East Midlands Regional Organiser (R.O.) Geoff Dickens at 14:40.  90+ people attended.

Minutes of the last meeting were read by Secretary, Mike Robinson and agreed.

Revd. West, due to speak at the Meeting, could not come, due to illness. Wishes were expressed for his speedy recovery.

R.O. raised the matter of elections in 2013, particularly in relation to Thurnby Lodge. There`ll be none in the city (of Leicester), but all County Council seats will be `up for grabs`. These can be contested, even as paper candidates. Police are now trying to intimidate us - Thurnby Lodge being a good, recent case. We shall NOT be intimidated, or scared off, by Leics. Police, Geoff assured us.

Re- County Council Elections, R.O. referred us to Alwyn Deacon, R.O. of  the West Midlands, who is in charge of elections in the Midlands area. All would-be candidates should speak to Alwyn. Geoff said. Our BNP vote has dropped but, equally, so has support for other parties. One thinks of Rotherham, at the end of November 2012, where our BNP vote exceeded the combined total of both Tories AND Lib Dems, and we came 3rd. This didn`t get a mention in the media - or not much of one anyway. National politicians fear us, Geoff assured us.

After the interval party chairman, Nick Griffin MEP, began by thanking Members and Friends for turning up, especially those from Thurnby Lodge (quite a few). Police in the UK were not now into catching criminals, they`re attacking ordinary people, he told us. Police no longer an independent force, they`re now political, and `in bed` with the Tories and Labour. `White` people (English people that is) are getting outnumbered in places, and multiculturalism should, in theory, be helping the resulting white minorities. We pay the bills, but get little in the way of benefits! We in BNP, tell the truth, no one else dares. Nick said it was time for people in Leicester, and similar cities, to stand up for ourselves. (This was strongly applauded)

Re Council Elections in 2013 its important that we stand in as many places as possible; try to stand in more areas than` last time. Give the lie to the Media, and prove that we`re not going away. He stressed that there`d been a big campaign, these last 2-3 years, attempting to destroy BNP. The authorities are scared stiff of our blowing the whistle when economic difficulties get worse (as he thinks they will) and when the growth in the Moslem community, gaining political strength, gets angry and into possible serious rioting. BNP must be seen as the normal people we are by the population at large. Deeds, not words, are what`s required. This is the way to win lasting support from the man-in-the-street. He used the recently-formed Greek "Golden Dawn" party as his example. They helped poorer Greek people-not foreigners- just Greeks, who were suffering, starving or in need. We need to think strongly along these lines, Nick said. A sort of `Help the Aged` type of thing. Be positive, not negative and attract positive thinking people to BNP wherever possible. Speaking of corruption, now common at the very top, Nick told us of how this government. had actually given away large numbers of schools and adjacent property,once paid for by volunteer public subscription, to private companies, such that they, and their Tory supporters made millions of £s."Socialism for the rich" Nick called it. We in BNP, if in power, would put all these people behind bars, he assured us. No British soldier, man or woman, should risk being killed or maimed in  wars, troubles, etc that are nothing to do with Britain or British interests. (Much applause for this) Make BNP  your dream, he urged us, do something for your country! The Chairman was applauded by a Standing Ovation as he ended his Address.

Alwyn Deacon then spoke briefly, explaining the details of becoming a County Councillor.  Question and answer session followed, as did the Collection and Draw of the Raffle.
Collection made £204.76;
Raffle: £73.00
Teas, Coffees: £38.20.

Geoff Dickens ended the meeting at 16:35 by thanking all present for their support, as well as The Chairman for his visit and Address.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Names, please.

 Last week, we heard about 'wild West' shenanigans in the once-respectable Spinney Hills District of Leicester. A muslim restaurant there was trashed by a mob of 40  Sikhs - or, 'men in turbans' as the BBC chose to cloak it, apparently after rumours that one more muslims had sexually attacked a young Sikh girl.
The police and Sir Peter Soulsby have denied these rumours as "myths", or superciliously ignored queries about the matter from a member of the public in the latter's case.

Although not privy to the details of the case, people will see these denials, etc., as a bad sign. Odd that only one particular property was destroyed, I wonder why they in particular were targetted? Had the police investigated the 'rumours' adequately before issuing a statement so quickly?
The story is in the Leicester Mercury here:

Now this week, we have had a hearing at the Magistrates' Court involving 5 men on very nasty charges. They include: trafficking for sexual exploitation; arranging or facilitating prostitution; controlling a child involved in prostitution; inciting child prostitution and paying for sexual services. We've heard this before, haven't we?  It looks like it's now Leicester's turn to host our share of  'groomers' in the dock.

The magistrates today declared that the charges are too serious to hear in their Court and have sent the case on to Crown Court. Well of course they are; was the decision to hold it in a lower Court a ham-fisted attempt to try and get this case by without the public noticing? We can't have this wonderful model of multicultural enrichment - Leicester! - besmirched by these goings on!

The odd thing is that the Magistrates have banned the Press from naming those charged. I wonder why? Of course, it might be that nice Mr. Jones and his 4 friends from the allotments who are the wretched suspects in this case. But somehow, I doubt it. All will be revealed eventually, there are many more people keeping an eye on these kind of cases now.
This story is in the Leicester Mercury here:

Chandresh Mistry (37), of Berridge Lane, Belgrave, Leicester, appeared before city magistrates today charged with causing or persuading a child aged 16 to become a prostitute.

Further update: the other 5 have been named
   Well done to the Leicester Mercury for getting the ridiculous ban lifted.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Resolved, or Not Resolved?

An article in the Leicester Mercury today, 5th January, reads:"City mayor Sir Peter Soulsby has resolved a bitter dispute over the future of a disused Scout hut.
Demonstrations – some involving hundreds of people and a heavy police presence – have been taking place in Thurnby Lodge, Leicester, for the past six months over plans by a Muslim charity to turn the hut into a community centre.
But yesterday, Sir Peter announced a plan which appears to have satisfied both sides in the dispute. The protesters, who have formed a group called the Forgotten Estates Committee, will be given the lease on the Scout hut for two and a half years rent-free.

The group has told Leicester City Council it will develop it as a community centre.
The Muslim charity, the As-Salaam Trust, has been told it can have the lease to another city council-owned building, the Raven Centre, which is next to the Thurnby Lodge Community Centre, where the charity has been meeting for prayers for the past three years.
Sir Peter said a "small number" of groups which use the Raven Centre will transfer to Thurnby Lodge Community Centre, or other local council buildings.
Mohamed Lockhat, As-Salaam Trust's imam, said: "We are happy a solution has been found. Some people have felt very passionately about the Scout hut, but everyone will be able to work together for the good of the community."
Maxine Williams, licensee of the estate's Stirrup Cup pub and a founding member of the Forgotten Estates Committee, said: "Everybody I have spoken to so far about Peter Soulsby's decision has been ecstatic.
"When we first heard that As-Salaam wanted the Scout hut we knew it was the wrong place because of problems with traffic and noise.
"The Raven Centre is in the community centre complex, so car parking is available for As-Salaam's members."
The Forgotten Estates Committee has collected thousands of pounds for its plan to turn the Scout hut into a community centre.
It followed a public consultation in which questionnaires were sent to 7,000 households in Thurnby Lodge and neighbouring Netherhall.
Some 1,400 responses were returned to the council – a turnout of about 20 per cent.
Most backed the plan unveiled by Sir Peter yesterday, which was one of two options on the questionnaire.
"This option meets everyone's needs, and I am therefore offering both groups the opportunity to make this happen," said Sir Peter. "I think both groups recognise we have worked very hard with them to find a solution which meets everyone's hopes and needs. Both recognise there is a need to move forward in a constructive way and I've been encouraged by the responses both have given.''
The protests began in August and were held outside Thurnby Lodge Community Centre when As-Salaam members met for prayers.
A police operation was launched to make sure the protests remained peaceful after complaints that worshippers felt intimidated.
Two months after the protests started, the Mercury reported the cost of policing them had reached £200,000.
The final total is unknown.
On Boxing Day, a pig's head was found outside the centre.
A 23-year-old man has been charged in connection with the incident and is due to appear in court later this month."

Ballot papers were distributed, giving 2 options, and asking for comments

However, it seems that many were returned to the Council with a 3rd box being added and the popular choice of "NEITHER". People also wrote their comments. It seems likely then that these 3rd option papers will be discounted as spoiled votes. 80% do not appear to have voted: is this because they disliked both options and in effect had no vote?

Comments please.