Thursday, 10 November 2011

For the 11th November

The following poem was written by May Hill of Lincolnshire in 1941. It refers to a local incident, but encompasses every families fear in any war. I chose this poem for Remembrance Day because the reporting of military deaths in conflicts around the world are reported almost as an afterthought on the News. casualties may be small in the great scheme of things, but to their family each loss is all the world.

“The Casualties Were Small”

When Winton Aerodrome was bombed
The “Casualties were small”
Just your son, and my son, and little widow Brown’s son,
The youngest of them all.

And your son was your eldest lad,
Handsome and straight and tall.
A model for your younger sons,
Beloved by you all.

And Mrs Brown’s, her youngest boy
Her sole support, and stay.
So like his father, all her joy
Was quenched, on that dark day.

And mine, my only son and pride
So loved and dear to all.
The blast of bombs spread far and wide
Tho’ “the casualties were small”.

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