Saturday, 10 November 2012

Forgotten Graves Of Our Heroes

On the 11th we shall gather as usual at the War Memorials in cities, towns and villages all over Britain, or quietly at home, to honour and remember our war dead and observe two minutes of silence at 11 0'clock. we shall read the glorious names inscribed and think of the sacrifices made by so many men and women in the service of their country.

More and more services are being added, Bomber Command at last recently. As well as the War Memorials, you can also find the names and resting places of those killed abroad in 2 World Wars.

But there are some graves of heroes that are forgotten. The Daily Mail published on Saturday an article highlighting the crumbling and neglected graves of some Victoria Cross holders, going back as far as 1857, and as recent as 1943. You can read the article HERE

There are many reasons that these graves are neglected; the family has died out or moved away, maybe gone abroad. It happens. The Victoria Cross Trust does what it can to restore them and restore the dignity of our VC heroes but it's funds are limited.

We owe it to all our War Dead, both to those in the distant past to those recently lost to treat all their graves with dignity. The VC holders highlighted here, and those myriad young servicemen lying in graveyards and cemetaries across Britain: let none be forgotten, let none be neglected, we owe them too much for that

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