Monday, 4 June 2012

Minutes of Leicestershire BNP Meeting, 2nd. June 2012

The latest local BNP meeting was held in South Leicestershire on 2 June and was opened at 2:30pm by East Midlands RO, Geoff Dickens. There were 35 people present. Apologies were received from Sue and Helen (secretary).

The minutes of the last Meeting were read by Asst. Secretary, Mike Robinson.

Geoff then spoke of members being arrested and intimidated by Liverpool police and Labour supporters in the Liverpool/ Merseyside area. Police actually broke into Mike Whitby's home and arrested him but made no charge - he'd broken no law!

The Party is now on the upswing again since the last meeting. Some of the Probate monies (approx. £400,000 in total due) have been received; more should follow by July 31st. The Party is virtually 'in the black' again financially.

Geoff told us that he's not normally pro-demo, but thought the Liverpool one on 31st. May was worthwhile, which is why he attended and supported it.
We need to consolidate membership, which stands at 797 for East Midlands at this date. Lincolnshire are doing very well in this field at the moment, in spite of recent problems nationally. The Party will contest by-elections in Corby, Northants., in July and also Sileby, Leics., on 28th June with Steve Denham, Organiser of Charnwood, area standing as candidate.

Steve then spoke, saying he thought Sileby was 'quite a good area and where he'd had some decent support in the recent past (17.4%.' He'd been keeping the seat 'warm' he said, and 'had lots of social, work, and friendly contact with people in the Sileby area.'

Geoff said that we'll target postal voters too. He then appealed to anyone with leaflet design skills to come forward to help with this. Next, we were asked for names of those ready to stand as County Council candidates in 2013.


Peter Jarvis then gave an excellent speech on "British Nationalism", telling us that small numbers could often defeat much larger ones if properly led. 'Our Nationalism should be about what we make or invent, as well as the jobs of those who make or invent them', he said. Many people in our Parliament and local authorities today are no longer British, as we understand that word, but 3rd. generation grandchildren of immigrants of around 50 years ago, or less. 'Our army should be not merely a mercenary force, prepared largely to support the USA and it's allies; our army, air force, etc. should be to protect our British interests. We in the BNP oppose globalisation, and support jobs and items made locally in Britain by our own people, an attitude good for our own, British, environment. Such an attitude would (will) restore jobs to British people once more`.

He ended by quoting Oliver Cromwell`s speech to Parliament in 1653, as a condemnation of today`s Parliament, a speech which lashed the current MP`s to the bone and sent them packing, sacked,ended, done with.

The meeting ended at 4:10pm. Next meeting in the Charnwood area in August. The Collection raised £189.04. The Raffle raised £40.00.

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