Friday, 12 August 2011

Double Standards, Bias, Hypocrisy

Now comes the aftermath of the riots; Cameron, Clegg, and even Mililband have deigned to cut short their sunbathing in order to act big and declaim what should be done now. A pity that none of them thought to listen to wiser heads over many years who have warned that this would happen, that their multicultural dream was a thing of rags and patches.

But they couldn't lose face, none of them; the politicians, the liberal types, the media. So, we are faced with 'what to do now'.

Well, the first clarion call was 'police brutality'. I think the police have got questions to answer here, but we should remember that the black rioters' hero in this case was a known dangerous criminal. Quickly following this came 'the cuts are to blame'. Ignoring the fact that the cuts haven't really bitten yet, and we're all affected by them. But why then have we not seen rioting and blatant looting in every area of the land? Then we got the old chestnut 'these are deprived areas, they need our help'. So deprived that a teacher, and a social worker both joined in, so deprived that they could afford Blackberrys. So deprived that they thought it 'fun' to burn down peoples' businesses and homes, strip people naked in daylight,murder a man for trying to put their fire out, mow down young men defending their neighbourhood, rob an injured lad after appearing to help him.

This then, and much more, happened in what used to be decent places, and there are many decent people still living there. These we applaud wholeheartedly, all of them.

But there was something insidious from the start, and it has gathered momentum.
It was glaringly obvious from the pictures, the film footage, and the eyewitness accounts, that the vast majority of the rioters and looters were black youths. There is no doubt about that. A trickle of their white ebonised hangers-on and lefty anarchists were indeed spotted if you looked hard and didn't blink.

So why did the BBC and ITV home in on the odd white reprobate, interviewing those no longer recognisably English but gabbling in a strange foreign patois? I am sickened at how the media are spinning this.

The BBC; the Telegraph article with some journalistic harridan going into raptures over the immigrant vigilantes while sneering that the native Britons never left their homes to defend themselves. Oh, but we know that they did!

Sikhs were defending their temple with swords. Great, well done!
Moslems were defending their neighbourhood - wonderful, well done!
Turkish grocers "this is how we do it in Turkey and we're doing it here" - admiration overflow, well done!


...the native English are spotted with brooms, cleaning up and comforting victims - Blank 'em out quick, zoom in on the odd black face, interview them.

The white residents come out to defend their neighbourhoods and businesses -racists!
Millwall supporters joining with rival clubs to patrol the streets - racists!
The police let the looters run riot - but kettle the white youths who want to help stop the rioting.

Manchester magistrates' court, and here again, the media home in on the one or two white youngsters charged. It is perverse.

Even the Archbishop of York joins the clamour to squash the native Britons' contribution to the fight-back and defence - that the police signally and deliberately failed to do - by praising Turkish grocers vigilanteism, but loudly deploring the same thing by the EDL.
All whites who defended our streets were labelled 'far-right groups', and 'extremists'.

This aspect of biased reporting has to stop now. The hurt, the unfairness, the double standards have been noted throughout the Internet, and it has become the biggest topic among people I have spoken to 'in real life' No doubt we shall be called racists for having noticed the hypocrisy, the anomaly. But it is actually those that jumped straight into decrying the English, the native British; those who try to excuse the majority of the criminals by making it appear that they are majority white - these are the true racists.

And, just like Katrina when they tried the same evil propaganda, it won't wash. They have been well and truly rumbled.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Nick Griffin Urges Our People To Stick Together

The BNP is organising volunteers to give practical help to people caught up in the riots, Nick Griffin, MEP, writes:

" 'We’ve had a lot of calls from terrified and lonely people, especially pensioners, trapped in inner city hell-holes today,' says Dawn, who heads our Head Office phone team.

'They’re so scared, and they feel so let down. It’s really upsetting talking to them, but it’s also very rewarding knowing that they feel better after being able to speak to a friendly person who understands.'

"Dawn sends this message of hope out to all our members: 'Anyone who needs to talk to us or who would like to request assistance during the riots, please call us on 0844 809 4581, and we will do all we can to have a British National Party member or supporter help you. We cannot guarantee that we have volunteers in every area, but we are here, just a phone call away, and we want to help.'

"Having heard about this development, I've asked that a member of the party’s Call Centre team be allocated to making reassurance calls to elderly members in inner London and central Birmingham.

"I’ve also spoken with our London Regional Organiser, Steve Squire. He has got a small but very reliable team on standby to visit any of the elderly members we contact who actually need someone to go.

"Whether they need evacuating, supplies bringing in, or just want someone to go and sit with them over a cuppa, Steve and the others will be there to help.

"We have to look for ways to bring good out of the appalling mess that the collapse of the old parties’ disastrous multi-cult ‘experiment’ has created. Obviously, the help it’s already giving us in moving the party forward is one thing, but giving us the chance to show that we are essentially one big family is another.

"I urge all local British National Party organisers in other areas hit by rioting to follow suit and contact elderly and vulnerable members in their own patches as well. Now, more than ever before, we must all stand together.

"Self-defence is no offence – we will protect our communities
Our first priority is to make sure our people are safe and are not left alone during this terrible time. That done, the more able of our activists and all officers of the Party must step forward and take the lead in organising a pro-active defence for our communities and a political campaign for the British National Party.

"If your community has been abandoned by the authorities and, with quiet determination and community spirit, you want to do something about it, we are pleased to help.

"While the politically correct left-wing media and the spineless government refuse to acknowledge what is really happening in our communities, and the police do nothing, it is up to us all to defend our streets.

"We are providing these simple and effective downloadable resources because, unlike the others, we understand exactly what is happening and exactly what needs to be done. What's more, we've had enough, just like you.

"Self-defence is no offence, and it's no crime to be proud of who you are and where you come from.

"Please contact the Organiser of your local branch to obtain special posters and leaflets.
Everyone can play their part in this fight back by printing off as many of these leaflets as possible and giving them to friends, family and by posting them through letterboxes in your area.

"Please pass this message on to friends.

"I am advising people not to get angry – get politically active and join the British Resistance. Join our country’s only hope, the British National Party by ringing our membership and donation hotline on 0844 809 4581.
Joining a political party or being a volunteer is not an option open to everyone, so if you are as outraged with the current disaster as I am and really want to make a difference and fight back you can do that by donating to the British National Party and helping us be here for those who rely on us."

Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

England in Meltdown: Riots reach Leicester

From BBC Events early this morning (Wednesday, 10th August):

0123: James Cockerill in Leicester
texts: Swarms of hooded youths in their twenties and some as young as 12 are being hounded out of Leicester city centre. Massive police presence near the train station, Charles St and the main shopping area. Shops have had windows smashed and been looted.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Burning After 3 Days Of Race Riots

The weekends devastating riots in Tottenham has shocked many, the crimes are just the latest in a series of tragic events that would never have happened if the left had not decided to subject the people of this country to ‘multiculturalism’.

Saturday night’s violence saw 26 police officers injured – with eight admitted to hospital – when 300 people attacked police in north London on Saturday night and into the early hours of Sunday.

Shops were looted, police cars and a double- decker bus set alight, and petrol bombs thrown at officers.

Although the news channels are hard at work portraying the perpetrators of these crimes as the victims, wheeling out black ‘community representatives’ who blame the ‘racist’ white police for black violence, the truth is that this is just the latest battle in the immigrant-on-indigenous war forced upon this country by those who aid and abet mass immigration.

The area that witnessed last night’s horrific scenes was very close to that of one of Britain’s most notorious riots, just over 25 years ago. In 1985, PC Keith Blakelock was hacked to death by men with knives and machetes on a rundown housing estate in Tottenham when around 500 mainly black youths rampaged through the streets, attacking police, looting and setting fires.

Both Tottenham riots are just two in a series of such events in Britain over the last 30 years.

Thirty years of hate: Britain's worst race riots
1981: More than 300 people are injured, including 279 police officers, as black men hurl petrol bombs in Brixton, south London. The two-day clash causes £6.5m damage. Later in the year there is another riot in Brixton, as well as riots in Manchester, Southall and Toxteth, Liverpool, where a man is killed.

1985: Trouble flares up again in Handsworth, Birmingham. Black rioting leaves two people dead and dozens of buildings gutted by firebombs. More than 50 cars are set alight and two shops gutted.

1985: Broadwater Farm. White PC Keith Blakelock is hacked to death in a racist murder by men with knives and machetes.

1995: A policeman is almost kicked to death after being pulled off his motorcycle during a second immigrant riot in Brixton.

1995: Three nights of fighting causes more than £1m worth of damage after gangs of Asian youths run wild in Manningham, Bradford.

1998: A group of 100 youths throw bottles, cans and stones at police as the five suspects of the murder of teenager Stephen Lawrence arrive at the inquiry.

2001: Bradford, Oldham, Leeds, Burnley. Muslim Asian youths fight on the streets of northern towns, hurling petrol bombs and stones. Eighty police officers are injured in Bradford alone.

2005: ‘Black British’ and ‘black Asians’ riot for two consecutive nights, with both groups committing a string of violent crimes against each other, including two murders.

2011: The race war has entered its most dangerous phase yet with gangs attacking hospitals and looting in broad daylight in scenes that look more like a US disaster zone every day.

Police attacked as rioting spreads

As fire hoses continue pumping water onto smouldering buildings in Tottenham, emergency services have been dealing with disturbances across London as fresh bouts of rioting and looting have broken out across the capital.
Police officers were being deployed to respond to "copycat criminal activity" across the capital.

Disturbances erupted on Sunday in several boroughs in North, South and East London, with reports of trouble in Brixton, Enfield, Walthamstow and Islington.

Three officers were taken to hospital after being hit by a fast-moving vehicle at 12.45 a.m. on Monday, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said. The officers had been in the process of making arrests in Chingford Mount, Waltham Forest, after a shop was looted by youths.

Meanwhile, a fight broke out when rival gangs attended King's College Hospital after two victims of minor stabbings were admitted, police said.

The hospital has brought in extra security for the rest of the night and officers remain on scene dealing with the initial stabbings, the spokesman added.

Six fire engines were dispatched to deal with a blaze at a Foot Locker shop in Brixton, south London, and witnesses saw riot police clash with looters at a Currys store nearby.

"A couple of hundred youths were rioting and looting. Riot police went in to get them out and there was a big fight in the street. Youths were throwing rocks and bottles and there was a bin on fire. They used a fire extinguisher to push the police back so they could get back into Currys and continue taking things out."

Elsewhere, more than 30 youths, many in masks, vandalised and looted shops in Walthamstow Central, including BHS. "Officers attended the area, and the situation is currently under control. Groups of youths are continuing to target shops in Waltham Forest, and officers are on scene," the spokesman said.

Police Commander Christine Jones said: "Officers responding to sporadic disorder in a number of boroughs made more than 100 arrests throughout last night and early this morning. This is in addition to the 61 arrests made on Saturday night and Sunday morning."

She went on: "Officers are shocked at the outrageous level of violence directed against them. At least nine officers were injured overnight in addition to the 26 injured on Saturday night. We will not tolerate this disgraceful violence. The investigation continues to bring these criminals to justice."

On the front line
London British National Party Organiser Steve Squire, who stood for the party in an Enfield by-election the Thursday before last, has been in Enfield, talking to police and concerned local residents.

He said: “Around 100 enrichers from outside of Enfield descended on our town to take advantage of the easygoing, laidback attitude and give it the wakeup call it deserves a week after the Bush Hill Park by-election, but the police did an excellent job and ran them off.”

London British National Party organiser Steve Squire at the scene in Enfield said: “You get what you vote for! It’s time the people of London woke up to the reality of living in this tinderbox. We have a serious situation building here and our only hope is to stop this madness politically…. And time is fast running out as scenes this week have shown us”

Only the British National Party is there to stand up for the rights of the British people.

Not only do we stand against the unlimited uncontrolled mass immigration that has led to these race riots in the first place, we would also take the PC handcuffs of the police and let them take the action needed to restore order to our streets.

Please donate TODAY to our cause and give us the fighting fund we need to be able to mount an effective political opposition to the disastrous policies of consecutive Governments.

Adam Walker,

National Organiser

Copycat mobs have sprung up in Handsworth and other cities, including Nottingham, burning and looting. There are complaints that the police have stood around watching the violence and looters, and that the army should have been brought in.

We send our commiserations to the victims of this savagery and our thanks to the emergency services.