Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Planning Concerns in Oadby and Wigston

A concerned Oadby resident writes:

"Economic growth in Oadby is the life blood of the town but the current proposals in the form of a Master plan, being put forward by the Lib Dems is not regeneration but degeneration.

Traders are faced by three large super stores, only interested in the bottom line. How some of these organisations got planning permission in the first place beggar’s belief, PP would have never been granted in any other local authority.

We have three large retailers within the space of a mile that is not sustainable in the long term for Oadby town centre.

A proposal to either sell or lease 6 car parks is economic vandalism to the local economy; we need more than more residential development to create a viable public realm. Will we see a statue of the council leader as adding to the public realm?

Look at Wigston's high street - empty and void; it seems that some Lib Dems don’t shop there.

It will be large developers who will buy prime sites at knock-down rates and strangle the town centre as a vibrant economic area.

Could we get Edward Garnier to comment on the National Planning policy framework (NPPF) which his Government introduced?

It is pro development for housing and Campaigners must realise the wider picture, they have little opportunity to challenge Planning Applications underpinned by large planning consultancies with the technical know how


Small retailers must see the larger picture otherwise they will be going to the wall and financial ruin will ensue.

“We believe Nick” [Clegg] is a slogan that many university students will regret in the long term with some of the world’s highest tuition fees. Can the traders of Oadby ever trust the Liberal Democrats? Past performance is always a guide to the future. For example think back to the General Election of 2005 which political party had its East Midlands Party HQ in Wigston did it have Planning Permission for change of use? But more interesting how did they know how to avoid planning regulation...You could say it was a hopeless exercise in the longer term!

Building a community centre for the public is in realty a mechanism to shore up a party in terminal decline by pandering to a small core vote and promoting wake PPCs always getting the silver medal, even getting a podium finish is now in question

It is the traders of OADBY that will be sacrificed for narrow political ends...

As for the Tory Party, can they be trusted not to either sell the land or introduce sky high parking charges and a resulting decline in foot fall for traders?

The Tories have little technical understanding of housing, Planning, or regeneration. The end result is an Osborneism; economic miscalculation for the ordinary working man or women, leaving them to carry the financial can, through unemployment and bankruptcy.

“We are all in it together” is a much vaunted slogan but examine the reality...

Can the Lib Dems and the Tories be trusted, or are they only bothered about expenses at County Hall?

As for the Labour Party can you really develop your own policies without copying the BNP Edward?

(1) There must be a halt to large retail development and expansion of existing premises for superstores in Oadby. We must be proactive in utilising planning policy to ensure DPDs protect the local economy and traders. A set floor size will be established to support the expansion of local traders and not large multi-national concerns.

We must act to support the local economic base which promotes “choice” and offers a base for viable regeneration.

(2) Car parks are a strategic regeneration tool for the local economy and must not be sold thus undermining foot fall for the local economy; they must be free at the point of use as a public resource.

(3) Put the planning service at Oadby and Wigston Council out to tender which would offer value for money and introduce transparency for council tax and business rate payers alike.

(4) Community infrastructure levy (CIL), and revenue from business rates, must be used to regenerate the town centres of Oadby and Wigston and not be mismanaged. We at the BNP propose that a GSR be created involving traders, residents be created and it would override local politicians in decision making.

This would be true localism rather than the pale imitation offered by the jellyfish in the Lib/ Con coalition Government.

(5) Neighbourhood planning should be allowed to shape regeneration of Oadby and Wigston town centres rather than politicians and consultancies. Traders and residents can do better.

The master planning exercise put forward by Oadby and Wigston Borough Council is unviable and unrealistic, the consultation exercise is meaningless as the expression of the Party overrides the will of the majority of traders and local residents.

We have opted to show a wider picture in this matter and if ordinary people start questioning their political masters, including MPs, so much the better. But if traders and residents want to risk their long term wellbeing, please continue voting for these old Parties.

But ultimately will you continue to foot the bill through repossessions and ever higher taxes.

The real alternative is BNP East Midlands defending Britain."

* There is a public meeting being held on Friday 3rd August at St. Peters Church Hall, Wigston Rd, Oadby, LE2 5QE. Do go along and put your views. Remember, you get what you vote for; are you happy with what you got?

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charles said...

The Liberal Democrats are completely out of tune with the interests of Oadby and Wigston, a viable alternative is urgently needed.My beloved part of Wigston has been turned into the beginnings of a ghetto, by the council off loading single parent and trouble making families from their council houses into Nottingham Housing Association homes. These people leave their children to run feral throughout the neighborhood at all times,coupled with loud music and drug dealing, a car several times in the early hours of the morning picks up packages from 1 of the houses. All the above has been reported to the respective authorities over the last few years.
Nothing has been done
These councilors need replacing urgently