Friday, 10 June 2011

Leicestershire MP arrested

Northwest Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen has been released on bail following his arrest in Central London in the early hours of Thursday morning (9 June).

Scotland Yard said in a statement that a 46 year old man had been arrested 'on suspicion of sexual assault against a 29 year old woman at an address in SW1'.

It has been claimed that the alleged incident involved a former political aide and followed a marathon drinking session at a Westminster pub. Bridgen, the woman and another man went to his Westminster flat for further drinks after leaving the pub. Mr Bridgen has been bailed until mid July.

In recent weeks the 'modern' Conservative Party's attitude towards women has been highlighted for all to see.

It started right at the top. In the House of Commons David Cameron, in his usual patronising way, told Labour MP Angela Eagle to 'calm down dear'.

We then had Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke suggesting in a BBC radio interview that some rapes were less serious than others. Would he still feel that way if it was his wife or daughter that had been attacked?

Then East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer, writing on his blog, stated that Ken Clarke was 'basically right' and that in some cases 'the victim surely shares a part of the responsibility'.

Attitudes like this are the start of a very slippery slope and one that brings us right back to Andrew Bridgen.

Why would any woman vote for a party with such archaic attitudes?

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