Sunday, 16 December 2012

Bullying Police at Thurnby Lodge

This article relates to the Section 14 issued on Friday 14th at Thurnby Lodge. Please see the previous post, where the 2 pages of this Notice have been copied in a readable format.

The first thing you will notice is that there are 2 separate pages; they were not stapled together, as one notice, and only the second sheet has been signed. this all looks very hasty and cobbled together at the last minute.

Look at the grammar and spelling, the awkward phrasing; is this what we expect of a professional body like our Police Force? The main page in particular appears to have been scribbled by some cadet who failed his YTS training! One hopes that some of our police are more literate; those that are must be mortified by this example.

The thing people there found most shocking was that they were photographing the children present. Don't you have to have the parents' permission to photograph children? Are we not ultra-careful about this these days? Apparently not, if you are persecuting residents with a grievance.

All this happened under the auspices of an officious little Inspector, marching about very full of himself, I'm told. One wag suggested that he suffers from "small man syndrome", another that he had modelled himself on Captain Mainwaring!

One thing's for sure; the screws are being tightened against the good people of Thurnby Lodge. The hope is obviously that they will be intimidated into giving up their fight for justice and right. But from what I know historically of this estate, it will make them only more determined to stand firm against the increasingly frantic bullying being directed towards them. the fight goes on.

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