Friday, 17 February 2012

Minutes of Joint Leicestershire BNP Meeting, Saturday 11th. February, 2011

The Meeting was opened at 2.45pm by Geoff Dickens.

A one minute silence was given in memory of our late colleague, friend and former Press Officer, John Ryde, and for former Melton activist, David North.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.

Apologies: Carlos Corteglia the 2012 BNP London Mayoral Candidate, had been invited to speak but had to withdraw we were told, due to a family emergency.

Fund-raising: All Regions will be holding a fund-raising event in support of the London elections. The East Midlands' will be held on the 26th. March.
Geoff said it is important we all get involved, as re-gaining our seat on the GLA would be a major boost to the Party morale.

Cllr. Paul Preston then spoke on the problem of getting Direct Debits changed, and the amount of time it takes to get money wrongly taken from one's account returned. He gave examples from personal experience.

Steve Denham, Charnwood Organiser told us about the efforts made by Charnwood members to clean up the Syston brook. Local people spoke approvingly of this and Steve promised that, when the weather improved, the group would be out again -anywhere - doing similar good works.

Geoff then spoke with some feeling of the decline of the British nation, saying that although the People have never voted in any great numbers for Marxism, yet it exists almost everywhere; it's ideology had infiltrated the British way of life and it's influences were now apparent in almost every sphere, especially the media, the Church, multiculturalism, a biased legal system, education, and finance. Geoff said that it is rare for anything to happen unless planned and he recommended people to look up the Frankfurt School.

Questions from the Floor:
1. East Midlands party funds? All Groups and Branches in the East Midlands currently have a total of £27,500, £19,000 being held in our own Regional Account, with a further £8,500 owed to us by Party Central. At this juncture, copies of the bank account were passed to all present.
Concerning the lateness of the 2010 Party Accounts being presented to the Electoral Commission, Geoff said the main reason for this was that the new Treasury Dept. appointed in the last 3 months of 2010 had found it difficult to collate the information. He assured those present that the Accounts were almost ready and would be lodged during February. He warned that although they will show a deficit at 31st December, 2010 of a little over £700,000, much of this debt has been cleared. He estimated that the 2011 Accounts would show a vast improvement, and are expected to be presented on time.
2. Membership? Leicestershire stood at 207, and a total of 900 in the East Mids. Region.
3. Party membership stands at around 8,000.
4. Excalibur has been de-registered for VAT purposes, and is being run by Alwyn Deacon as a private business.
5. The N. Ireland tribunal which cost the Party £4,000 has been paid in full.
6. Auditing of accounts is made difficult when officials of the Party leave and do not hand over Petty Cash Books or other Party property, in some cases a deliberate ploy in an attempt to embarrass the Party.

Members were asked to give their support to a Demo. in Hyde, Manchester; "Stop Anti- English Racist Attacks" is a campaign protesting against racist attacks on our people which will be held on the 25th. February.

The Raffle was drawn and raised £29.00.
Collection and teas raised £114.40.

The meeting closed at 4pm. Next meeting will be in April, members will be informed of details via the Bulletin.


Keats said...

Dear 'Anonymous':

When Andrew Brons deigns to publish my comments correcting his figures which he's garnered from damn stupid internet gossip, then I'll publish your comment. Deal?
Further, BNP meetings are about BNP business, not Independant business.

Anonymous said...

Top bloke Geoff been knocking around the BNP for years.