Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Minutes of Joint Leicestershire Meeting, 3rd. December 2011

Minutes of the BNP Joint meeting East of Leicester 3rd December 2011.

Meeting opened and chaired by Geoff Dickens.
42 people attended.

Minutes were read and agreed

Matters arising
RO Geoff Dickens told us that Melton is no longer a separate group, James North and Keith Addison handed over in pristine order. Geof then gave us an over-view of the local groups, their financial health, and that there's a new Organiser in Erewash. Unfortunately subscription for membership of the BNP is going up, some of us renewed early to beat the price rise! When Geoff first joined in 1983 it was £4.

-Steve Denham gave us an update on Charnwood; they've put out an enormous amount of leaflets, including 5 thousand on the Euro referendum, 2 thousand 'Britain has lost it's Dignity', 3 thousand 'We want our country back' and the election leaflets for Cathy Duffy with 1000 V of Freedoms. Simon Orderly took out 1000 'We want our Country Back' leaflets on his own. The Conservatives had put on their leaflet that they had beautified the area, then on Remembrance Day the Charnwood lads took loads of muck and rubbish out of the brook. He said it was the way forward-- to be seen doing jobs to help the community got a good response from people. He finished by saying how good it was to see John Ryde with us at the meeting.


The main speaker was the Reverend West, who spoke on Islam. He told us his views on the growing numbers of Mohammedans in the West, and how it will affect Christianity, Judaism and democracy, in fact how it will affect freedom of religious expression. He had printed out his talk for anyone who wanted to take a copy home.
He then took questions from the floor.

The raffle made £45, the collection £128.13 and 1 Kenyan shilling

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