Saturday, 14 April 2012

Minutes of Joint Leicestershire meeting, 12th April 2012

East Midlands RO, Geoff Dickens, opened the meeting, starting with a minute's silence for Security Team activist Dennis Scullion, who died last week, aged 47.

The Minutes of the last Meeting were read and agreed.

East Midlands raised £4,540.22 for London; our own website shows that we (East Mids) raised the most -£4,540.22. Geoff handed out leaflets 'Racism cuts both ways'. We need to encourage young ones to join, he said, as they have a different perspective having grown up in a multicultural society. About Marxist persecution, Geoff gave the example of the extreme treatment meted out to the Tweeter who made comments only but did not incite anything; and closer to home, our candidate in Lincoln, Dean Lowther, taken in for questioning for making comments on Facebook -someone 'perceived it to be racist! Candidates were requested to close their Facebook accounts during election periods. There has always been a small amount of immigration, until recently it had made no difference to our country. Carlos Cortiglia, an Italian who came to Britain in 1989: "I like the UK, I love the British way of life". Carlos does not want to dress his wife up in a burkha, or change our country; Sharia is not for the European peoples. "The Left seek to destroy; we seek to preserve".

Locally, Paul's election campaign needs leafletters. Cathy retained her seat and it is hopeful in Amber Valley, but it was while Labour was very unpopular.

Our young guest speaker, Andy Holden, told us how the educational system indoctrinated youngsters into multiculturalism. He spoke of Hollywood's 'one world, one people' outlook. But he asked us to consider White architecture; we brought order to the world. Andy spoke of the strong Jewish nationalism; of terrorised anthropologists; how Hollywood films ignore communism and the 20 million killed in Russia; how his school tried to tie in the Holocaust with the BNP, a slander Andy never understood. He asked why we should think of South Africa's racial groups but not our own; questioned the natural instincts of last year's rioters. Andy. a Leicester-born lad, warned that we are a minority in the city, but noted that the British come off best when we are outnumbered.

Geoff Dickens, thanking Andy for his interesting speech, remarked that the older ones amongst us would not be around when the 'wonderful multiculturalism' happens, so it is good that young ones care. Geoff said that our enemies are in the media; "They love multiculturalism, but not for themselves".

Geoff then told us about 3 bequests to the party, estimating in total to be around £500,000. Probates expected in next few months.

Steve spoke of a man had told him how the White Russians were tortured, even scalped; this was done by Russian Jews; Steve had not known this, he was shocked.

The Collection raised £123.00. The Raffle raised £21.00
The next Meeting is on 2nd June. Redirection point to be announced in the Bulletin.


David H said...

"Geoff then told us about 3 bequests to the party, estimating in total to be around £500,000. Probates expected in next few months."

Where has the other £200,000 come from ?

Keats said...

What £200,000?

David H said...

The party debt has been quoted as £700,000. Mr Griffin tells it has been cleared, so how have they raised £200,000?

Keats said...

Mr.Griffin, at our Fundraiser said: "the fact is that this year we will end completely in the black."

If you bothered to come to meetings, you would have got a clear breakdown of figures. But no, you'd rather carp behind your keyboard about things you have no idea about.

Look at what you're asking here; you cannot tell the difference between a legacy and a debt. It is perfectly clear to most people that these legacies - which are still to be probated - have nothing to do with a debt from 2010.
Please look up the 2 words in a dictionary.

Albion1983 said...

Keats, David H, or Muslim Dave as he's known, is an English Democrat candidate. He's a troll.

Keats said...

Thanks Albion 1983. Yes, I know who it is, and it's an uneducated troll, but it amused me for a while playing with it!

David H said...

We can see the truth when the Electoral commission publish the BNP accounts, which will no doubt be late once again and cost the party dearly.

Keats said...

Well now, Mr. H., along with all the other snide naysayers has been proved wrong again! The accounts have been completed and signed off EARLY. Get thee hence to the mosque David and beg forgiveness for your uncharitable thoughts!