Sunday, 30 December 2012


The latest on the Thurnby Lodge dispute is that a pig's head was deposited outside the local Community Centre. This prank so shocked the establishment that it was not only reported in the Leicester Mercury, but appeared on Midland news bulletins and even made it to the Daily Mail:

The Mail, who are not allowing comments, seem to be pushing BNP involvement in their report. While the Party, and Nick Griffin, were asked for their support and gave it at a demonstration, it would be wrong to infer that they are driving demos. The people of Thurnby Lodge seem to have the forces of Council, MP, Mayor, Police chiefs, and the media all ranged against them.

I've no idea who put the head there, it could be any exasperated citizen as there is no organising person or body involved. But 2 people have been arrested; on what charge I wonder - piggy-littering? The muslims,  mostly not local, who use one of the rooms at this venue are 'offended', hence the outrage, I suppose. But they, and their ardent supporters might bear in mind that this Community Centre was built for...the community. That is, all the residents of Thurnby Lodge, not just one section of people that come from elsewhere and rent a room - who incidently, have complained about the noise of children using using another room for dancing.
But there is hypocrisy here; where was the media outrage, and the arrests, when the Cross was covered up at Christ Church down the road at a 'multi-faith service? Local people were appalled at this offence, yet it has been denied. And yes, there are eye-witnesses to this blasphemy. Whatever happened to so-called "Equality?

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


This morning, Wednesday 19th December, various independent minded, anti-Council/mosque protesters are being taken into custody.
We hope any of those taken remember "No Comment" and do NOT accept a caution.
It is our belief that this is an attempt by Leicestershire's political police to pin the label of "Organiser" onto some unsuspecting soul, to make it easier for them to prosecute.

To our knowledge so far today (19th), at least 6 people have been arrested, the latest an hour ago (1pm), including at least one British National Party member.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Bullying Police at Thurnby Lodge

This article relates to the Section 14 issued on Friday 14th at Thurnby Lodge. Please see the previous post, where the 2 pages of this Notice have been copied in a readable format.

The first thing you will notice is that there are 2 separate pages; they were not stapled together, as one notice, and only the second sheet has been signed. this all looks very hasty and cobbled together at the last minute.

Look at the grammar and spelling, the awkward phrasing; is this what we expect of a professional body like our Police Force? The main page in particular appears to have been scribbled by some cadet who failed his YTS training! One hopes that some of our police are more literate; those that are must be mortified by this example.

The thing people there found most shocking was that they were photographing the children present. Don't you have to have the parents' permission to photograph children? Are we not ultra-careful about this these days? Apparently not, if you are persecuting residents with a grievance.

All this happened under the auspices of an officious little Inspector, marching about very full of himself, I'm told. One wag suggested that he suffers from "small man syndrome", another that he had modelled himself on Captain Mainwaring!

One thing's for sure; the screws are being tightened against the good people of Thurnby Lodge. The hope is obviously that they will be intimidated into giving up their fight for justice and right. But from what I know historically of this estate, it will make them only more determined to stand firm against the increasingly frantic bullying being directed towards them. the fight goes on.

Section 14 Notice slapped on Thurnby Lodge Protestors, 14th December 2012

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Minutes of the BNP Meeting on behalf of the Charnwood branch held on Saturday 8th December 2012.

THE meeting, attended by 50 people, both members and non-members, was opened at 14:32 by the R.O. Geoff Dickens. He apologised firstly for the lack of Minutes of the former meeting, which he`d left on his desk at home.

Having introduced our Speaker, and especially his book -currently on sale at the meeting- he called on Members present for comment on the current situation in Thurnby Lodge, Leicester East. Wayne, a resident in the Ward, told us of the Leicester Muslims (almost none of whom actually live in Thurnby Lodge) who were now trying to get hold of the local Scout Hut with a view to turning it into a (Muslim) religious building. Thurnby Lodge, he said, was 94% white, but people up there were now referring to themselves as "The forgotten estate".

Reports were given by other residents of Muslims, including this religious group's leader, trying to intimidate women and children on Thurnby Lodge.Xmas decorations recently put up by locals have been pulled down and destroyed, in and around the Scout Hut. An eye-witness attested that the cross at the local Church had been covered up during 'interfaith' gatherings, a fact allegedly denied by the Deacon of Leicester apparently. No support -indeed the opposite - from local Councillors and the Police is forthcoming. General advice was discussed and the agreed opinion was; get together and elect a BNP councillor or two to represent the area properly.

After the Interval at 15:10, Mike Kelly, our Guest Speaker for the day, gave us a very clear, scary -for some new people- and colourful address, complete with very clear pictures on his screen of life under a Sharia-controlled Muslim authority. Into this he recalled events he`d witnessed- sickening events- during his 28 years or so spent working in various Muslim countries. Not for the faint-hearted, few would deny, and NOT THE SORT OF THING the BBC/British Govt. would allow on TV screens.

The Raffle was drawn at 15:55, which produced £63.00 and during which a Question and Answer session was passed with, among others, our Speaker.

The Collection raised £228.40 and the meeting closed at 16:15.
The next meeting was promised for early February 2013.

This writer was extremely pleased to see so many new faces , as well as to hear, and feel, the enthusiasm- at long last- to get involved. I know of at least one new candidate for Thurnby Lodge next time, possibly two!    -- Mike Robinson 9.12.12 --

Mike Kelly's book, "The Rape of England" is a dramatised story of 1066, giving a blow by blow account of the events of that year. The historical facts are accurate, the descriptions and language readable but transporting one back to the time. A terrific read. If you would like a copy, please get in touch with Leicestershire BNP who will put you in touch with Mr. Kelly. -- Editor, LCV --

Sunday, 18 November 2012

An Englishwoman in the Ghetto

A celebrity cook has upset the local burghers of Leicester, and had them reaching for the smelling salts, by recounting her impressions, and poor treatment by, Muslims in the city.

Clarissa Dickson-Wright, of Two Fat Ladies fame, and her promotion of English rare breed pork, and wild rabbit, is not known for her shy, retiring attitude. Rather, she is a down-to-earth countrywoman and calls a spade a spade. It seems that she made a visit to Leicester to gather material for her new book, "Clarissa's England: A Gamely Gallop Through the English Counties" [ paperback; £7.99 Amazon] After getting lost on the ring-road, she found herself in a very unexpected place:

"I found myself in an area where all the men were wearing Islamic clothing and all the women were wearing burkas and walking slightly behind them." She went on to say that the men wouldn't talk to her "because I was an English female and they don't talk to females they don't know"

Clarissa says she felt like a complete outcast and pariah in the middle of her own country and describes it as one of the most frightening experiences of her life. And I don't expect she is an easily frightened woman.

Ibrahim Mogra, a city imam and assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain felt very hurt by her comments and bragged that there are 2,000,000 muslims in Britain "who are doing our bit for the country". I hope that doesn't include those blowing up buses and trains, disregarding our animal slaughter laws, training in terrorism, and standing idly by while a horde of Muslim males groom and rape our children, Ibrahim? Still, perhaps he means the employment opportunities offered in sorting out the mayhem some of his persuasion have caused.

Sir Peter Soulsby predictably had an attack of the vapours; he was very angry that "someone who breezes in from outside and paints a picture of Leicester that does not have any foundation in reality", Really? Is Leicester a closed town where outsiders are not supposed to come through the gates? They say the onlooker sees most of the game and I fear Sir Peter is too close to the action and cannot recognise home-truths.
(In passing, Sir Peter, are you going to buy that scout hut for your Muslim friends? Will you be lashing out with your own money if you do, or Leicester taxpayers'? And are you considering doing the same for the people who actually live in Thurnby Lodge?)

Cllr. Manjula Sood didn't believe that "one meeting in the street should mean you can label a whole city".Well, no Mr. Sood, she wasn't; she was labelling that particular area as frightening. One meeting with a Muslim in  Leicester wouldn't have that effect, but it seems she met many. And so have I, and sadly, of all the minorities in Leicester, they are the only ones that were rude, surly or downright upsetting. Hindus and Sikhs are usually very pleasant; you can talk and laugh with them and there is mutual respect. Would that Muslims would catch on to treating women in the same way.

I expect Clarissa will be dragged back to Leicester to be photographed hob-nobbing with the local Islamists. Otherwise, she will be threatened with banishment from our TV screens. Pronounced as another kind of pariah. That would be a pity, she is a brave lady to say her piece, and damn the consequences.

You can read the whole story Here at the Leicester Mercury

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Leicestershire Assists BNP Election Campaign in Corby

On Saturday 10th November members from Leicestershire British National Party travelled to Corby in Northamptonshire to help deliver leaflets for the upcoming parliamentary by-election.

Polling day is Thursday 15th November and the British National Party candidate is Gordon Riddell. Gordon is a long serving member of the party and has previously stood for the party in Corby at town and county council elections. The by-election is due to the resignation of the Conservative MP Louise Mensch.

It is estimated that about half of Corby's population were born in Scotland, or are of Scottish descent. Scottish families started coming to Corby in the 1930's with the development of the iron and steel works. At one point, it was estimated that over 70% of the population were of Scottish descent. And even today, a quarter of a century after the collapse of the local steel industry, almost 20% of the population were born in Scotland. Our candidate, Gordon Riddell, is himself a Scot and was given a very warm reception by the local people we met.

* We wish Gordon all the best for Thursday *

Remembrance Sunday at East Goscote

Sunday, 11th November..
Councillor Cathy Duffy, above, attended the Remembrance Day Service at East Goscote and laid a wreath of poppies on behalf of the British National Party.
Editors note: Eagle-eyed readers will notice that the photo has been cut. This is because the good Vicar of East Goscote is being hassled by his superiors, presumably for standing next to her. Perhaps he is a bit too Christian for their liking, in welcoming all his flock to the Service?

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Forgotten Graves Of Our Heroes

On the 11th we shall gather as usual at the War Memorials in cities, towns and villages all over Britain, or quietly at home, to honour and remember our war dead and observe two minutes of silence at 11 0'clock. we shall read the glorious names inscribed and think of the sacrifices made by so many men and women in the service of their country.

More and more services are being added, Bomber Command at last recently. As well as the War Memorials, you can also find the names and resting places of those killed abroad in 2 World Wars.

But there are some graves of heroes that are forgotten. The Daily Mail published on Saturday an article highlighting the crumbling and neglected graves of some Victoria Cross holders, going back as far as 1857, and as recent as 1943. You can read the article HERE

There are many reasons that these graves are neglected; the family has died out or moved away, maybe gone abroad. It happens. The Victoria Cross Trust does what it can to restore them and restore the dignity of our VC heroes but it's funds are limited.

We owe it to all our War Dead, both to those in the distant past to those recently lost to treat all their graves with dignity. The VC holders highlighted here, and those myriad young servicemen lying in graveyards and cemetaries across Britain: let none be forgotten, let none be neglected, we owe them too much for that

Sunday, 21 October 2012

For Shame, Andrew Robathan!

A defence minister allegedly tried to have dozens of veterans thrown out of the Commons for opposing his plan to axe their historic battalion.

Parliamentary sources said Andrew Robathan, MP for South Leicestershire (Blaby), demanded the men of the 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers be ejected from the public gallery for making too much noise during a heated debate over the unit’s future. Read more at Daily Mail Online

This is very shabby treatment of the Fusiliers, who had gone to Parliament to protest the axing of the battalion. Surprising too, that a Minister who was a Major and served in the Coldstream Guards and Special Air Service should round on veterans who have given valuable military service to their country. But it is not the first time that Mr. Robathan has disdained the veterans he is employed to help. According to Wikipedia, 'in December 2011, campaigners called for him to be sacked after he compared the medal claims of 66,500 veterans of the Arctic convoys of World War II to the proliferation of honours made by "authoritarian regimes" and "dictators" '

We may judge Mr. Robothan's views by looking at his voting record. Some good, some bad, but we do expect our MPs to support our Armed Services and our veterans. Pull your socks up Mr. Rabothan, South Leicestershire folk don't like our veterans slighted, not one little bit. We may just use our votes to elect someone who does care about them. The British National Party comes to mind.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Update on the Thurnby Lodge Protests

A resident of Thurnby Lodge writes:

"The residents of Thurnby Lodge were assured that a decision on the future of the scout hut would be made this Wednesday 17th October. It is of no surprise to us however, that this decision and a crucial meeting with "Sir" Peter Soulsby has been deferred for at least another two weeks. If Soulsby thinks that this deferment will break the resolve of the proud protestors, then he has another thing coming.  

The cold, dark nights are of no consequence to us and a presence has been made at the Community Centre every night and we will continue with this presence until an outcome is reached.
Last night a few protesters, including local BNP activists, were outside of the community centre and decided to play some patriotic folk songs to cheer up the chilly evening.

A police officer remarked on the songs and expressed his approval.When asked his opinion on the same music being played at Friday's larger protest, he intimated that he could not see a problem and even offered his advice on the positioning of the vehicle from which the music was to be played. Just then the Imam arrived. Within a couple of minutes another police officer arrived ordering that the music be turned off or we would be punished under some section or other. The atmosphere changed in an instant.

It is clear to all who the puppet master is and who are his puppets. Over the past few weeks restrictions have been forced on the protesters which have been getting progressively harsher. These have been complied with but the British people will only take so much.

Last night we were approached by a concerned resident who passed over a leaflet that had been pushed through his letterbox. He was disturbed by it's content and worried that it was a veiled threat of violence against the peaceful protestors.

The leaflet was printed by Searchlight, an extreme left wing group who seem to condone violence against anyone who has the courage to stand up for anything British. We will not be bullied, not by the police and definitely not by the undemocratic Searchlight."

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Minutes of the Leics. BNP meeting held in West Leicestershire on Saturday 6th Oct. 2012.

The Meeting was opened at 14:38 by RO Geoff Dickens. Apologies for absence were received from Cathy Duffy and Helen Cooke. The Minutes of the last meeting on 4th August 2012 were read by A/Sec. Mike Robinson and approved.

 Matters Arising;- Properties mentioned in previous Minutes, situated in the London area, are not yet sold, so money there is still to come. Our Bulletin in its present form is now to be altered due to costs of postage (2nd. Class mail now costing 50p per letter) and at present we mail 160 Bulletins per event. This obviously costs £80.00 every time. The Bulletin will now likely arrive with the monthly copy of `British Nationalist` and in an A5 format. This new Bulletin will include details of all meetings due, and local contacts, within the region.

 It was recently agreed at a Regional Meeting that all groups would contribute financially towards the forthcoming Corby Parliamentary by election. Leicestershire and Charnwood have already put up £50.00 each and £375.00 has already been collected. A further £30.00 was immediately promised/handed over from the floor by 2 of our members. Corby are pleased with this support. Our candidate is Gordon Riddell who has had some previous experience in elections, which will be helpful. Members prepared to help out with the election were asked to give Geoff their names.
The motion for Conference chosen by the East Mids Region by our Region was announced: `The Reinstatement of British Troops`. It was revealed that details of Party activities/speeches, etc., could be seen by those members using the Internet but those without this facility could also see these events with the aid of a small conversion unit, using a cheap cd thus allowing them to view the details at home.

 Rob, from Thurnby Lodge, gave us a run-down on what had been happening there of late. Leicester City Council had approved of the moslem group (of whom very few actually live in Thurnby Lodge) installing a mosque on the site of the Scout Hut, next to the pub, without proper consultation with locals. Residents complain constantly and make regular journeys to the Leicester City Council Offices in the hope of getting their councillors to get something done. Meetings previously arranged there are often cancelled and much awkwardness is shown by Council officers/members. Demonstration is now 10 weeks old. Pressure is now being exerted on the local pub landlady to give up the stewardship of the pub. 2 Leics. BNP members attend regularly,almost daily, giving help/support and local protesters are begging for support from BNP. Hand outs suggestion occasioned discussion; Bob and Peter Cheeseman happy to get on with this task if approved. Rob was congratulated for his efforts/description and details.

 Leigh Talton, Mansfield Organiser, explained in an interesting speech why/where/when he came from and how this led to his eventually joining us. He said he was happy to be in Leicester - said by many in the Party to be a loyal Nationalist area - and now looks forward to joining the fight here in the East Mids. He said the Elite have sold out for political advantage; one or the other Party is in power but the gravy train is the same. He praised our activism, pointing out that, in today's climate, if in fact we were popular we have lost! He spoke of our culture and pointed out the irony that our history is better known in Portugal than here. 50 years ago we would not have believed things today - education, sexual behaviour, etc. he urged us not to give up, it is because of the people in the BNP that we will win.

Collection raised £227.73 including Teas. The Raffle raised £33.00.

Next Meeting to be announced in the Bulletin and likely to be early December 2012. The Meeting closed at 15:45.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

NWL Development Plan Appeal Thrown Out

The appeal by Jelson homes/William Davis Homes, who wanted to build 1,420 houses on 183 acres of green belt land between Coalville, Whitwick,Swannington and Thringstone has been rejected. Local people have been fighting this massive development for over 2 years and all in the District were celebrating this week over the good news.

It is to the credit of the MP, Andrew Bridgens, and North West Leicestershire District council that they stood with residents against the plans, which of course they are elected to do, but it was also very much down to the tireless campaign and excellent organisation of the Whitwick Action Group who led the fight. It shows what can be done when a community works together, and doesn't give up.

Congratulations to the Action Group, and all who saved these valuable fields from being concreted over. And nice to see Ian Meller, still involved with helping his community as ever. Full story in the Leicester Mercury HERE

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ex-Leicester Labour Councillor Sex Pest

Many thanks to A- for sending the link to this sordid story. Thanks also to James for the Leicester Mercury link.

A former Leicester city councillor who caused a political storm by describing Gordon Brown as “the worst Prime Minister in history”, pestered two schoolgirls for sex and indecently assaulted a young woman.

Manish Sood kissed a 22-year-old on her bottom in the guise of “therapy” and offered to pay two girls, aged 14 and 15, to visit his home for “massages”.

Divorced Sood (40), of Roundhill Road, Leicester, appeared at the city’s Crown Court to be sentenced for the offences, which he admitted.

Sood was Labour councillor for Leicester’s Fosse Ward and Parliamentary candidate for Norfolk North West when he criticised Gordon Brown two years ago, making national headlines and damaging Labour’s 2010 election campaign. He was suspended from the party but readmitted in January 2011. He remained Fosse councillor until the local elections in May, when he did not seek re-election.

The Leicester Crown Court hearing was told that on February 6th. Sood phoned one of the teenage victims after she posted an advert on the Gumtree website seeking a part-time job. Prosecutor Sian Cutter said Sood offered to pay her £20 to lie down on a couch and have a massage, which she refused. He continued to contact her, urging her to meet him at his home. Sood rang her 27 times and sent 15 texts. The girl complained to a 15-year-old friend at school, who rang Sood and told him to leave her friend alone. But Sood then directed his attention to the friend, asking if she was interested in “therapy”, and sending 26 texts and phoning 152 times in three days, suggesting she visit for “physical tantra”. He told her to bring “toe rings and condoms”, the court heard. Sood suggested picking her up from school, which worried her as she had not told him where it was.

In front of a teacher, she told Sood to stop bothering her on the phone, to which he replied: “Even for £200? Let me know if you change her mind.” He was then reported to the police. When arrested, he accepted he had “sexual motives” towards the schoolgirls and claimed his medication made him “forgetful”.

Ms Cutter told the court that Sood had met the 22-year-old woman through Gumtree in January last year, and she went to his home genuinely believing he was a therapist. Sood took her to his bedroom to demonstrate relief of “aroma and tantra”. He massaged over her clothes, touching her inappropriately and kissing her stomach, causing her to freeze in fear. Sood massaged her back, pulled down her leggings and underwear and kissed her bottom. She was too scared and uncomfortable to say anything and left, the court heard.

Sood admitted causing or inciting the two teenagers to engage in sexual activity, and to sexually assaulting the 22-year-old. Judge Michael Pert QC said: “It’s conduct of a dirty old man, and you’re not even old.” Robert Underwood, mitigating, said Sood began suffering mental health difficulties in 2008, starting with thoughts someone was out to kill him. He has received psychiatric treatment and is on medication.

However, the judge told Sood: “The psychiatric report makes it plain there’s no connection between this and your mental health problems.”

Sood was given a three-year community order with supervision. He must attend a sex offender group work programme. He was made the subject of a sexual offences prevention order banning unsupervised contact with children under 16 and restrictions placed on his computer use. Mr Underwood said: “He’s aware of the shame he’s brought upon his family. “His mother is in court but his brother no longer wishes to have anything to do with him. “Another consequence is that he’s lost his job. “He’s a hard working man from a caring family who are very active in their civic responsibilities. “Other than his mental health problems, there’s no explanation as to why he behaved so out of character.”

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Minutes of Leicestershire BNP Meeting, August 4th 2012

The Meeting was opened at 14:40 by Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens. The Minutes of the last meeting were read by Assistant Secretary Mike Robinson and approved. Apologies received from the Secretary for her absence.

Geoff told the members that monies from Wills mentioned in the Minutes were coming through but slowly. Monies due are in respect of property, currently being sold, one of the legacies left to the Party in a Will.

A local BNP member and activist told the meeting of a proposed mosque in the Thurnby Lodge area in Leicester being opposed by local people in that area. It seems that, as usual, no one had been consulted locally as to whether anyone wanted one of these places. Police are already out in force, should anyone decide to demonstrate against the project. Members sympathise.

Already cut and dried by the authorities` said Geoff; seems like Thurnby Lodge is not yet sufficiently `multiculturalised`to suit the ruling elite`, he thought.

Geoff then asked Members present to consider taking on multiple issues of the British National Party's newspaper 'The Voice Of Freedom' - in 5`s or 10`s - at a reduced bulk purchase price; these can be handed out freely, or sold for personal profit.

Steve Denham, Charnwood Organiser, then spoke, thanking all those who`d helped in the recent (Sileby) by election. He discussed the results, telling us that there is much potential for us in the area. He commiserated with the Lib Dems, who came last.

Finally, Peter Cheeseman spoke to us on "Failing Britain". Briefly, Peter noted that, at present, the UK is spending 35% more than it earns. Wildlife is suffering/dying out due to intensive over-ploughing and planting of ever wider areas of formerly uncultivated land. Soil has been widely poisoned by excessive use of industrial chemicals - which also affects both the water we drink and again, wildlife. Food prices are now expected to rise further, as also the population, with new arrivals currently producing 2 to 3 times the number of children compared with local British people. This also produces a demand for more and more housing, again swallowing up ever more areas of land.

The Government,regardless of party - an undemocratic elite since God-knows-when - lying through their teeth to get into office, then refusing to allow the promised Referendums on vital issues. Jobs lost since 1997 total more than a million, and the once-renowned NHS is failing right across the board. Likewise the nation`s education system. Police are unable to control drug traffic and foreign immigration. Why are we giving aid to countries with their own space and nuclear weapons programmes, Peter asked? Pornography and crime virtually encouraged by the media. What will happen when the oil runs out? he asked again. How long have we got left ?

Peter`s speech was well received by the members. He then went on to offer full assistance to any member wishing to compile, or make, a speech at any time. Questions and Answers followed his speech.

It was announced that the first 8 candidates for next year's elections had put their names forward at the meeting.

The Collection raised £192.05 and the Raffle £44.00. These amounts to be split between Leicester and Charnwood branches. Meeting closed at 16:00. Next meeting in October.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Updates on the Thurnby Lodge protests

Please read the foregoing article concerning Thurnby Lodge for the background to this story.

Protests have been held throughout the week but a mass one was organised for Friday evening, 10th August.

Concerned residents gathered outside the Community centre,their number amounting to at least 250, who massed on both sides of the road, and flanking the Centre driveway. All behaved impeccably throughout the demonstration, some holding placards, including those inviting passing motorists support. And support they did, pipping their hooters, cheering and giving thumbs-up to the protesters; buses, taxis, cars, I have never seen such huge support for a local issue, it was wonderful to see.

The residents were supported by local members of the British National Party and the English Defence League, both of whom have been in attendance each day. BNP Chairman, Nick Griffin MEP motored from Wales to join the protest. He was seen chatting informally to local people, and shaking hands with many who thanked him for coming, before giving a short speech, which was well received, stressing that this protest was directed at the Council for their shabby treatment of the people they were elected to serve. This, he said was not about race at all, as evidenced by the diverse nature of both those attending and supporting the protest.

None of the local Councillors, nor the constituency MP, Keith Vaz has bothered to make an appearance throughout in order to support the residents.

The police were there in great numbers, more arriving as the evening wore on. They were happy to chat and joke with the crowd, obviously not fearing any trouble from these good-natured folk. Muslims began arriving at the Centre about 8:30pm, no doubt the strong police presence was to protect them - and a futile attempt to intimidate protesters?

Cameras from BBC East Midland News were there, interviewing various people, although some of these had been edited out by the time it made the 10pm broadcast (I wonder why!).

* A further development later was revealed in an email received this morning. It reads:
"At around 11pm, just as locals were drifting away, approximately fifty Muslim youths arrived en-masse in an attempt to goad our people. They boasted of thirty pledges of £500 each being made to cover the lease. Meanwhile, in a clear attempt to intimidate, three cars containing more youths toured the area pointing at people as they made their way home. Talking to people, I was pleased to meet two ladies from a nearby estate who told of a prayer room that opened there a couple of years ago; a planning application for domed roof has now been made, locals who have objected have been racially abused, with the women being called prostitutes by some of those using the prayer room. Welcome to multicultural Leicester!"

This begs the question: why were random muslim youths from outside the area getting involved with an issue which is none of their business? Earlier, we were informed that muslims were coming to attend prayers at the Centre from as far away as Hinckley! We were told that the women of this sect had been praying at Christchurch just up the road - and covering up the Cross there until the vicar found out and got rid of them! Other people had concerns regarding the local pub, The Stirrup Cup. Apparently, the back door of the Scout Hut backs onto the pub car park. Would muslims be happy to have their prayer room next to where alcohol is served, was a question asked? Some people feel that the Scout Hut is a thin end of the wedge which could lead eventually to the pub closing...and, hey presto! becoming the mosque. Meanwhile, will they have to apply for change of usage to a religious establishment, if their lease goes ahead, asked others?

What is this As Salaam sect? Nobody knows, nobody has heard of them, and nothing comes up on Google. What is this sect that requires premises well away from where they live, and is able to commandeer youths, also from outside the area, to intimidate peaceful residents? Where is a small, completely unknown sect getting so much money from?

Perhaps the Leicester Mercury will be able to enlighten us on these perturbing questions - after they have got around to reporting what the people of Thurnby Lodge are protesting about. They've been awfully quiet on the subject so far!

An angry resident has contacted us to express their disgust:

Neither elected councillor, Robert Wann nor Luis Fonseca have had the courage, decency or common courtesy to address residents concerns and discuss a way forward. Councillors are supposed be the servants of the constituents that elect them to office. They should be responsible for standing up for the rights and requests of these people in their hour of need. This is not the case it seems, if you vote Labour or indeed Conservative or Lib Dem. It must be remembered that the anger of the protest group should be aimed at these “public servants” and not As Salaam. Noticeable by their absence and the absence of the MP for East Leicester, Keith Vaz, a number of residents called for attendance of Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party. Unlike the other self serving Politician’s, Nick answered their call and after travelling a great distance, attended Fridays demonstration where he was met with an enthusiastic reception. Nick was asked to make a short speech of encouragement for the struggle that was ahead. The appreciation from the crowd was obvious by its reaction. After chatting with locals and obliging requests for photographs, Nick left to begin his long journey back up the motorway. It just goes to prove that not all Politician’s are the same. 


It has been brought to our attention that a councillor from an another electoral ward was in covert attendance at Friday’s demonstration, who is alleged to have“tweeted” from the Thurncourt Road community centre pleading to Leicester Unite Against Fascism thugs to converge on the protest site which could cause disruption which could potentially result in a breach of the peace. Please refer to the Leicester Unite Against Fascism website for verification. Just who do these people think they are? Mayor, Peter Soulsby ( Labour ), also contacted protest organisers to express his “disgust” that Nick Griffin had dared to offer support to Thurnby Lodge and it’s residents. In order to make sure that this protest remains non political and safe from attack by undemocratic thugs, the British National Party has decided to take a step back but will always remain available to offer advice and resources should they be needed.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Thurnby Lodge Protests City Council's Woeful Betrayal of Residents

Leicester City Council have ridden roughshod over local residents to award Muslim group "As Salaam" the use of a former scout hut, situated on Nursery Road in Thurnby Lodge.

Locals told us that they themselves had applied for the lease so that they could start up a dedicated boxing club for the local youngsters, but Leicester City Council and the Mayor, Peter Soulsby, had blatantly ignored this request.

With the lease agreement being pushed through with little or no consultation, and a couple of cancelled councillors' surgeries, local constituents sprang into action and formed a protest group.

With a councillors' surgery due to take place on Friday 3rd. August, approximately 35 residents - including BNP activists - turned up to confront the traitorous councillors, only to find that the meeting had been cancelled. Such is the bravery and commitment of these people!

As Salaam had been using the local Community Centre in anticipation of taking their "prize", so it was decided that a further demonstration would take place later in the evening when the Muslims would be present.

Local BNP activists were in attendance with around 85 other residents. Some turned up with placards stating: "Say NO to Scout Hut Prayer Rooms".

The police were also in attendance but their presence was over the top, with the Tactical Support Group hiding in a side street around the corner, unmarked police cars patrolling the estate, 2 police vans full of officers and about 10 PCs standing around in the Community Centre car park.

The protest was peaceful, with many passing motorists honking their car horns and shouting support.

When the Muslims finally left the Centre they were met with jeers and told that they were not welcome.
One resident commented that if these Muslims were truly local, then the question needed to be asked as to why they ALL felt the need to travel to the Centre in their cars? "Thurnby Lodge is only a small estate and you can walk from one side to the other in 15 minutes."

Another resident stated: "We will not let this lie".

Local BNP members offered their support and advice to the organisers, but agreed to keep the group non-political.

Keith Vaz, the MP for East Leicester was conspicuous by his absence, but then again, he would not dare stand against the very people that vote him back on the gravy train time after time!

Thurnby Lodge is a white working class area, possibly "too white" for the distorted vision of multi-cultural Leicester.

One has to wonder what the Council has in store for Thurnby Lodge, and indeed any other "hideously white" estate in Leicester, in their quest for the diverse Utopia that they so crave.

Further demonstrations are planned and Leicester BNP is committed to standing up against injustice and the dictatorship that is Peter Soulsby.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Planning Concerns in Oadby and Wigston

A concerned Oadby resident writes:

"Economic growth in Oadby is the life blood of the town but the current proposals in the form of a Master plan, being put forward by the Lib Dems is not regeneration but degeneration.

Traders are faced by three large super stores, only interested in the bottom line. How some of these organisations got planning permission in the first place beggar’s belief, PP would have never been granted in any other local authority.

We have three large retailers within the space of a mile that is not sustainable in the long term for Oadby town centre.

A proposal to either sell or lease 6 car parks is economic vandalism to the local economy; we need more than more residential development to create a viable public realm. Will we see a statue of the council leader as adding to the public realm?

Look at Wigston's high street - empty and void; it seems that some Lib Dems don’t shop there.

It will be large developers who will buy prime sites at knock-down rates and strangle the town centre as a vibrant economic area.

Could we get Edward Garnier to comment on the National Planning policy framework (NPPF) which his Government introduced?

It is pro development for housing and Campaigners must realise the wider picture, they have little opportunity to challenge Planning Applications underpinned by large planning consultancies with the technical know how


Small retailers must see the larger picture otherwise they will be going to the wall and financial ruin will ensue.

“We believe Nick” [Clegg] is a slogan that many university students will regret in the long term with some of the world’s highest tuition fees. Can the traders of Oadby ever trust the Liberal Democrats? Past performance is always a guide to the future. For example think back to the General Election of 2005 which political party had its East Midlands Party HQ in Wigston did it have Planning Permission for change of use? But more interesting how did they know how to avoid planning regulation...You could say it was a hopeless exercise in the longer term!

Building a community centre for the public is in realty a mechanism to shore up a party in terminal decline by pandering to a small core vote and promoting wake PPCs always getting the silver medal, even getting a podium finish is now in question

It is the traders of OADBY that will be sacrificed for narrow political ends...

As for the Tory Party, can they be trusted not to either sell the land or introduce sky high parking charges and a resulting decline in foot fall for traders?

The Tories have little technical understanding of housing, Planning, or regeneration. The end result is an Osborneism; economic miscalculation for the ordinary working man or women, leaving them to carry the financial can, through unemployment and bankruptcy.

“We are all in it together” is a much vaunted slogan but examine the reality...

Can the Lib Dems and the Tories be trusted, or are they only bothered about expenses at County Hall?

As for the Labour Party can you really develop your own policies without copying the BNP Edward?

(1) There must be a halt to large retail development and expansion of existing premises for superstores in Oadby. We must be proactive in utilising planning policy to ensure DPDs protect the local economy and traders. A set floor size will be established to support the expansion of local traders and not large multi-national concerns.

We must act to support the local economic base which promotes “choice” and offers a base for viable regeneration.

(2) Car parks are a strategic regeneration tool for the local economy and must not be sold thus undermining foot fall for the local economy; they must be free at the point of use as a public resource.

(3) Put the planning service at Oadby and Wigston Council out to tender which would offer value for money and introduce transparency for council tax and business rate payers alike.

(4) Community infrastructure levy (CIL), and revenue from business rates, must be used to regenerate the town centres of Oadby and Wigston and not be mismanaged. We at the BNP propose that a GSR be created involving traders, residents be created and it would override local politicians in decision making.

This would be true localism rather than the pale imitation offered by the jellyfish in the Lib/ Con coalition Government.

(5) Neighbourhood planning should be allowed to shape regeneration of Oadby and Wigston town centres rather than politicians and consultancies. Traders and residents can do better.

The master planning exercise put forward by Oadby and Wigston Borough Council is unviable and unrealistic, the consultation exercise is meaningless as the expression of the Party overrides the will of the majority of traders and local residents.

We have opted to show a wider picture in this matter and if ordinary people start questioning their political masters, including MPs, so much the better. But if traders and residents want to risk their long term wellbeing, please continue voting for these old Parties.

But ultimately will you continue to foot the bill through repossessions and ever higher taxes.

The real alternative is BNP East Midlands defending Britain."

* There is a public meeting being held on Friday 3rd August at St. Peters Church Hall, Wigston Rd, Oadby, LE2 5QE. Do go along and put your views. Remember, you get what you vote for; are you happy with what you got?

Friday, 13 July 2012

"The New Inquisitors" and what Bishop Tim's thoughts might be on it

Revd. Robert West has written the following in reply to the General Synod of the CofE. The originally may be found HERE
"The General Synod of the Church of England - which is the partly-elected body which makes subordinate legislation (lesser laws and rules) for members and clergy of the Church of England - has, once again, entered the political fray to ban its clergy from being members of a certain political party; not that many are, or, if they are, that they would make it well known: the secrecy of the ballot box and the confidentiality of one’s political affiliations, being well respected, by most persons and parsons within that National Church (of England) by law established.

The move has been pushed by left-wing zealot and civilian worker for the police force, no less, Vasanatha Gnanadoss; something which may not bode well for the political impartiality of the police, who likewise stop their members from being part of that particular political party. The same is not true with the Armed Forces, however. The political party concerned is, you guessed it, the British National Party. So none of us should be concerned about it should we? Well, what happens to one, one day, will happen to someone else the next; so everyone does need to be very concerned about it. Here is a thin end of the wedge to short-circuit and curtail democracy for all and at least, for now, for members of the police and for clergy of the Church of England; important social institutions.

The objection against the British National Party seems to be grounded on the fact that it’s policies and activities are, or may be, declared incompatible with Christian teaching. By whom, however? The answer seems to be the House of Bishops, unelected toadies who are unaccountable to their members and who have already presided over the steepest decline of their Church in centuries.

It needs to be noted that the objection to the BNP is not grounded on its policies and activities being opposed to the Holy Bible or the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion of the Church of England or the Book of Common Prayer (1662) of the Church of England which either express or are the sources of the faith of the Church of England. This is worrying because Gnanadoss does not seem to know, or care, where her faith and the faith of her Church, is found, or should come from. It comes from something far more fundamental than her belief in the declarations of General Synod or the mere determinations of its House of Bishops. The Bible pre-dates the founding of the Church of England, in the 6th century, by about six centuries; and the 39 Articles of Religion pre-date the General Synod by 400 years or so, and, likewise, the Book of Common Prayer. The Bible, not the General Synod, is the source of the Church’s faith; and the Thirty-Nine Articles and the Book of Common Prayer are by Act of Parliament the expression of that faith. Gnanadoss has, in her ignorance, thrown down a gauntlet to law, parliament, articles, prayer book and Bible; not to mention Christian faith and history! For all her talk about equality this is quite astonishing. It remains to be seen whether the General Synod will join her in making itself look irrelevant, irreverent and even more foolish. They have certainly behaved before, on other issues, like the gadarene swine, who, when possessed of demons cast out from a demoniac, whom Christ had just healed; then hurled themselves down a cliff onto the rocks below and all perished. But that does not mean that they should repeat that tradition. The Church has already nose-dived in membership, relevance and effectiveness over liturgical anarchy, female ordination and the latest is homosexuality. The New Testament certainly does very clearly condemn the latter two (1 Tim 2: 11-14; 1 Cor 6: 9). So, perhaps, the General Synod and the House of Bishops is possessed of devils; and has been so for many a decade.

Gnanadoss, further, has clearly not adapted to this country judging by her complete lack of understanding and her contempt for the character and history of the Church of England. We have already mentioned the prayer book; but what of him who wrote it, Thomas Cranmer: the Archbishop who went to the flames for his faith before earlier inquisitors. He was most certainly, in his day, part of a nationalistic party of sorts; and better for it. He was involved in both Henry VIII’s reformation and the later protestant reformation of Edward VI, when the prayer book was written. It was then that both the Church and State of England asserted its Christian independence and sovereignty. The foreign pope, the Bishop of Rome, was to have no jurisdiction in this realm of England and his supranational authority was repatriated, forcibly, by Parliament in the Act of Supremacy, 1534. The Bible, also, was soon to be printed in English - how nationalistic can you get, and proletarian and parochial too!

I notice that Gnanadoss is emphasising the declarations of the church, not the teaching of holy scripture. Maybe she would like to lock it up in Latin once again so that folks would not appreciate that God deals in nations, and ordinary people, and made them (Psalm 86:9). And what about the chosen nation, Ms Gnanadoss; what are you going to do with them? If you think nations are racist whatever will you make of the Bible which still speaks of the chosen nation and of a God who, in the teaching of Paul in the New Testament, (Romans 10: 1-3; 11: 1-36) still has His eye upon it. Do I detect a creeping left-wing anti-Semitism here? That will only add to a litany of errors.

The Church of England is one of our two National Churches, the other being the Church of Scotland: the Queen is its Supreme Governor; it has a special and privileged relationship to the English and British State and to all of its citizens. The job of regulating which legal political party its clergy join, if any, is surely a matter for the legislature, who were voted in by the citizenry. It is doubtful whether the police ‘ban’ on policemen being BNP members is legal under either our law or that of the European Convention; any banning declaration by the General Inquisition, sorry General Synod, is equally doubtful.

It is certain that the Bible condemns female ordination, and homosexuality, which both have something in common in confusing gender roles; but it is very doubtful whether the Bible can to be taken to oppose nations and moderate nationalism; which is the core principle of the British National Party, the UKIP, the English Democrats, most ordinary members of the Conservative Party, the Balfour Declaration for a Jewish national home in Palestine; and of about 70% of the population of Britain both north and south of the border between England and Scotland. Few enough folk go to Church. It would be tragic if those who do, were to be driven away by a combination of attitudes, declarations and policies which only an effete and privileged group, if that, admire. The churches of the Church of England around me cannot get vicars enough, as it is. Very few men attend, and even less youngsters. It may well get even more ‘Gay’ in the bad sense of that word.

Gnanadoss may see herself as a heroine and even as a martyr. She may even feel that her proposals are honest, good and true. Many people like her do. But, as Jesus pointed out in another parable, if the blind are to lead the blind (Mt 15: 14) - and we have had a lot of that, of late, within the Church of England - then we are all heading, no doubt with the police, into a very big legal, moral and political ditch!"

© The Revd Robert West.

There can be little doubt how the Bishop of Leicester, Tim Stevens, would vote. He is the man who was ultimately responsible for the late David North's removal from his long service to his local' church as Churchwarden - for the crime of belonging to a polital party. He was also seen in a TV interview with his Cross tucked into his jacket, no doubt so as not to 'offend' non-Christian sects and religions. Whatever happened to the courage of these clerics, to stand up for their own Christian parishioners, without fear or favour?

Saturday, 7 July 2012

County Council Leader Resigns

From the Leicester Mercury: full story HERE 
David Parson's nine-year reign as Leicestershire County Council leader has ended with his resignation. County Hall's Conservative group had been due to hold a motion of no confidence in Councillor Parsons after the authority's standards committee ruled he breached the councillors' code of conduct over his travel expenses.


However, he stepped down from his role as county council leader and leader of the Conservative group, just before his Tory colleagues were due to vote on whether to sack him. Coun Parsons yesterday reiterated an earlier apology for breaching the code of conduct but denied he was forced out. He said: "I have decided it is the right time to go. I have apologised and resigned my position as leader. "I have become the story – not the great work of the county council. When that happens, you have to consider your position.

Coun. Parsons has been under pressure to resign since the council's standards committee censured him on June 19. It said he had "disregarded four key principles – honesty, integrity, accountability and leadership". He held on to money he was paid for trips to Europe on council business which he should have promptly refunded to the authority. At one stage, more than £5,000 had built up in his account that should have been repaid. A whistle-blower brought the matter to light.

He said yesterday he had regrets and felt some shame about the circumstances of the departure from his £35,000-a-year post but said he did not want to dwell on that. He said he still owed just under £2,000 to the council for flights which he said he would pay back. He will continue to represent Kirby Muxloe and Leicester Forest East and said he hopes to defend the seat in May's election. He said: "Whether I am allowed to do that or not, we will see." The county council confirmed yesterday evening it had received Coun Parsons' letter of resignation. Councillor Nick Rushton, who was deputy leader, has become the acting leader of the authority until a permanent successor can be found. He told the Mercury: "David Parsons has done the honourable thing and fallen on his sword. That is in the best interest of the party, the council and the people of Leicestershire. "He has given us nine-and-a-half years – good years – as leader and he deserved some slack. "He would not want to have gone this way but it has happened to greater people than David Parsons. It happened to Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill.

Liberal Democrat group deputy leader Dr Sarah Hill said: "David Parsons has done the right thing – eventually – by resigning. "I think he felt he could ride out the storm but then it emerged he no longer had his party's support so he jumped before he was pushed. "I believe the council's reputation as a whole has suffered because of what he did." Tory councillor Peter Osborne, who had seconded the motion of no confidence in Coun Parsons, said: "To resign is the correct thing for David to do. He has realised the fact he has lost the confidence of the people of Leicestershire."

Coun Parsons remains subject to a continuing police investigation into allegations of financial irregularities concerning his trips to Europe.

He declined to comment on a forthcoming standards hearing into allegations he made inappropriate use of the council's chauffeur-driven car.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sileby Ward by-election

On Thursday 28 June the BNP contested the Sileby Ward of Charnwood borough council for the first time. We have previously stood in the County Council division which includes Sileby but never in the Ward.

There was a low turnout of 23% which reflects the national mood of disillusionment with politics amongst the British people.

We were represented by Charnwood branch organiser Steve Denham.

 Steve Denham speaking at the last Leicestershire branch meeting

The full result was:
Conservative 703 (Elected)
Labour 450
BNP 93 (7.3%)
Liberal Democrat 29

At the last full elections for this seat it was a straight fight between Labour and the Tories and it was clear that this time people chose to try and punish the Tories by voting for Labour, who they felt was the more likely to beat them. The Conservative majority dropped as a result and we were pleased to beat the Lib Dems.

Congratulations to Steve Denham and his team on an encouraging first time vote.

Friday, 22 June 2012

One rule for them …

There was a time when people thought that the Labour Party were the party of the working man. But no more. They are just as much a part of the ‘old boys club’ as the Tories.

Imagine the scene. You’ve parked your car in Leicester city centre on double yellow lines and have received a parking ticket. What happens next?

For most of us we have to pay a fine but if you are Leicester City Labour Councillor Robert Wann, who represents Thurncourt Ward, you don’t have to pay a penny.

The former Lord Mayor of Leicester, who held the role from May 2011 to May 2012, had four parking tickets issued to him between 2007 and 2011 and all were written off by senior parking officers. He was also given two parking exemption permits to which he was not entitled.

The City Council’s Standards Committee has found Mr Wann guilty of breaching the council's code of conduct and the committee's chairman said he would have considered suspending Mr Wann if it was within his powers to do so.

The committee concluded Mr Wann "compromised the impartiality of those that work for the council". It found him guilty of "using his position to improperly secure himself an advantage" by applying for exemption permits he was not entitled to.

Committee chairman Jonathan Goolden said: "Had suspension been available as a sanction, the committee would have given active consideration to that, but having regard to the range of sanctions available and that Councillor Wann's actions were assisted by senior officers of the council, the committee has decided to censure the councillor."

Mr Wann said he would be appealing against the verdict.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Minutes of Leicestershire BNP Meeting, 2nd. June 2012

The latest local BNP meeting was held in South Leicestershire on 2 June and was opened at 2:30pm by East Midlands RO, Geoff Dickens. There were 35 people present. Apologies were received from Sue and Helen (secretary).

The minutes of the last Meeting were read by Asst. Secretary, Mike Robinson.

Geoff then spoke of members being arrested and intimidated by Liverpool police and Labour supporters in the Liverpool/ Merseyside area. Police actually broke into Mike Whitby's home and arrested him but made no charge - he'd broken no law!

The Party is now on the upswing again since the last meeting. Some of the Probate monies (approx. £400,000 in total due) have been received; more should follow by July 31st. The Party is virtually 'in the black' again financially.

Geoff told us that he's not normally pro-demo, but thought the Liverpool one on 31st. May was worthwhile, which is why he attended and supported it.
We need to consolidate membership, which stands at 797 for East Midlands at this date. Lincolnshire are doing very well in this field at the moment, in spite of recent problems nationally. The Party will contest by-elections in Corby, Northants., in July and also Sileby, Leics., on 28th June with Steve Denham, Organiser of Charnwood, area standing as candidate.

Steve then spoke, saying he thought Sileby was 'quite a good area and where he'd had some decent support in the recent past (17.4%.' He'd been keeping the seat 'warm' he said, and 'had lots of social, work, and friendly contact with people in the Sileby area.'

Geoff said that we'll target postal voters too. He then appealed to anyone with leaflet design skills to come forward to help with this. Next, we were asked for names of those ready to stand as County Council candidates in 2013.


Peter Jarvis then gave an excellent speech on "British Nationalism", telling us that small numbers could often defeat much larger ones if properly led. 'Our Nationalism should be about what we make or invent, as well as the jobs of those who make or invent them', he said. Many people in our Parliament and local authorities today are no longer British, as we understand that word, but 3rd. generation grandchildren of immigrants of around 50 years ago, or less. 'Our army should be not merely a mercenary force, prepared largely to support the USA and it's allies; our army, air force, etc. should be to protect our British interests. We in the BNP oppose globalisation, and support jobs and items made locally in Britain by our own people, an attitude good for our own, British, environment. Such an attitude would (will) restore jobs to British people once more`.

He ended by quoting Oliver Cromwell`s speech to Parliament in 1653, as a condemnation of today`s Parliament, a speech which lashed the current MP`s to the bone and sent them packing, sacked,ended, done with.

The meeting ended at 4:10pm. Next meeting in the Charnwood area in August. The Collection raised £189.04. The Raffle raised £40.00.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Minutes of Joint Leicestershire meeting, 12th April 2012

East Midlands RO, Geoff Dickens, opened the meeting, starting with a minute's silence for Security Team activist Dennis Scullion, who died last week, aged 47.

The Minutes of the last Meeting were read and agreed.

East Midlands raised £4,540.22 for London; our own website shows that we (East Mids) raised the most -£4,540.22. Geoff handed out leaflets 'Racism cuts both ways'. We need to encourage young ones to join, he said, as they have a different perspective having grown up in a multicultural society. About Marxist persecution, Geoff gave the example of the extreme treatment meted out to the Tweeter who made comments only but did not incite anything; and closer to home, our candidate in Lincoln, Dean Lowther, taken in for questioning for making comments on Facebook -someone 'perceived it to be racist! Candidates were requested to close their Facebook accounts during election periods. There has always been a small amount of immigration, until recently it had made no difference to our country. Carlos Cortiglia, an Italian who came to Britain in 1989: "I like the UK, I love the British way of life". Carlos does not want to dress his wife up in a burkha, or change our country; Sharia is not for the European peoples. "The Left seek to destroy; we seek to preserve".

Locally, Paul's election campaign needs leafletters. Cathy retained her seat and it is hopeful in Amber Valley, but it was while Labour was very unpopular.

Our young guest speaker, Andy Holden, told us how the educational system indoctrinated youngsters into multiculturalism. He spoke of Hollywood's 'one world, one people' outlook. But he asked us to consider White architecture; we brought order to the world. Andy spoke of the strong Jewish nationalism; of terrorised anthropologists; how Hollywood films ignore communism and the 20 million killed in Russia; how his school tried to tie in the Holocaust with the BNP, a slander Andy never understood. He asked why we should think of South Africa's racial groups but not our own; questioned the natural instincts of last year's rioters. Andy. a Leicester-born lad, warned that we are a minority in the city, but noted that the British come off best when we are outnumbered.

Geoff Dickens, thanking Andy for his interesting speech, remarked that the older ones amongst us would not be around when the 'wonderful multiculturalism' happens, so it is good that young ones care. Geoff said that our enemies are in the media; "They love multiculturalism, but not for themselves".

Geoff then told us about 3 bequests to the party, estimating in total to be around £500,000. Probates expected in next few months.

Steve spoke of a man had told him how the White Russians were tortured, even scalped; this was done by Russian Jews; Steve had not known this, he was shocked.

The Collection raised £123.00. The Raffle raised £21.00
The next Meeting is on 2nd June. Redirection point to be announced in the Bulletin.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

R.I.P. Dennis Scullion

We have received the sad news that Dennis Scullion, of Earl Shilton, has passed away.

Dennis, who was only 47, was a single father and leaves 5 children, the youngest being 4 years old.

He was very much involved with the British National Party, and carried out voluntary Security duties for us. A close friend of his writes:

"He did this in the belief that the BNP was the party of the future.

"He remarked to me, that he did this for his childrens future and their right of freedom in the United Kingdom. As friends we spoke on many occassions regarding his involvement with your party. His belief was that current governments continue to be short sighted and seek short to profits rather than looking at sustainable growth. He has been right. I see the demise of the town of Atherstone, Warwickshire that I currently live in, whereby the town slowly dies and communities are sadly being lost.
"Dennis showed rare qualities and demonstrated guts to be counted, which sadly this quality that stood for Great Britain has been replaced by apathy."

Speaking directly to Geoff Dickens, she says:
"Dennis spoke highly of you and recalls that you are an articulate man and a man who never lost sight of his roots and recalls you sharing your pizza. He was a single father and gave his time to the BNP and I have contacted you in the hope that in recognition of his ability to be stand up and be counted, that a BNP Representative would attend the funeral and in return be counted and show their last respects?

His death is of great shock and so sudden; your presence at his final farewell will enable his children to remember him with pride and not be forgotten."

We shall indeed remember Dennis with pride, and send our sympathy and condolences to his children, family and friends.

East Midlands RO, Geoff Dickens, will be attending his funeral, and I'm sure there will be many members, past and present, who will wish to be there.

It will be held at Nuneaton Heart of England Crematorium on Wednesday, 25th April at 9:45 am..
For further details please contact Geoff on 07795000676

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

East Midland's GLA Fundraiser

The East Midlands held their very successful fundraiser for the GLA campaign on Monday, 26th. March. It was supervised and hosted by Paul Hilliard, the Sub-Regional Organiser for Derbyshire, where the event was held at a plush venue. Around 100 people attended; many familiar faces as well as new ones were there, and a nationally known couple received a heartfelt welcome too.
Derby's Excalibur stall was very busy, with a lot of interest in their innovative new T-shirts - very smartly embroidered with a local logo.

East Midlands R.O., Geoff Dickens, chaired the meeting; after informing us that Derby will be busy with their own elections this May, he went on to warn that we are reaching a point of no return and must do all we can despite attacks from various agencies.
He then announced that we had already broken one record that evening - the Chairman had arrived on time! Amid laughter, Nick Griffin, who took this sally in good part, came into the meeting and was greeted with great applause.

A seasoned orator, Nick touched on many subjects in his speech; he started by saying that this time last year, the detractors said we wouldn't be here. He admitted that mistakes had been made, but thanks to 6 people - and here he left us in no doubt that Geoff was one of them - the party structure has been turned around. Although the papers will make something of our past problems before polling day, the fact is that this year we will end completely in the black. They have failed to get rid of us.

Other subjects Nick spoke eloquently on included the police and Marxism, the dangers of Islam, Iran and rising fuel prices, the protests at Heywood -acknowledging Paul's presence there, and put Question Time into context with the positive reaction towards us afterwards.
Nick concluded by telling us that 40 newspaper polls show that we have 7% support in London - we need 5% to gain a seat; London is our capital, and it is very important to win as that will give hope to the British public.

After the applause for Nick's speech had died down, Geoff showed us the high-quality leaflets going out in London; he then announced that a collection would be taken, saying that any who could not afford to donate mustn't worry, but he requested that leafletting and other jobs towards the elections be done instead. The Chairman conducted a 'Dutch auction', tentatively starting at £1,000. And yes, a cheque was given for that amount; then one for £500 and £250 following, all the way down to small change at the end!

The result, after the Regional Treasurer, James Mole, had totalled and verified the amount was £4,540.22 raised. This is the highest amount achieved so far, outside London, the second record of the evening for the East Midlands!

East Midlands officials would like to thank everyone who attended for their generous fundraising and continued hard work for the Party and our people.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Minutes of Joint Leicestershire BNP Meeting, Saturday 11th. February, 2011

The Meeting was opened at 2.45pm by Geoff Dickens.

A one minute silence was given in memory of our late colleague, friend and former Press Officer, John Ryde, and for former Melton activist, David North.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.

Apologies: Carlos Corteglia the 2012 BNP London Mayoral Candidate, had been invited to speak but had to withdraw we were told, due to a family emergency.

Fund-raising: All Regions will be holding a fund-raising event in support of the London elections. The East Midlands' will be held on the 26th. March.
Geoff said it is important we all get involved, as re-gaining our seat on the GLA would be a major boost to the Party morale.

Cllr. Paul Preston then spoke on the problem of getting Direct Debits changed, and the amount of time it takes to get money wrongly taken from one's account returned. He gave examples from personal experience.

Steve Denham, Charnwood Organiser told us about the efforts made by Charnwood members to clean up the Syston brook. Local people spoke approvingly of this and Steve promised that, when the weather improved, the group would be out again -anywhere - doing similar good works.

Geoff then spoke with some feeling of the decline of the British nation, saying that although the People have never voted in any great numbers for Marxism, yet it exists almost everywhere; it's ideology had infiltrated the British way of life and it's influences were now apparent in almost every sphere, especially the media, the Church, multiculturalism, a biased legal system, education, and finance. Geoff said that it is rare for anything to happen unless planned and he recommended people to look up the Frankfurt School.

Questions from the Floor:
1. East Midlands party funds? All Groups and Branches in the East Midlands currently have a total of £27,500, £19,000 being held in our own Regional Account, with a further £8,500 owed to us by Party Central. At this juncture, copies of the bank account were passed to all present.
Concerning the lateness of the 2010 Party Accounts being presented to the Electoral Commission, Geoff said the main reason for this was that the new Treasury Dept. appointed in the last 3 months of 2010 had found it difficult to collate the information. He assured those present that the Accounts were almost ready and would be lodged during February. He warned that although they will show a deficit at 31st December, 2010 of a little over £700,000, much of this debt has been cleared. He estimated that the 2011 Accounts would show a vast improvement, and are expected to be presented on time.
2. Membership? Leicestershire stood at 207, and a total of 900 in the East Mids. Region.
3. Party membership stands at around 8,000.
4. Excalibur has been de-registered for VAT purposes, and is being run by Alwyn Deacon as a private business.
5. The N. Ireland tribunal which cost the Party £4,000 has been paid in full.
6. Auditing of accounts is made difficult when officials of the Party leave and do not hand over Petty Cash Books or other Party property, in some cases a deliberate ploy in an attempt to embarrass the Party.

Members were asked to give their support to a Demo. in Hyde, Manchester; "Stop Anti- English Racist Attacks" is a campaign protesting against racist attacks on our people which will be held on the 25th. February.

The Raffle was drawn and raised £29.00.
Collection and teas raised £114.40.

The meeting closed at 4pm. Next meeting will be in April, members will be informed of details via the Bulletin.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

A tribute to John Ryde by the Hinckley Times

A further tribute to John has been noted by various people, which we reproduce here. Unfortunately, I cannot find a link to it online so apologies for that. It was printed in the Hinckley Times on January 12th.

Tributes flooding in after death of popular villager


Tribute has been paid to John Ryde, a member of Newbold Verdon Parish council and village personality, who died on December 29th after a long fight against cancer.
Mr. Ryde, who was 73, gained a mayor's award for outstanding services in the borough in 2003 and 5 years later was the British National Party (BNP) East Midlands Activist of the Year.
He stood as a candidate for the BNP in district, county and Parliamentary elections.
An active member of the parish council, he took the lead on the crime and safety forum.
Clerk to the council Rick Bell said: "He was also an active supporter and contributor to the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. He gave very generously in many ways both materially and personally. He will however be best remembered for his involvement with the jazz club which he ran at Newbold Verdon Working Mens' Club for many years. Many famous bands attended and fans came from all over the country.
"In the civic year 1995-96, the then mayor asked John if he would be willing to run an event in aid of his charity. John kindly agreed and approximately £1,000 was raised on the night. John did this for several years for consecutive mayors and over the years raised a considerable amount of money."
A well-known wrestler on the circuit in his younger days, Mr. Ryde's working life was in sales and marketing.
On the BNP website, East Midlands regional organiser Geoff Dickens led tributes from the party to which almost 30 comments were added.
Mr. Dickens wrote: "I first met John around 1974 [when] we were both active nationalists. John had resigned from the Conservative party after the disgusting treatment of Enoch Powell by Heath. He had been a Monday Club member.
"I will always remember John's sense of humour. No matter how bad things were he always had a quip at hand to lighten the situation," added Mr. Dickens.
Alwyn Deacon, West Midlands organiser, wrote: "He was one of the party's best and will be missed but never forgotten."
Mr. Ryde leaves a son and daughter, their spouses and five grandchildren.
The funeral service was held on Monday at Nuneaton. There were family flowers only, donations in lieu being for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Leicester - the way we were

This is an interesting article I picked up from a comment on a blog. It appeared in The Independant and was written in 1993; the author compares news from the Leicester Mercury that year with a 1953 addition of the same month:

ON 8 AUGUST, a jewellers' in High Cross Street, Leicester, was raided and a pad of seven watches, valued at pounds 25, was taken. The thieves had smashed the window by driving a motorcycle at it. In another incident, Jack Beresford, the Olympic oarsman, had his car stolen from outside the Constitutional Club: its starting handle was later found inside a shop window from which televisions and a radio had been removed.

The first incident reflected recent raids in London, where the 'now-familiar technique' of attaching a plank to the front of a car and driving it at a shop window is commonplace. There's nothing new about ram-raiding. But, leafing through the Leicester Mercury of the first week of August 1953, there is little else that is remotely familiar.

Semper eadem - 'always the same' - is the Leicester motto. It could hardly be less appropriate. On the face of it, no city in Britain has undergone more change. Though the population has remained stable at between 270,000 and 290,000, since 1951 its nature has changed entirely. In that year, 1.9 per cent of the city's population was born outside the UK. In 1961, that figure had risen to 2.9 per cent. In the 1991 census only 71 per cent described themselves as 'white' - 22 per cent as Asian.

In 1972, when Idi Amin expelled 27,000 British-passport- holding Asian Indians, Leicester - Britain's 10th largest city, with a population in decline - became the new home for up to half, despite determined opposition - advertisements were placed in Ugandan newspapers advising them to stay away.

The city's daily, the Leicester Mercury, was not slow to catch the local mood, and ran articles with headlines like 'Leicester is full up', and 'Madness to accept Commonwealth immigrants'. But Leicester did accept them, and many more. By 1989, it was estimated that the city had absorbed 40,000 Hindus, 20,000 Sikhs and 15,000 Muslims. The Leicester Mercury has launched an Asian edition, with news from the sub-continent as well as matters of Asian interest in the UK.

Yet, even without this enormous change in the cultural complexion of the population, the tenor of life seems to have changed out of all recognition.

The Mercury of August 1953 gives an impression of a placid, humdrum community characterised chiefly by its lack of what we would call news. It reflects a community that still tugs its forelock. A front-page picture story is headlined 'Lady Nutting found time to hold visitor's baby', above a respectful piece telling how Sir Harold and Lady Nutting graciously welcomed 1,200 sightseers to 'their stately home', Quenby Hall, in need of money for restoration.

Parish pump matters are a local newspaper's business, and the Mercury of 1953 had a good idea of its priorities. A story on Leicester dog show, and its near- record entry, sits beside a bald account of power cuts in East German factories and the wrangling over exchanges of prisoners-of-war in Korea.

It is the week of the August bank holiday, and a good proportion of the Leicester population has gone to the East Coast for a week by the sea. Reporters were despatched to Skegness ('The bathing pool at Skegness attracted quite a crowd on Sunday . . .') and the Mercury was on sale at the seaside. So we learn of 12-year-old Raymond Withers, of South Wigston, who missed his footing stepping on to the platform from a train on his return from Mablethorpe, and hit his head. Leicester Royal Infirmary states his condition to be 'quite fair'.

The Mercury still dispatches reporters to East Coast resorts, but the holiday jollities reported last week were different. Last Saturday was the Caribbean Carnival - police 'anticipated 30,000 revellers at the event'. At the beginning of the week was the Hindu and Sikh Raksha Bandan, or Rakhi, festival, a celebration of kinship.

Holiday entertainment has changed too. For those left in the city in August 1953 there were three theatres, 12 dance halls and 28 cinemas. There are three cinemas now: judging by the 'It's Leisure' page, most Mercury readers are going to car-boot sales for their fun.

Crime, the staple diet of a local paper, has also changed. Page three of the Mercury of 3 August 1993 has stories of plans to put security guards in a community centre to combat drug-dealing; a teenager who had a glass smashed in his face at a wedding reception; a rape case; the pensioner tied up, threatened and robbed of pounds 1,200; a man in court on a murder charge; police comment on the rise in vandalism - 11,500 incidents in 1991 to 12,200 last year - on one estate alone.

A whole week of the 1953 Mercury has news of two or three burglaries ('The Carlton Kinema was broken into over the weekend, but nothing was stolen'), a suicide attempt ('Man admits trying to frighten wife'), two arrests after a pub fight. A Loughborough 20-year-old is charged with stealing pounds 1 from his father.

That week's running story concerns 36 phials of 'deadly poisonous' Novocaine, the dentists' anaesthetic, put through several Leicester letter-boxes. By the end of the week the police discover that children found them on a waste tip. The August 1993 Mercury had a spate of robberies on city taxi drivers to carry it through the week.

There's no shortage of crime stories today. The number of reported crimes in the city in 1953 was 2,449, including one murder, three rapes and 375 burglaries. In 1963, it was 6,654. Last year, Leicestershire Police's central sub-division dealt with 21,143 reported crimes: 1,696 of them burglary, five murders, seven attempted murders and 38 rapes. There were 338 racial attacks.

Unemployment in the Leicester travel-to-work area was 9 per cent in June (the national figure was 10.4 per cent), and one significant similarity in the newspapers is the impressive number of job advertisements - two tight columns in tiny print in the 1953 broadsheet, more than a page in the modern tabloid. And an extraordinary number are still in traditional Leicester industries - hosiery and textiles.

Textiles and clothing are Leicester's largest industry in the manufacturing sector, providing nearly 15 per cent of all jobs. And it is commonly acknowledged that, without the influx from Asia, that industry would be dead. Nearly 1,000 enterprises are listed in the council's Directory of Asian and Afro-Caribbean businesses: the largest section covers clothing manufacture and retail.

Pravin Lukka arrived in Leicester in 1971, initially to work in textiles. He is now a manager with the social services. He explains the success of the Asian businesses in simple terms: 'The Asian entrepreneurs began because the textile industry couldn't face the international competition in the Seventies. Sure, some of them were running sweatshops and paying very low wages, but it put the industry back on its feet.'

The process of change is now slowing, Mr Lukka believes. Primary immigration has halted and the violent racism of the Seventies is a distant memory. 'I am very optimistic about the future. And I wouldn't swap Leicester for anywhere.'

His words echo those of Leicester holidaymakers in 1953, returning from a France stricken by train strikes. 'Thank goodness,' one says. 'I'm sick to death of these unstable countries. I do not think I shall leave home again.' Semper eadem.

We are now almost 18 years on from when that article appeared. Far from primary immigration halting, we have seen further influxes of moslems, Somalians, Vietnamese boat-people, and Eastern Europeans, so Mr. Lukka was wrong there.