Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Minutes of Leicestershire BNP Meeting, August 4th 2012

The Meeting was opened at 14:40 by Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens. The Minutes of the last meeting were read by Assistant Secretary Mike Robinson and approved. Apologies received from the Secretary for her absence.

Geoff told the members that monies from Wills mentioned in the Minutes were coming through but slowly. Monies due are in respect of property, currently being sold, one of the legacies left to the Party in a Will.

A local BNP member and activist told the meeting of a proposed mosque in the Thurnby Lodge area in Leicester being opposed by local people in that area. It seems that, as usual, no one had been consulted locally as to whether anyone wanted one of these places. Police are already out in force, should anyone decide to demonstrate against the project. Members sympathise.

Already cut and dried by the authorities` said Geoff; seems like Thurnby Lodge is not yet sufficiently `multiculturalised`to suit the ruling elite`, he thought.

Geoff then asked Members present to consider taking on multiple issues of the British National Party's newspaper 'The Voice Of Freedom' - in 5`s or 10`s - at a reduced bulk purchase price; these can be handed out freely, or sold for personal profit.

Steve Denham, Charnwood Organiser, then spoke, thanking all those who`d helped in the recent (Sileby) by election. He discussed the results, telling us that there is much potential for us in the area. He commiserated with the Lib Dems, who came last.

Finally, Peter Cheeseman spoke to us on "Failing Britain". Briefly, Peter noted that, at present, the UK is spending 35% more than it earns. Wildlife is suffering/dying out due to intensive over-ploughing and planting of ever wider areas of formerly uncultivated land. Soil has been widely poisoned by excessive use of industrial chemicals - which also affects both the water we drink and again, wildlife. Food prices are now expected to rise further, as also the population, with new arrivals currently producing 2 to 3 times the number of children compared with local British people. This also produces a demand for more and more housing, again swallowing up ever more areas of land.

The Government,regardless of party - an undemocratic elite since God-knows-when - lying through their teeth to get into office, then refusing to allow the promised Referendums on vital issues. Jobs lost since 1997 total more than a million, and the once-renowned NHS is failing right across the board. Likewise the nation`s education system. Police are unable to control drug traffic and foreign immigration. Why are we giving aid to countries with their own space and nuclear weapons programmes, Peter asked? Pornography and crime virtually encouraged by the media. What will happen when the oil runs out? he asked again. How long have we got left ?

Peter`s speech was well received by the members. He then went on to offer full assistance to any member wishing to compile, or make, a speech at any time. Questions and Answers followed his speech.

It was announced that the first 8 candidates for next year's elections had put their names forward at the meeting.

The Collection raised £192.05 and the Raffle £44.00. These amounts to be split between Leicester and Charnwood branches. Meeting closed at 16:00. Next meeting in October.

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