Sunday, 5 August 2012

Thurnby Lodge Protests City Council's Woeful Betrayal of Residents

Leicester City Council have ridden roughshod over local residents to award Muslim group "As Salaam" the use of a former scout hut, situated on Nursery Road in Thurnby Lodge.

Locals told us that they themselves had applied for the lease so that they could start up a dedicated boxing club for the local youngsters, but Leicester City Council and the Mayor, Peter Soulsby, had blatantly ignored this request.

With the lease agreement being pushed through with little or no consultation, and a couple of cancelled councillors' surgeries, local constituents sprang into action and formed a protest group.

With a councillors' surgery due to take place on Friday 3rd. August, approximately 35 residents - including BNP activists - turned up to confront the traitorous councillors, only to find that the meeting had been cancelled. Such is the bravery and commitment of these people!

As Salaam had been using the local Community Centre in anticipation of taking their "prize", so it was decided that a further demonstration would take place later in the evening when the Muslims would be present.

Local BNP activists were in attendance with around 85 other residents. Some turned up with placards stating: "Say NO to Scout Hut Prayer Rooms".

The police were also in attendance but their presence was over the top, with the Tactical Support Group hiding in a side street around the corner, unmarked police cars patrolling the estate, 2 police vans full of officers and about 10 PCs standing around in the Community Centre car park.

The protest was peaceful, with many passing motorists honking their car horns and shouting support.

When the Muslims finally left the Centre they were met with jeers and told that they were not welcome.
One resident commented that if these Muslims were truly local, then the question needed to be asked as to why they ALL felt the need to travel to the Centre in their cars? "Thurnby Lodge is only a small estate and you can walk from one side to the other in 15 minutes."

Another resident stated: "We will not let this lie".

Local BNP members offered their support and advice to the organisers, but agreed to keep the group non-political.

Keith Vaz, the MP for East Leicester was conspicuous by his absence, but then again, he would not dare stand against the very people that vote him back on the gravy train time after time!

Thurnby Lodge is a white working class area, possibly "too white" for the distorted vision of multi-cultural Leicester.

One has to wonder what the Council has in store for Thurnby Lodge, and indeed any other "hideously white" estate in Leicester, in their quest for the diverse Utopia that they so crave.

Further demonstrations are planned and Leicester BNP is committed to standing up against injustice and the dictatorship that is Peter Soulsby.

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