Thursday, 10 November 2011

"Muslims Against Crusades" is banned

The hate-group who burned poppies last year and disrupted the Remembrance Day silence, calling itself Muslims Against Crusades, has at last been banned. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, announced that it is outlawed from midnight tonight. Membership or support of this group is now a criminal offence.

Sky News Report

Their demonstration this year has been cancelled, due, according to it's instigator Anjem Choudary, to the planned Protect The Poppy counter demonstration called for by the British National Party's Chairman, Nick Griffin.

Well done to the BNP and all allied groups and supporters who have put pressure on the Government which has resulted in this outcome.
I'm waiting for an update as I know many people have already left home to join the Poppy defence overnight sit-in. it is likely that those arriving will stay in London in order to pay their respects to the Fallen in any case.

Update: the Protect the Poppy vigil is going ahead See HERE for details

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