Sunday, 30 December 2012


The latest on the Thurnby Lodge dispute is that a pig's head was deposited outside the local Community Centre. This prank so shocked the establishment that it was not only reported in the Leicester Mercury, but appeared on Midland news bulletins and even made it to the Daily Mail:

The Mail, who are not allowing comments, seem to be pushing BNP involvement in their report. While the Party, and Nick Griffin, were asked for their support and gave it at a demonstration, it would be wrong to infer that they are driving demos. The people of Thurnby Lodge seem to have the forces of Council, MP, Mayor, Police chiefs, and the media all ranged against them.

I've no idea who put the head there, it could be any exasperated citizen as there is no organising person or body involved. But 2 people have been arrested; on what charge I wonder - piggy-littering? The muslims,  mostly not local, who use one of the rooms at this venue are 'offended', hence the outrage, I suppose. But they, and their ardent supporters might bear in mind that this Community Centre was built for...the community. That is, all the residents of Thurnby Lodge, not just one section of people that come from elsewhere and rent a room - who incidently, have complained about the noise of children using using another room for dancing.
But there is hypocrisy here; where was the media outrage, and the arrests, when the Cross was covered up at Christ Church down the road at a 'multi-faith service? Local people were appalled at this offence, yet it has been denied. And yes, there are eye-witnesses to this blasphemy. Whatever happened to so-called "Equality?

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