Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Minutes of the Leics. BNP meeting held in West Leicestershire on Saturday 6th Oct. 2012.

The Meeting was opened at 14:38 by RO Geoff Dickens. Apologies for absence were received from Cathy Duffy and Helen Cooke. The Minutes of the last meeting on 4th August 2012 were read by A/Sec. Mike Robinson and approved.

 Matters Arising;- Properties mentioned in previous Minutes, situated in the London area, are not yet sold, so money there is still to come. Our Bulletin in its present form is now to be altered due to costs of postage (2nd. Class mail now costing 50p per letter) and at present we mail 160 Bulletins per event. This obviously costs £80.00 every time. The Bulletin will now likely arrive with the monthly copy of `British Nationalist` and in an A5 format. This new Bulletin will include details of all meetings due, and local contacts, within the region.

 It was recently agreed at a Regional Meeting that all groups would contribute financially towards the forthcoming Corby Parliamentary by election. Leicestershire and Charnwood have already put up £50.00 each and £375.00 has already been collected. A further £30.00 was immediately promised/handed over from the floor by 2 of our members. Corby are pleased with this support. Our candidate is Gordon Riddell who has had some previous experience in elections, which will be helpful. Members prepared to help out with the election were asked to give Geoff their names.
The motion for Conference chosen by the East Mids Region by our Region was announced: `The Reinstatement of British Troops`. It was revealed that details of Party activities/speeches, etc., could be seen by those members using the Internet but those without this facility could also see these events with the aid of a small conversion unit, using a cheap cd thus allowing them to view the details at home.

 Rob, from Thurnby Lodge, gave us a run-down on what had been happening there of late. Leicester City Council had approved of the moslem group (of whom very few actually live in Thurnby Lodge) installing a mosque on the site of the Scout Hut, next to the pub, without proper consultation with locals. Residents complain constantly and make regular journeys to the Leicester City Council Offices in the hope of getting their councillors to get something done. Meetings previously arranged there are often cancelled and much awkwardness is shown by Council officers/members. Demonstration is now 10 weeks old. Pressure is now being exerted on the local pub landlady to give up the stewardship of the pub. 2 Leics. BNP members attend regularly,almost daily, giving help/support and local protesters are begging for support from BNP. Hand outs suggestion occasioned discussion; Bob and Peter Cheeseman happy to get on with this task if approved. Rob was congratulated for his efforts/description and details.

 Leigh Talton, Mansfield Organiser, explained in an interesting speech why/where/when he came from and how this led to his eventually joining us. He said he was happy to be in Leicester - said by many in the Party to be a loyal Nationalist area - and now looks forward to joining the fight here in the East Mids. He said the Elite have sold out for political advantage; one or the other Party is in power but the gravy train is the same. He praised our activism, pointing out that, in today's climate, if in fact we were popular we have lost! He spoke of our culture and pointed out the irony that our history is better known in Portugal than here. 50 years ago we would not have believed things today - education, sexual behaviour, etc. he urged us not to give up, it is because of the people in the BNP that we will win.

Collection raised £227.73 including Teas. The Raffle raised £33.00.

Next Meeting to be announced in the Bulletin and likely to be early December 2012. The Meeting closed at 15:45.

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