Sunday, 21 October 2012

For Shame, Andrew Robathan!

A defence minister allegedly tried to have dozens of veterans thrown out of the Commons for opposing his plan to axe their historic battalion.

Parliamentary sources said Andrew Robathan, MP for South Leicestershire (Blaby), demanded the men of the 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers be ejected from the public gallery for making too much noise during a heated debate over the unit’s future. Read more at Daily Mail Online

This is very shabby treatment of the Fusiliers, who had gone to Parliament to protest the axing of the battalion. Surprising too, that a Minister who was a Major and served in the Coldstream Guards and Special Air Service should round on veterans who have given valuable military service to their country. But it is not the first time that Mr. Robathan has disdained the veterans he is employed to help. According to Wikipedia, 'in December 2011, campaigners called for him to be sacked after he compared the medal claims of 66,500 veterans of the Arctic convoys of World War II to the proliferation of honours made by "authoritarian regimes" and "dictators" '

We may judge Mr. Robothan's views by looking at his voting record. Some good, some bad, but we do expect our MPs to support our Armed Services and our veterans. Pull your socks up Mr. Rabothan, South Leicestershire folk don't like our veterans slighted, not one little bit. We may just use our votes to elect someone who does care about them. The British National Party comes to mind.

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