Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Update on the Thurnby Lodge Protests

A resident of Thurnby Lodge writes:

"The residents of Thurnby Lodge were assured that a decision on the future of the scout hut would be made this Wednesday 17th October. It is of no surprise to us however, that this decision and a crucial meeting with "Sir" Peter Soulsby has been deferred for at least another two weeks. If Soulsby thinks that this deferment will break the resolve of the proud protestors, then he has another thing coming.  

The cold, dark nights are of no consequence to us and a presence has been made at the Community Centre every night and we will continue with this presence until an outcome is reached.
Last night a few protesters, including local BNP activists, were outside of the community centre and decided to play some patriotic folk songs to cheer up the chilly evening.

A police officer remarked on the songs and expressed his approval.When asked his opinion on the same music being played at Friday's larger protest, he intimated that he could not see a problem and even offered his advice on the positioning of the vehicle from which the music was to be played. Just then the Imam arrived. Within a couple of minutes another police officer arrived ordering that the music be turned off or we would be punished under some section or other. The atmosphere changed in an instant.

It is clear to all who the puppet master is and who are his puppets. Over the past few weeks restrictions have been forced on the protesters which have been getting progressively harsher. These have been complied with but the British people will only take so much.

Last night we were approached by a concerned resident who passed over a leaflet that had been pushed through his letterbox. He was disturbed by it's content and worried that it was a veiled threat of violence against the peaceful protestors.

The leaflet was printed by Searchlight, an extreme left wing group who seem to condone violence against anyone who has the courage to stand up for anything British. We will not be bullied, not by the police and definitely not by the undemocratic Searchlight."

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