Friday, 12 August 2011

Double Standards, Bias, Hypocrisy

Now comes the aftermath of the riots; Cameron, Clegg, and even Mililband have deigned to cut short their sunbathing in order to act big and declaim what should be done now. A pity that none of them thought to listen to wiser heads over many years who have warned that this would happen, that their multicultural dream was a thing of rags and patches.

But they couldn't lose face, none of them; the politicians, the liberal types, the media. So, we are faced with 'what to do now'.

Well, the first clarion call was 'police brutality'. I think the police have got questions to answer here, but we should remember that the black rioters' hero in this case was a known dangerous criminal. Quickly following this came 'the cuts are to blame'. Ignoring the fact that the cuts haven't really bitten yet, and we're all affected by them. But why then have we not seen rioting and blatant looting in every area of the land? Then we got the old chestnut 'these are deprived areas, they need our help'. So deprived that a teacher, and a social worker both joined in, so deprived that they could afford Blackberrys. So deprived that they thought it 'fun' to burn down peoples' businesses and homes, strip people naked in daylight,murder a man for trying to put their fire out, mow down young men defending their neighbourhood, rob an injured lad after appearing to help him.

This then, and much more, happened in what used to be decent places, and there are many decent people still living there. These we applaud wholeheartedly, all of them.

But there was something insidious from the start, and it has gathered momentum.
It was glaringly obvious from the pictures, the film footage, and the eyewitness accounts, that the vast majority of the rioters and looters were black youths. There is no doubt about that. A trickle of their white ebonised hangers-on and lefty anarchists were indeed spotted if you looked hard and didn't blink.

So why did the BBC and ITV home in on the odd white reprobate, interviewing those no longer recognisably English but gabbling in a strange foreign patois? I am sickened at how the media are spinning this.

The BBC; the Telegraph article with some journalistic harridan going into raptures over the immigrant vigilantes while sneering that the native Britons never left their homes to defend themselves. Oh, but we know that they did!

Sikhs were defending their temple with swords. Great, well done!
Moslems were defending their neighbourhood - wonderful, well done!
Turkish grocers "this is how we do it in Turkey and we're doing it here" - admiration overflow, well done!


...the native English are spotted with brooms, cleaning up and comforting victims - Blank 'em out quick, zoom in on the odd black face, interview them.

The white residents come out to defend their neighbourhoods and businesses -racists!
Millwall supporters joining with rival clubs to patrol the streets - racists!
The police let the looters run riot - but kettle the white youths who want to help stop the rioting.

Manchester magistrates' court, and here again, the media home in on the one or two white youngsters charged. It is perverse.

Even the Archbishop of York joins the clamour to squash the native Britons' contribution to the fight-back and defence - that the police signally and deliberately failed to do - by praising Turkish grocers vigilanteism, but loudly deploring the same thing by the EDL.
All whites who defended our streets were labelled 'far-right groups', and 'extremists'.

This aspect of biased reporting has to stop now. The hurt, the unfairness, the double standards have been noted throughout the Internet, and it has become the biggest topic among people I have spoken to 'in real life' No doubt we shall be called racists for having noticed the hypocrisy, the anomaly. But it is actually those that jumped straight into decrying the English, the native British; those who try to excuse the majority of the criminals by making it appear that they are majority white - these are the true racists.

And, just like Katrina when they tried the same evil propaganda, it won't wash. They have been well and truly rumbled.

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