Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Persecution of an Englishwoman

It seems that the world has gone ballistic over a video filmed on a London tram. If there is anyone left who has not seen it here is a link.

It is a shocking outburst; the woman concerned has been condemned as much for her profane turns of phrase in front of her child as for her outspoken views on immigration Yes, immigration; she adds Polish immigrants to her complaint so is not racist. But the truly shocking thing is that she was hunted down immediately, arrested, and incarcerated in prison. Her children have been taken away from her. Not allowed bail, she is being held in custody, supposedly for her own protection. Protection from whom, you might ask; well this specimen of "British manhood" for a start:
You Tube Response

The woman concerned is Miss Emma West, a Londoner. At the moment, we know very little about her, or why her sudden outburst. The British are traditionally polite and reserved, or are we? I think people I know would call me quiet and reserved, certainly not the type to come out with the kind of language Emma used; and yet, wound up once at work by a situation that and escalated became intolerable, I lost control and publicly shouted at length a very offensive rant. Profanities galore. Afterwards of course, I was mortified and my colleagues could not believe I, of all people, had said those things. So, people are now asking what set Emma off, as the video makes it clear that something was already happening before filming started.

Of course, it might be that Emma comes from a section of the community to whom this language is commonplace; I hope I don't do her a disservice by mentioning 'Billingsgate fishwives', a common accusation for any woman shouting the odds in a rough manner. You could include 'troopers wives' in that too. For it is sure that there have always been women who have spoken their mind, albeit in terms that offend the gently reared. These women, and their menfolk too, come from a world that people would rather forget, but they are the salt of the earth, and do the jobs that their decriers would not stoop to.

Whatever the reasons for her outburst though, Emma West has been dragged before the majesty of the law for criticising immigration, and for mentioning black people. never mind the myriad of death, rape and violent threats hurled in naked hatred in comments and videos at her. They appear to be acceptable, as the police, authorities and You Tube moderators have not seen fit to stop them, or chase and arrest the authors of these threats. Why is that, I wonder?

Please also visit the British National Party, and read this article:

"It's a disgrace the way PC Britain treats the white race – it's time to FIGHT BACK!"

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