Tuesday, 28 August 2012

NWL Development Plan Appeal Thrown Out

The appeal by Jelson homes/William Davis Homes, who wanted to build 1,420 houses on 183 acres of green belt land between Coalville, Whitwick,Swannington and Thringstone has been rejected. Local people have been fighting this massive development for over 2 years and all in the District were celebrating this week over the good news.

It is to the credit of the MP, Andrew Bridgens, and North West Leicestershire District council that they stood with residents against the plans, which of course they are elected to do, but it was also very much down to the tireless campaign and excellent organisation of the Whitwick Action Group who led the fight. It shows what can be done when a community works together, and doesn't give up.

Congratulations to the Action Group, and all who saved these valuable fields from being concreted over. And nice to see Ian Meller, still involved with helping his community as ever. Full story in the Leicester Mercury HERE

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ex-Leicester Labour Councillor Sex Pest

Many thanks to A- for sending the link to this sordid story. Thanks also to James for the Leicester Mercury link.

A former Leicester city councillor who caused a political storm by describing Gordon Brown as “the worst Prime Minister in history”, pestered two schoolgirls for sex and indecently assaulted a young woman.

Manish Sood kissed a 22-year-old on her bottom in the guise of “therapy” and offered to pay two girls, aged 14 and 15, to visit his home for “massages”.

Divorced Sood (40), of Roundhill Road, Leicester, appeared at the city’s Crown Court to be sentenced for the offences, which he admitted.

Sood was Labour councillor for Leicester’s Fosse Ward and Parliamentary candidate for Norfolk North West when he criticised Gordon Brown two years ago, making national headlines and damaging Labour’s 2010 election campaign. He was suspended from the party but readmitted in January 2011. He remained Fosse councillor until the local elections in May, when he did not seek re-election.

The Leicester Crown Court hearing was told that on February 6th. Sood phoned one of the teenage victims after she posted an advert on the Gumtree website seeking a part-time job. Prosecutor Sian Cutter said Sood offered to pay her £20 to lie down on a couch and have a massage, which she refused. He continued to contact her, urging her to meet him at his home. Sood rang her 27 times and sent 15 texts. The girl complained to a 15-year-old friend at school, who rang Sood and told him to leave her friend alone. But Sood then directed his attention to the friend, asking if she was interested in “therapy”, and sending 26 texts and phoning 152 times in three days, suggesting she visit for “physical tantra”. He told her to bring “toe rings and condoms”, the court heard. Sood suggested picking her up from school, which worried her as she had not told him where it was.

In front of a teacher, she told Sood to stop bothering her on the phone, to which he replied: “Even for £200? Let me know if you change her mind.” He was then reported to the police. When arrested, he accepted he had “sexual motives” towards the schoolgirls and claimed his medication made him “forgetful”.

Ms Cutter told the court that Sood had met the 22-year-old woman through Gumtree in January last year, and she went to his home genuinely believing he was a therapist. Sood took her to his bedroom to demonstrate relief of “aroma and tantra”. He massaged over her clothes, touching her inappropriately and kissing her stomach, causing her to freeze in fear. Sood massaged her back, pulled down her leggings and underwear and kissed her bottom. She was too scared and uncomfortable to say anything and left, the court heard.

Sood admitted causing or inciting the two teenagers to engage in sexual activity, and to sexually assaulting the 22-year-old. Judge Michael Pert QC said: “It’s conduct of a dirty old man, and you’re not even old.” Robert Underwood, mitigating, said Sood began suffering mental health difficulties in 2008, starting with thoughts someone was out to kill him. He has received psychiatric treatment and is on medication.

However, the judge told Sood: “The psychiatric report makes it plain there’s no connection between this and your mental health problems.”

Sood was given a three-year community order with supervision. He must attend a sex offender group work programme. He was made the subject of a sexual offences prevention order banning unsupervised contact with children under 16 and restrictions placed on his computer use. Mr Underwood said: “He’s aware of the shame he’s brought upon his family. “His mother is in court but his brother no longer wishes to have anything to do with him. “Another consequence is that he’s lost his job. “He’s a hard working man from a caring family who are very active in their civic responsibilities. “Other than his mental health problems, there’s no explanation as to why he behaved so out of character.”

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Minutes of Leicestershire BNP Meeting, August 4th 2012

The Meeting was opened at 14:40 by Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens. The Minutes of the last meeting were read by Assistant Secretary Mike Robinson and approved. Apologies received from the Secretary for her absence.

Geoff told the members that monies from Wills mentioned in the Minutes were coming through but slowly. Monies due are in respect of property, currently being sold, one of the legacies left to the Party in a Will.

A local BNP member and activist told the meeting of a proposed mosque in the Thurnby Lodge area in Leicester being opposed by local people in that area. It seems that, as usual, no one had been consulted locally as to whether anyone wanted one of these places. Police are already out in force, should anyone decide to demonstrate against the project. Members sympathise.

Already cut and dried by the authorities` said Geoff; seems like Thurnby Lodge is not yet sufficiently `multiculturalised`to suit the ruling elite`, he thought.

Geoff then asked Members present to consider taking on multiple issues of the British National Party's newspaper 'The Voice Of Freedom' - in 5`s or 10`s - at a reduced bulk purchase price; these can be handed out freely, or sold for personal profit.

Steve Denham, Charnwood Organiser, then spoke, thanking all those who`d helped in the recent (Sileby) by election. He discussed the results, telling us that there is much potential for us in the area. He commiserated with the Lib Dems, who came last.

Finally, Peter Cheeseman spoke to us on "Failing Britain". Briefly, Peter noted that, at present, the UK is spending 35% more than it earns. Wildlife is suffering/dying out due to intensive over-ploughing and planting of ever wider areas of formerly uncultivated land. Soil has been widely poisoned by excessive use of industrial chemicals - which also affects both the water we drink and again, wildlife. Food prices are now expected to rise further, as also the population, with new arrivals currently producing 2 to 3 times the number of children compared with local British people. This also produces a demand for more and more housing, again swallowing up ever more areas of land.

The Government,regardless of party - an undemocratic elite since God-knows-when - lying through their teeth to get into office, then refusing to allow the promised Referendums on vital issues. Jobs lost since 1997 total more than a million, and the once-renowned NHS is failing right across the board. Likewise the nation`s education system. Police are unable to control drug traffic and foreign immigration. Why are we giving aid to countries with their own space and nuclear weapons programmes, Peter asked? Pornography and crime virtually encouraged by the media. What will happen when the oil runs out? he asked again. How long have we got left ?

Peter`s speech was well received by the members. He then went on to offer full assistance to any member wishing to compile, or make, a speech at any time. Questions and Answers followed his speech.

It was announced that the first 8 candidates for next year's elections had put their names forward at the meeting.

The Collection raised £192.05 and the Raffle £44.00. These amounts to be split between Leicester and Charnwood branches. Meeting closed at 16:00. Next meeting in October.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Updates on the Thurnby Lodge protests

Please read the foregoing article concerning Thurnby Lodge for the background to this story.

Protests have been held throughout the week but a mass one was organised for Friday evening, 10th August.

Concerned residents gathered outside the Community centre,their number amounting to at least 250, who massed on both sides of the road, and flanking the Centre driveway. All behaved impeccably throughout the demonstration, some holding placards, including those inviting passing motorists support. And support they did, pipping their hooters, cheering and giving thumbs-up to the protesters; buses, taxis, cars, I have never seen such huge support for a local issue, it was wonderful to see.

The residents were supported by local members of the British National Party and the English Defence League, both of whom have been in attendance each day. BNP Chairman, Nick Griffin MEP motored from Wales to join the protest. He was seen chatting informally to local people, and shaking hands with many who thanked him for coming, before giving a short speech, which was well received, stressing that this protest was directed at the Council for their shabby treatment of the people they were elected to serve. This, he said was not about race at all, as evidenced by the diverse nature of both those attending and supporting the protest.

None of the local Councillors, nor the constituency MP, Keith Vaz has bothered to make an appearance throughout in order to support the residents.

The police were there in great numbers, more arriving as the evening wore on. They were happy to chat and joke with the crowd, obviously not fearing any trouble from these good-natured folk. Muslims began arriving at the Centre about 8:30pm, no doubt the strong police presence was to protect them - and a futile attempt to intimidate protesters?

Cameras from BBC East Midland News were there, interviewing various people, although some of these had been edited out by the time it made the 10pm broadcast (I wonder why!).

* A further development later was revealed in an email received this morning. It reads:
"At around 11pm, just as locals were drifting away, approximately fifty Muslim youths arrived en-masse in an attempt to goad our people. They boasted of thirty pledges of £500 each being made to cover the lease. Meanwhile, in a clear attempt to intimidate, three cars containing more youths toured the area pointing at people as they made their way home. Talking to people, I was pleased to meet two ladies from a nearby estate who told of a prayer room that opened there a couple of years ago; a planning application for domed roof has now been made, locals who have objected have been racially abused, with the women being called prostitutes by some of those using the prayer room. Welcome to multicultural Leicester!"

This begs the question: why were random muslim youths from outside the area getting involved with an issue which is none of their business? Earlier, we were informed that muslims were coming to attend prayers at the Centre from as far away as Hinckley! We were told that the women of this sect had been praying at Christchurch just up the road - and covering up the Cross there until the vicar found out and got rid of them! Other people had concerns regarding the local pub, The Stirrup Cup. Apparently, the back door of the Scout Hut backs onto the pub car park. Would muslims be happy to have their prayer room next to where alcohol is served, was a question asked? Some people feel that the Scout Hut is a thin end of the wedge which could lead eventually to the pub closing...and, hey presto! becoming the mosque. Meanwhile, will they have to apply for change of usage to a religious establishment, if their lease goes ahead, asked others?

What is this As Salaam sect? Nobody knows, nobody has heard of them, and nothing comes up on Google. What is this sect that requires premises well away from where they live, and is able to commandeer youths, also from outside the area, to intimidate peaceful residents? Where is a small, completely unknown sect getting so much money from?

Perhaps the Leicester Mercury will be able to enlighten us on these perturbing questions - after they have got around to reporting what the people of Thurnby Lodge are protesting about. They've been awfully quiet on the subject so far!

An angry resident has contacted us to express their disgust:

Neither elected councillor, Robert Wann nor Luis Fonseca have had the courage, decency or common courtesy to address residents concerns and discuss a way forward. Councillors are supposed be the servants of the constituents that elect them to office. They should be responsible for standing up for the rights and requests of these people in their hour of need. This is not the case it seems, if you vote Labour or indeed Conservative or Lib Dem. It must be remembered that the anger of the protest group should be aimed at these “public servants” and not As Salaam. Noticeable by their absence and the absence of the MP for East Leicester, Keith Vaz, a number of residents called for attendance of Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party. Unlike the other self serving Politician’s, Nick answered their call and after travelling a great distance, attended Fridays demonstration where he was met with an enthusiastic reception. Nick was asked to make a short speech of encouragement for the struggle that was ahead. The appreciation from the crowd was obvious by its reaction. After chatting with locals and obliging requests for photographs, Nick left to begin his long journey back up the motorway. It just goes to prove that not all Politician’s are the same. 


It has been brought to our attention that a councillor from an another electoral ward was in covert attendance at Friday’s demonstration, who is alleged to have“tweeted” from the Thurncourt Road community centre pleading to Leicester Unite Against Fascism thugs to converge on the protest site which could cause disruption which could potentially result in a breach of the peace. Please refer to the Leicester Unite Against Fascism website for verification. Just who do these people think they are? Mayor, Peter Soulsby ( Labour ), also contacted protest organisers to express his “disgust” that Nick Griffin had dared to offer support to Thurnby Lodge and it’s residents. In order to make sure that this protest remains non political and safe from attack by undemocratic thugs, the British National Party has decided to take a step back but will always remain available to offer advice and resources should they be needed.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Thurnby Lodge Protests City Council's Woeful Betrayal of Residents

Leicester City Council have ridden roughshod over local residents to award Muslim group "As Salaam" the use of a former scout hut, situated on Nursery Road in Thurnby Lodge.

Locals told us that they themselves had applied for the lease so that they could start up a dedicated boxing club for the local youngsters, but Leicester City Council and the Mayor, Peter Soulsby, had blatantly ignored this request.

With the lease agreement being pushed through with little or no consultation, and a couple of cancelled councillors' surgeries, local constituents sprang into action and formed a protest group.

With a councillors' surgery due to take place on Friday 3rd. August, approximately 35 residents - including BNP activists - turned up to confront the traitorous councillors, only to find that the meeting had been cancelled. Such is the bravery and commitment of these people!

As Salaam had been using the local Community Centre in anticipation of taking their "prize", so it was decided that a further demonstration would take place later in the evening when the Muslims would be present.

Local BNP activists were in attendance with around 85 other residents. Some turned up with placards stating: "Say NO to Scout Hut Prayer Rooms".

The police were also in attendance but their presence was over the top, with the Tactical Support Group hiding in a side street around the corner, unmarked police cars patrolling the estate, 2 police vans full of officers and about 10 PCs standing around in the Community Centre car park.

The protest was peaceful, with many passing motorists honking their car horns and shouting support.

When the Muslims finally left the Centre they were met with jeers and told that they were not welcome.
One resident commented that if these Muslims were truly local, then the question needed to be asked as to why they ALL felt the need to travel to the Centre in their cars? "Thurnby Lodge is only a small estate and you can walk from one side to the other in 15 minutes."

Another resident stated: "We will not let this lie".

Local BNP members offered their support and advice to the organisers, but agreed to keep the group non-political.

Keith Vaz, the MP for East Leicester was conspicuous by his absence, but then again, he would not dare stand against the very people that vote him back on the gravy train time after time!

Thurnby Lodge is a white working class area, possibly "too white" for the distorted vision of multi-cultural Leicester.

One has to wonder what the Council has in store for Thurnby Lodge, and indeed any other "hideously white" estate in Leicester, in their quest for the diverse Utopia that they so crave.

Further demonstrations are planned and Leicester BNP is committed to standing up against injustice and the dictatorship that is Peter Soulsby.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Planning Concerns in Oadby and Wigston

A concerned Oadby resident writes:

"Economic growth in Oadby is the life blood of the town but the current proposals in the form of a Master plan, being put forward by the Lib Dems is not regeneration but degeneration.

Traders are faced by three large super stores, only interested in the bottom line. How some of these organisations got planning permission in the first place beggar’s belief, PP would have never been granted in any other local authority.

We have three large retailers within the space of a mile that is not sustainable in the long term for Oadby town centre.

A proposal to either sell or lease 6 car parks is economic vandalism to the local economy; we need more than more residential development to create a viable public realm. Will we see a statue of the council leader as adding to the public realm?

Look at Wigston's high street - empty and void; it seems that some Lib Dems don’t shop there.

It will be large developers who will buy prime sites at knock-down rates and strangle the town centre as a vibrant economic area.

Could we get Edward Garnier to comment on the National Planning policy framework (NPPF) which his Government introduced?

It is pro development for housing and Campaigners must realise the wider picture, they have little opportunity to challenge Planning Applications underpinned by large planning consultancies with the technical know how


Small retailers must see the larger picture otherwise they will be going to the wall and financial ruin will ensue.

“We believe Nick” [Clegg] is a slogan that many university students will regret in the long term with some of the world’s highest tuition fees. Can the traders of Oadby ever trust the Liberal Democrats? Past performance is always a guide to the future. For example think back to the General Election of 2005 which political party had its East Midlands Party HQ in Wigston did it have Planning Permission for change of use? But more interesting how did they know how to avoid planning regulation...You could say it was a hopeless exercise in the longer term!

Building a community centre for the public is in realty a mechanism to shore up a party in terminal decline by pandering to a small core vote and promoting wake PPCs always getting the silver medal, even getting a podium finish is now in question

It is the traders of OADBY that will be sacrificed for narrow political ends...

As for the Tory Party, can they be trusted not to either sell the land or introduce sky high parking charges and a resulting decline in foot fall for traders?

The Tories have little technical understanding of housing, Planning, or regeneration. The end result is an Osborneism; economic miscalculation for the ordinary working man or women, leaving them to carry the financial can, through unemployment and bankruptcy.

“We are all in it together” is a much vaunted slogan but examine the reality...

Can the Lib Dems and the Tories be trusted, or are they only bothered about expenses at County Hall?

As for the Labour Party can you really develop your own policies without copying the BNP Edward?

(1) There must be a halt to large retail development and expansion of existing premises for superstores in Oadby. We must be proactive in utilising planning policy to ensure DPDs protect the local economy and traders. A set floor size will be established to support the expansion of local traders and not large multi-national concerns.

We must act to support the local economic base which promotes “choice” and offers a base for viable regeneration.

(2) Car parks are a strategic regeneration tool for the local economy and must not be sold thus undermining foot fall for the local economy; they must be free at the point of use as a public resource.

(3) Put the planning service at Oadby and Wigston Council out to tender which would offer value for money and introduce transparency for council tax and business rate payers alike.

(4) Community infrastructure levy (CIL), and revenue from business rates, must be used to regenerate the town centres of Oadby and Wigston and not be mismanaged. We at the BNP propose that a GSR be created involving traders, residents be created and it would override local politicians in decision making.

This would be true localism rather than the pale imitation offered by the jellyfish in the Lib/ Con coalition Government.

(5) Neighbourhood planning should be allowed to shape regeneration of Oadby and Wigston town centres rather than politicians and consultancies. Traders and residents can do better.

The master planning exercise put forward by Oadby and Wigston Borough Council is unviable and unrealistic, the consultation exercise is meaningless as the expression of the Party overrides the will of the majority of traders and local residents.

We have opted to show a wider picture in this matter and if ordinary people start questioning their political masters, including MPs, so much the better. But if traders and residents want to risk their long term wellbeing, please continue voting for these old Parties.

But ultimately will you continue to foot the bill through repossessions and ever higher taxes.

The real alternative is BNP East Midlands defending Britain."

* There is a public meeting being held on Friday 3rd August at St. Peters Church Hall, Wigston Rd, Oadby, LE2 5QE. Do go along and put your views. Remember, you get what you vote for; are you happy with what you got?