Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Minutes of the BNP Meeting on behalf of the Charnwood branch held on Saturday 8th December 2012.

THE meeting, attended by 50 people, both members and non-members, was opened at 14:32 by the R.O. Geoff Dickens. He apologised firstly for the lack of Minutes of the former meeting, which he`d left on his desk at home.

Having introduced our Speaker, and especially his book -currently on sale at the meeting- he called on Members present for comment on the current situation in Thurnby Lodge, Leicester East. Wayne, a resident in the Ward, told us of the Leicester Muslims (almost none of whom actually live in Thurnby Lodge) who were now trying to get hold of the local Scout Hut with a view to turning it into a (Muslim) religious building. Thurnby Lodge, he said, was 94% white, but people up there were now referring to themselves as "The forgotten estate".

Reports were given by other residents of Muslims, including this religious group's leader, trying to intimidate women and children on Thurnby Lodge.Xmas decorations recently put up by locals have been pulled down and destroyed, in and around the Scout Hut. An eye-witness attested that the cross at the local Church had been covered up during 'interfaith' gatherings, a fact allegedly denied by the Deacon of Leicester apparently. No support -indeed the opposite - from local Councillors and the Police is forthcoming. General advice was discussed and the agreed opinion was; get together and elect a BNP councillor or two to represent the area properly.

After the Interval at 15:10, Mike Kelly, our Guest Speaker for the day, gave us a very clear, scary -for some new people- and colourful address, complete with very clear pictures on his screen of life under a Sharia-controlled Muslim authority. Into this he recalled events he`d witnessed- sickening events- during his 28 years or so spent working in various Muslim countries. Not for the faint-hearted, few would deny, and NOT THE SORT OF THING the BBC/British Govt. would allow on TV screens.

The Raffle was drawn at 15:55, which produced £63.00 and during which a Question and Answer session was passed with, among others, our Speaker.

The Collection raised £228.40 and the meeting closed at 16:15.
The next meeting was promised for early February 2013.

This writer was extremely pleased to see so many new faces , as well as to hear, and feel, the enthusiasm- at long last- to get involved. I know of at least one new candidate for Thurnby Lodge next time, possibly two!    -- Mike Robinson 9.12.12 --

Mike Kelly's book, "The Rape of England" is a dramatised story of 1066, giving a blow by blow account of the events of that year. The historical facts are accurate, the descriptions and language readable but transporting one back to the time. A terrific read. If you would like a copy, please get in touch with Leicestershire BNP who will put you in touch with Mr. Kelly. -- Editor, LCV --

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