Monday, 5 September 2011

Leicestershire BNP meeting

Report from the BNP Leicestershire Joint Meeting, 3rd September 2011

-Meeting opened and chaired by James North

-Minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed

-East Midlands Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens spoke first about the leadership election, in which he was the returning officer, and then about the concerted attempt to destroy us as a party. Where we should be making progress because of what's going on in the country, the negativity is stopping us. 'Keep recruiting and remain active' he said. The BNP is the only hope we have for a better future for this country. He told us that North West Leicestershire is no longer a separate group but is re-joining the much bigger Leicestershire branch, Charnwood is doing well, and Melton is functioning. He also told us that in Lincolnshire they have been selling entry tickets to a forthcoming meeting in which the party leader is to speak and have now reached the venue capacity.

-Parish Councillor for Leicester Forest East Paul Preston told us about his amusing conversation with the local vicar who asked him what he felt about the wonderful diversity in Leicester! She talked about loyalty to one's family and friends. Paul told us his loyalty is to this party.

-Ian Mellor spoke for the last time as North West Leicestershire group organiser because that area is coming back within the main Leicestershire branch. The area will now have access to a much bigger source of funds with which to finance future campaigns. He told us that Ivan Hammond and Graham Partner, who were standing as local election candidates, had been told by voters that they would vote for them if they stood as independents not BNP, but when they did their percentage of the vote halved. Ian also lost his seat quite unexpectedly.


-Paul Hilliard, sub Regional Organiser for Derbyshire agreed with Geoff that there was a big problem with negative posts and comments on the internet, so that what's taken years to build is being attacked and people are getting discouraged. If we do nothing for 4 years until the next leadership election we'll have no party left, so keep it positive he said; new activists are joining! He also explained about his recent visit by the police at 5.30 in the morning over a dispute between some of his neighbours, his only involvement was to try and calm things down, and about the police interest in the BNP stall where they were getting signatures on petitions in Derbyshire. His informal report was quite an eye opener; and he finished by telling of the next two speakers at their planned meetings in Derbyshire, it sounded as if they would be really interesting speakers to listen to.


David H said...

"Meeting opened and chaired by James North"

The same James North who resigned recently, following the chairman's contempt for his late friend Dave Hannan?

Keats said...

James resigned his positions but remains a BNP member.