Friday, 1 July 2011

East Midlands RO to be Returning Officer

Leicestershire Community Voice is pleased to see that our East Midlands RO, Geoff Dickens, will be the Returning Officer in the forthcoming election of British National Party Chairman.

At the GMM held last week, Geoff took over the chairmanship of the meeting at the last minute and did, in the words of an article on the main BNP site, 'a tremendous job'. He was afterwards thanked for his handling of the job and impartiality by other members, including a well-respected founder member.

Geoff, along with other East Midland members, has called for unity among members, reminding us that we are all Nationalists. We may differ in our choice for Chairman, but this should not fatally divide us; divisions have happened in the past, it is nothing new, and we have always regrouped. We must remember our wider goals.

We can be assured that the Count will be conducted with the utmost fairness and neutrality under Geoff's direction. Accordingly, LCV and it's commenters will also adhere to that neutrality. We invite all members and supporters to carry on sending comments, but we ask you please to respect the rules and not post comments which could breach that neutrality.

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